cherie’s list

cherie’s list

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Cherie Poon
Cherie Poon

was my first time eating at collin’s and i was blooown away by how good the food was!! we used the 20% discount off the total bill which required a min. spend of $80, so i’d say it’s worth if you go in at least a group of 4. we got the ricotta ravioli (literal heaven on earth), the cheesy pork burger, sweet potato fries (that were crispy as heck so good!!), and a mixed combo (10/10 recommend). was more than enough to feed us all :) their meats are super tender, even the salad was real yummy :””) the (non-alcoholic) drinks are also surprisingly affordable!

went on a rainy weekday night and really loved the vibes around serangoon gardens!! there weren’t too many people around and we felt the natural cool of the night hehe. the food itself was p good, not bad at all! paid about $11+ after using the $20 for 2 mains. there’s also a HUGE selection of mains available to choose from so it’s really worth! would definitely come back again :)

it’s definitely not of higher tier textures and flavours, but it’s passable. the noodles were chewy, broth was quite thick and salty (could’ve added a lil more water), the meal slices were slightly slimey ahah but they’re inexpensive and filling ramen- you pay for what you get!!!

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amazin stuff. little cosy restaurant tucked in between DTF and starbucks but you can’t miss its sign from afar. we got 2 pastas and 2 pizzas - garlic truffle carbonara, crab & lobster pasta, garlic snowing pizza, old fashioned ham & sausage pizza.

the garlic truffle carbonara was far more superior to the crab and lobster pasta. strong truffle flavour with a classic creamy egg texture. they ran out of crab so they replaced it with more lobster and fish roe. honestly not the best dish, slightly disappointing with a rather bland and overly thick sauce. honestly tasted like stale cheese/seafood, though the lobster portion was p huge.

the pizzas were great!!! thin crust is gd crust. both of the ones we ordered were yummy!! especially love the sweet white sauce that they use in both :)

we also got the garlic tower on the side- it was e l i t e garlic bread. not the sweetest, the garlic flavour was strong but not overpowering, bread had the right amount of burn and crisp. they also perform a lil something for u at your table :)

first of all the display of the gelato was 10/10 highly appetising highly aesthetic. we were quite full from dinner so we opted for the milkshake instead of the jumbo cup (crazy - u get a choice of up to 4 flavours per cup). it’s 3 scoops, meaning up to 3 flavours but they normally recommend just one per cup. we got some award winning poisonberry flavour as well as a chocolate and honeycomb flavour. absolutely loved the poisonberry one!! tasted like the ripples ice cream from the wall’s uncle street cart hehe. a very creamy and rich texture too! would definitely come back again!!!!

weren’t very adventurous coming here so we only tried the kimchi spaghetti with spam fries. was pretty nice, a sufficient portion size, and a good balance of tomato sauce and kimchi spices, though slightly more towards the former. it wasn’t a particularly spectacular dish, and the prices are normal for a plate of pasta in the CBD area ($16 before discount). so the 1 for 1 is, as always, a steal. wouldn’t come back for the pasta, but would definitely wanna try the pizzas in the future.

absolutely loved this place! we got grandma’s roast (a protein bowl) and mighty mexican (a super salad), both extremely large in portion and very filling. the seasoning for both tasted delicious, and it doesn’t exactly get boring (unlike your usual salads) because there’s so much flavour and variety in each bite. also loved the interior design and the benches :)

ordered the panko fried chicken and carbonara! the chicken was well seasoned, really crispy and came with a huge serving of sides!! definitely a steal. the carbonara was pretty average, but still well-cooked. staff were friendly and the atmosphere was pretty peaceful with the plants n dim lights and all :>


pretty average waffles! got the s’mores waffles and milo dinosaur waffles. the waffles weren’t as hot and crispy as i’d have liked them to be (but maybe bc it was a friday night and it was pretty crowded). the ice cream was good but not spEctacular or particularly rich. and the flavours/toppings just didn’t come together as nicely as i’d have wanted them to. definitely worth with the discount though.

we got the truffle carbonara and crab linguine. the truffle carbonara had a nice strong smell, was slightly peppery, had a good amount of bacon. but i think it could’ve been slightly creamier to balance the coarse peppers. the crab linguine was great! lots of crab. it’s worth for half the price, otherwise i wouldn’t pay $28 for the pastas. other than that, the ambience was great and the service staff were lovely :)

we got the taiwan mazesoba and original mazesoba with charsiew. both were pretty decent. if you’re hungry i would recommend the upsize since it’s free. the noodles were real chewy and the portions were big. HOWEVER, the deal we got was $32++ for 2 sets, which was essentially only $0.80 cents cheaper per person after calculating GST. which rly isn’t worth, even with the side dish and tea. but the food rly was good. it’s just whether you want to pay for it or not lol


it was my first time here so i must say i was pleasantly surprised when i found out we could fit two flavours into a single cup. the cup was also REALLY heavy so the ice cream is super creamy and dense. got the white chocolate nori and their special (partnered with mexican resturant superloco) called arroz con leche. the white chocolate nori was literally sweetened seaweed bits with white chocolate-covered almonds. took a while to get used to it bc it was a rather odd combination. the arroz con leche had a very exotic flavour, with mango purée and coconut notes. almost tasted thai!!

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