European Dining β€” Bonjour?

European Dining β€” Bonjour?

Anything European β€” French, Italian, Greek... the list goes on 😌
Sabrina Lim
Sabrina Lim

Afternoon tea at MO bar, truly a luxe experience! Delicious high tea in an aesthetic setting 😍
Loved their pretty pastries, sandwiches and selection of TWG teas β˜•οΈ

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Featuring the 1.1kg Fiorentina β€” the star of the show 🌟 Medium rare done perfectly!
One of the best steakhouses in Singapore, really a must-try if you love juicy steaks!

Pretty tasty and delicious!!!! I couldn’t tell it wasn’t real meat.... (ok but my friend could. HAHA)


Totally deserving of the 1 Michelin Star 🌟
Decided to check out Lerouy’s Grand lunch menu, and it was delicious!
Every dish was really unique, loved how they used different flavours and meats to create an amazing culinary experience.
Was surprised by the cauliflower β€” one of their signature dishes, it was good!! Never knew cauliflower could be this yummy πŸ˜‚

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Go for the Ravioli de Royans β€” really one of the best and creamiest pastas I’ve had.

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Came for their handmade pasta, was blown away by their Truffle Tramezzini.
Thick brioche sandwiches with truffle, mozzarella & beef bacon β€” this was really the highlight!
Their build-your-own pasta is amazing as well, i topped mine with Creamy Pesto, Ricotta, Caramelised Tomatos & Parmesan.
Super affordable place for pasta πŸ‘πŸ»


Delicious & tasty tenderloin beef, definitely a fancy place for a French meal

Fab cocktails & good vibes @ 28HK ST 🍸 I’ll be back!
Loved the Escape to Oaxaca πŸ₯‚

Great for dates ;)

Wouldn’t recommend the cocktails, but a good place for a date night if you want a good view!!!!
And yes the truffle fries were pretty good

Loved their foie gras and steak! Nice place for french food, and to sip some wine with your meal.

Ordered the Charcoal Steak and Lamb Cutlets at Burn, and they were cooked perfectly! The steak was a nice medium rare, just how I like it.
Loved the generous portions and nice sides as well, the avo chimmichurri and potato salad were surprisingly addictive.
Check them out if you’re a meat lover, especially if you like slow cooked meats.

Got this 1 for 1 on Burpple Beyond ✨

Check out my ig at @sabthefoodie

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