Dare To Go Beyond?

Dare To Go Beyond?

Conquering all the ✌🏻#BurppleBeyond✌🏻 deals as I go! 🏃🏽‍♀️💨
Chloe Yong
Chloe Yong

Didn’t have any truffle taste and was a weird combination of cream, mushrooms and capsicum bits. For $16.90, i don’t think i would order this again? Thank god for the Beyond deal, which was applicable for a wide range of dishes on the menu.

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Used #BurppleBeyond and had their rice bowls for a quick lunch in City Hall. Service was quick and food was served warm, however the price of the rice bowls ($15.20 each for the Yakiniku Tender Beef and Teriyaki Salmon) was a tad steep for the portion size! Might not revisit if there wasn’t 1-for-1. The salmon was slightly over cooked too, leaving a dry texture.

Used #BurppleBeyond for the Chicken Bean Paste La Mian (Lrg) Set which came with a H U G E portion of noodles and a side of potato salad 🍜 Tbh super worth it for the portion size ($14.90 total?)
Chose the thin noodles, which was cooked to al dente perfection, and went well with the salty chicken bean paste sauce! Came with shredded cucumber🥒, which helped to counter the saltiness of the sauce. Would definitely add on extra chilli because it wasn’t as spicy as I expected.
The potato salad was crunchy and pickled (I think)? Great palate cleanser in between bites of noods 🥢

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Have been wanting to try L’eclair Patisserie so definitely glad they are on #BurppleBeyond 🙌🏻 Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to look at, they had up to 10 or more varieties of eclair flavors to choose from. Ranging from classic Dark Chocolate to localized flavours Kaya Pandan and specialty Isaphan!
I’m not a huge fan of eclairs so paying $16.80 for 4 artisanal eclairs (after the deal), it was super worth it IMO 💯

In order from left to right:
Dark Chocolate: 8/10 - Good balance of bittersweet chocolate
Isaphan: 8/10 - Lychee flavour was the strongest and was refreshing
Pistachio: 7/10 - The pistachio flavour wasn’t as strong as I liked (but apparently everyone else said it was strong so....)
Lavender Chocolate: 6/10 - tbh my least fav but because the earl grey taste was too overpowering that I couldn’t taste anything else. If you’re a huge fan of earl grey, this is the eclair for you


Tried the Mala Poke and Japanese Sashimi Poke ($14.90 for medium) with #BurppleBeyond! Went on a Saturday afternoon and surprisingly barely had to wait. The mala and teriyaki marinate for the salmon sashimi was tasty and had a fairly generous serving! But the portion of rice and ingredients were lesser than expected, given that we ordered medium? Probably would only get it if there was the Beyond deal, otherwise it’s quite pricy for the portion imo!

Used the #BurppleBeyond deal for 1-for-1 Main + Appetizer + Drinks which was very worth it! Managed to save $21 and portion sizes were decent. Had the Thai Boat Noodles ($10), Mango Salad ($12), Moo Ping ($8) and Thai Milk Tea ($3). Would recommend the Beef Thai Boat Noodles if you’re looking for a rich and thick broth, infused with the meaty flavors, otherwise the Pork version is a lot lighter.
Mango salad and moo ping was good, but might not recommend the Thai Milk Tea because it was lacking on the tea aroma and overpowering on the milky side.

Super chill and laid back with artisanal teas and quality cakes! Used #BurppleBeyond for 1-for-1 Beverage and tried the popular Soursop Sencha ($6.50) and Passion Fruit Earl Grey Tea ($6.30). Not overly sweet but a balance between tea and fruit, tea lovers will definitely enjoy this place. Had the Signature Roll ($7.50) which was a Okinawa brown sugar cake with gula melaka cream - this was the highlight of the night! Unassuming in appearance but light and creamy (without being overly sweet), I would definitely recommend to give this a try 👍🏻

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