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Iris Lim
Iris Lim

They are selling their 60 years generations recipe for $1mil if anyone interested😉 one of the rare heritage item is the guan chang (pink Hokkien sausage) and they are also one of only two stalls left in Singapore that sell Hokkien-style ngoh hiang which all requires hours of preparation! Their bee Hoon is damn delicious and addictive too!😋 their side sauces are these starchy sweet sauce and watery chilli sauce and savory braised meat sauce which I have never tasted or tried something like that in other hawker stalls😍 lucky I got to tried it once at least ( thought they were winding up March this year). Hopefully someone would preserve their recipe for future hawker generations🥰

They got one of my favorite blend of dark and spicy sauce for dry man Mian with springy al dente noodles 🍜💗 for $4 the portion is quite a lot as well! Their stock here is cooked with low fire, using dried ikan bilis and soybeans and the noodles have added touch of their homemade spicy fish paste✨ Highly recommended and definitely won’t lose out to any popular dry ban mians out there!

This street famous hokkien mee in the East - the 3rd generation of the hawker family opened at east coast lagoon✨they are famous for using charcoal fire🔥- smokiness goes into the wet unami hokkien Mee with squid 🦑 and prawn 🦐 for $6 it’s kinda expensive but when the portion came it’s like … can feed 2 sia😂 my buddy tried the original one before and said that the original has a stronger smoky taste 👅 but this pretty good already with more emphasis on the savory taste. The texture of the noodles are almost the same ✨

Absolutely miss this addictive greasy crisp sticks of carrot cake 🤤this old school type of carrot cake is quite hard to find now in hawker centres🥺 better than potato chips 🤣🙌

< squid ink hokkien mee ($11) >
This is definitely a signature! It made your wet Hokkien mee even more slurpy with infusion of unami flavour and always add an onsen egg to everything for double the satisfaction. 🦑

Now on Burpple 1 for 1 #HappyBurpday ❤️


<12 hour braised minced pork ramen ($9) >
jap fusion zhajiangmian topped with crispy potato wrapped prawn 🦐 🥔,ebiko and onsen egg 🍳💯 yums!!!

They are now on Burpple 1 for 1 👍✨ #HappyBurpday


Always wanted to try king of fried rice 🤴 and finally tried it at their third outlet haha at @chinatownfoodstreet !!! So go down to support! The place is bit quiet due to covid😢 it’s really windy, clean and affordable😊✨ the fried rice met my expectations with the grains of rice fried individually light and poppy✨with a good wok hey and eggy fragrance❤️ the Tom yum is refreshingly spicy yet not overpowering👌 together with the topping of ebiko, fresh prawns and that chewy deliciously pork chop with hint of honey sweetness💕 we finished both plates clean!!!🥰 #HappyBurpday


Afternoon tea idea at hawker centre!

The charcoal burger buns were softly grilled with butter with the edges crisp😋juicy patties and oozy mushroom truffle sauce🤤 surprisingly the highlights were the sides - MAC AND CHEESE and don’t underestimate the 🥗 🧀 both are deliciously addictive✨ you can get them through delivery and pick up now - check their page for promo deals🚚 !

Finally tried Da Dong prawn noodles 🦐 which has been raved by many foodies like @veronicaphua 😂 I got the dry version as you get the best of both worlds - chilli mix🌶 and the rich pork prawn broth 🐷❤️ overall, I would say the broth is definitely with the hype 👍 💯 the soup is packed with unami rich thick aroma of the prawn base yet still relatively clear and not overly starchy🤤 when paired with the chilli tossed noodles - the spice goes well with the smooth thickly flavored broth - Abit like eating tsukemen🍜 ! I do have to say the price is bit steep for the quantity ( no soup refill sad🥺) but worth a visit and well deserved praises for the soup✌️

Been wanting to try this forever ♾ got it just before HA hits 🍀hidden inside Roxy square, it’s a East Coast hidden gem 💎!
They are established in 1984 but improved their recipe and kept up with modern times with a simple yet beautiful swipe of sauce plating❤️ I love their in-house char siew which is roasted yet still soft 👍 would love the noodles to be slightly more al dente for a smoothier pull and softer bite 🤔but overrall the sauce, chilli, fried wanton the whole dish is put together very nicely ☺️💕 would go back again!!
For chicken feet lovers 🐓 you can get their braised chicken feet separately at $8 👍 absolutely love it so satisfying 😋!

I’m sure everyone especially those in the east know of this old name 老子号 👵🏻 I love how robust and thick the warm soup broth is - perfect for rainy days 🌧 and it’s open till 2am for supper peeps 💕 the soft smooth mee sua is so well-infused that it just melts in your mouth together with intensity of the broth - like u don’t need teeth to eat this lol 😋 they got a large menu of tze char as well👍 go tabao now! 🚚

Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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