cherie’s list

cherie’s list

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Cherie Poon
Cherie Poon

this place is rather pricey without the deal so really appreciated the 1-for-1!! i cannot get enough of gelatissimo’s flavours!! truly one of the most innovative and exciting around - and they do it with class and thought! the sentosa branch definitely had less flavours to choose from given that it’s a small cart serving a smaller crowd. we got raspberry, blood orange, mango, ube, coconut and rose lychee. we got the large cup which lets u get 3 flavours, and i’d recommend getting different taste groups because getting raspberry and blood orange in the same cup meant that the overall experience was q SOUR for me. but the flavours alone were really nice and refreshing! HUGE shoutout to ube and mango. the ube was creamy and grainy at the same time you could almost taste bits of taro in your mouth. and my oh my the MANGO. i heard it’s award-winning and it deserves it bc it is HELLA GOOD. such a simple flavour but executed with such gRAce. it literally tasted and FELT like ACTUAL mangoes being blended into gelato. was soft and firm and i honestly don’t know how they do it but it’s THE BEST if u are spoilt for choice mango is truly the way 😮‍💨😮‍💨

omggg i can’t rave enough about this deal. it was a REALLY hearty meal bc the deal included 3 components - main, drink, dessert - and the best part was that it’s ONLY $8.90 per person after discount aHhhHhH. the chicken noodles were so good for a cold december day and the meat was pretty abundant! noodles were your typical maggie texture/taste but who doesn’t love that as comfort food??? the drinks were nothing too special but great thing is that there’s a variety to choose. and the dessert oh mY gosh the shibuya toast was so crispy and buttery and soft at the same time!!! at the ice cream - get the pandan kaya gula melaka flavour or smth (yes it’s a single flavour) it’s really nice!!

second time back. pizzas are not bad but honestly nothing too special in light of the hype. if anything it’s just the deal that makes it worth! liked the mixed meat pizza bc it was more flavourful than the prosciutto (arugula just doesn’t do it for me).

second time back at the social space, decided to try other flavoured smoothie bowls. we went with berry berry good and the hulk. the former was ofc meant to be filled with lots of berries - it came in a bright and gorgeous pink, but it was disappointingly extremely sour :( not sure if it was just my bowl, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience because i’ve definitely had better bowls at this place!!! luckily there was granola and other fruits to add a little bit of sweetness to each bite. the hulk was surprisingly good - the avocado made it very rich and light at the same time! would definitely recommend that :)

always love the vibes at this place!! it’s so cosy, rustic and wholesome and i absolutely love that it’s a business for good! hope to try the toasts one dayyyyyyyyy

love this place! has a WIDE variety of nutrition rich health foods like salads n protein bowls n breakfast treats. we got grandma’s roast and blueberry protein pancakes. grandma’s roast had a carrot purée which was to die for, with a very rich onion sauce but it became a little too overpowering and peppery by mid-meal. so i would recommend something a little lighter if u don’t have a strong tongue ahah. blueberry pancakes were yummy n sweet esp with the maple syrup and fruits. the chia seeds added good texture. the pancakes were slightly dry inside but i guess that’s normal when it contains protein, n it’s complemented by the moisture from the sauces anyway! a goooood place to go aft a gym workout or if ur just looking for a healthy meal!!! 🤩🤩

never rly noticed this place bc it’s tucked in a corner at vivo and just appeared on burpple! was such a pleasant surprise knowing it’s a sustainable diner offering completely vegan and meatless options!! firstly the vibes of the place were so refreshing and bright, filled with lots of sunlight n greenery. we were given a complimentary plate of what seemed like eggs with teriyaki sauce and seaweed. (we looked around and realised everybody got a plate too.) a little more rubbery than normal eggs but still quite delicious with the sauces. we got the fish and chips and kimchi fried rice. the mock fish rly resembled real fish, in terms of taste, smell and texture (ok more towards fish paste)!!! was super impressed by how juicy and crispy it was 🤩 was also accompanied by tar tar sauce n pea purée to add some subtle flavours. the kimchi fried rice was pretty good too; didn’t have that typical kimchi taste but it was still packed with flavour. the fake spam was a little weird tho lol it tasted like burnt plastic after a while 🥴 the burpple offer comes with a free drink too so we got the peanut butter banana smoothie! definitely not worth $4, and didn’t have the smoothest texture, but was still a good sweet drink to compliment the savouriness of the dishes. overall 8/10 i rly enjoyed eating n knowing eco-conscious meals can be rly yummy too!!!

they also hv a small grocery section for u to buy frozen fake meats, veggie chips, plant-based milk, and other cool green things!!!!! (tho a little on the pricey side but if ur all abt that then good for u!)

the gelato is q expensive without burpple so with the deal it’s rly gooood. we got 2 large cups - biscoff, strawberry cheesecake, ondeh ondeh, mango cheesecake, hawaiian tropical coconut, boysenberry swirl!!!

i have been waiting for nearly a YEAR for boysenberry swirl to come out!!!!! it’s award winning and it’s back but the flavour seemed to change a bit but still yummy and sweet!! biscoff and strawberry cheesecake were bomb (we were lucky enough to get a huge chunk of cheesecake inside), mango cheesecake was alright too. coconut was nice but got a bit too sweet after a while - had little bits of pineapples too so avoid if ur not a fan. ondeh ondeh was a bit disappointing bc it was bitter. but overall loveeeee gelatissimo!! very creamy and smooth with super interesting flavours! :)


we got the umami roasted chicken ($23) and american cheeseburger pizzas ($24). i must say their crust is very unique - a mix of prata and pastry puff, definitely something you don’t expect for a typical pizza but a chewy delightful surprise still!! really loved the chicken pizza, had a very spicy kick from the jalapeños and nice tang from the cherry tomatoes. had a v savoury mayo sauce too!! felt like a fusion of mexican and japanese. for the american cheeseburger it was really just ur classic beef n nacho cheese flavour. only gripe was that it was slightly oily - i guess that’s where the arugula came to balance it out! rest assured you’ll be plenty full just by sharing these 🥴🥴

my first choice of affordable and delicious salmon dons. been back here so many times the cravings never end!!! their burnt mayo sauce is so addictive (tho this time it was a little less smokey than i remembered). only disappointment is that my meal ended but i love uni nami so much 😭😭😭

honestly rather average! the acai is gd but the lady took quite a while to make it so by the time we got it it was q watery. we got large so it’s about $7+, and for the size this is very worth! most other shops serve small for $7. comes with drinks too and they have quite a range of choices of coffees and teas.

rly like this! the bread is especially chewy and the filling is extremely generous! it’s also crunchy with nodes of sweetness and saltiness. usually $1.60 for one so burpple makes it even cheaper. if u can get the ones with the crispy ends, it’s really nice, just that it might be a smaller piece. and u can get them to heat it up if you’re eating it on the spot!

the lady at the counter recommended avocado gula melaka and mango cream cheese as popular flavours! they’re very light and not very very sweet which is nice. supposed to store in the freezer and defrost for 10 minutes to enjoy a creamier centre. or you can just eat it immediately and get a more ice cream-like texture! a good snack to munch on for the price :)

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