Anything Goes

Anything Goes

Featuring Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Tanjong Pagar), CHICHA San Chen ([email protected]), Zi Yean Restaurant, Shake Shack (Liat Towers), Mad Roaster (Amoy Street Food Centre), Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant (Fortune Centre), Châteraíse, Tuk Tuk Cha at Suntec Tower 3
Chocolate Lover
Chocolate Lover

Tried their chocolate babka and cinnamon brioche! Both are yummy especially if you are a carb lover like I am.
Prefer the cinnamon brioche as I love cinnamon... the taste is cinnamon is not overly strong yet it is flavourful!
Next time would purchase a drink too.

Had the green tea. Love that customers can select different sugar level and whether to include ice in your beverage. If only the service was warmer! Definitely one of the best bubble teas around!

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While I find the tendon value for money, I was sitted near the frying area & smelled like grease!! I don't appreciate that!! If something is not right with the ventilation pls get it fixed! Have to say the service is awesome! Definitely appreciate the mini chawanmushi & miso soup. Major plus point for the soup not being diluted & still taste good despite me leaving it until it was cold. I will only come back if I've a craving for tendon.


Trying this bun.. it's sweet with a hit of savoury taste as this is honey bun with gorgonzola cheese. Not bad!

I was here for a dim sum lunch on a weekday.. the place was more than half filled and service was prompt.

The dim sum here is good, as I expected, since it's opened by a Hong Konger. I usually try not to have any expectations, because the more you expect the worst the food can be most times. Zi yean does not disappoint me at all!

We ordered a variety of dishes & I can't remember which one is not as good. As I didn't had the pork ribs myself, I heard that the pork ribs were not tasty.
Can't wait for the next visit!

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I love the bbt that they sell.. despite the competition in the market they're the one brand that keep opening new stalls all over the island...

Amongst the numerous vegetarian places in fortune centre, I love the thosai here! Whenever I crave thosai I will pop by for their $6 thosai.. never tried the tea or lassi here before

Tuk tuk cha thai milk tea soft serve.. awesome on a humid day!
I expected it to be diluted in terms of taste bt this was surprisingly strong! There was a 1 for 1 promo
I love their tom yum noodles & awesome thai milk tea too!

This visit was my first time trying Shake Shack w my friends. As usual, there was a queue but it moves fast.
Lower my expectations so that I won't feel disappointed but the burger was surprisingly good! Soft buns & a slice of fried chicken w lettuce tucked into the burger. The patty can be thicker considering the price but otherwise it was yummy!
Tried the lemonade & it was very sour which I love! Will skip the cheese fries as it was salty & the portion of cheese given was very meagre.
I will try the other burgers if I happen to be in the vicinity.

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