Give It A Try !

Give It A Try !

Featuring The Assembly Ground (The Cathay), Two Bakers (Jalan Besar), The Coconut Club, Brotzeit (VivoCity), Wu Pao Chun, Tamoya Udon (Plaza Singapura), Taan Asian Grill Bar, Tiew Mai Thai Boat Noodle, Aburi-EN (VivoCity), Tabbouleh (Arab Street)
Adriana Rahman
Adriana Rahman

Second time ordering the same set of dishes, love love the dish. I find that this outlet makes it better than the Vivo city outlet. Love the mash a lot.

The noodles were soo good as they were handmade! The soup was very tasty, beef slices were tender, had it with the fine noodles. Luckily we ordered the large bowl $10.80. Scallion noodles were so fragrant sad that it was a small bowl of noodles for $7.80 wish the portions was abit bigger for the price. We had it with the leek noodles and I think it was perfect.

Rosti hits the spot! Salmon was quite salty even eating it together with the rosti. The mash potatoes that came with the sausage stole the show. It was so creamy and a hit of cheesy. I was craving for rosti but ended up eating the mash instead ! Will definitely come back to have these again esp with the 1 for 1 ! Great deal !

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Was pretty spoiled for choice here! Had a total of 40 skewers for two people. Top few skewers are pork belly, satays, corn, coriander wrapped in pork belly slices. You can choose the seasonings you want on it. We went simple with it. Only regret that we didn’t order the prawns with it. Would have been very good. Peanut sauce was not bad, asked for more to dip the skewers with it. They have beer promotions as well, everyone seem to be ordering it. Bugis outlet has better selections compared to Serangoon gardens outlet

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Used beyond 1 for 1. The pasta both were delicious! tempura nice and crispy and the fish was moist, pasta was very nice too. Never had a pasta that taste like this! You should try it out for yourself ! (Hack: ask for more mentaiko sauce to dip yr fish in ! ) the hei bee hiam pasta was very nice too but nothing special other than it being hei bee hiam

Both dishes were absolutely fantastic. The beef was medium done, so tender not chewy at all. Although the noodles were on the hard side, but flavour wise good. Croissant was soooo good ! The gooey egg and the buttery flaky croissant match well together. Will definitely try the pancakes and toast the next time round !

It was a hit and miss with this, the chicken skewers although abit dry but so flavourful. The lamb was gamey to me so I didn’t enjoy it so much. I didn’t use the 1 for 1 beyond for this as there was another discount from eatigo, and we had 3 people. Do ask for extra garlic sauce that comes with it as its sooo good ! The pizza is a miss as it was a very thick slice of bread and abit of cheese.

Beef don was worth the price! It was soft and had so much flavour. We also had the pork version with all the variety of cuts of pork in it! In my opinion is much more flavourful and I get to try the different kinds to know which cuts I prefer ! Will definitely go back to have more !

Always love their food here. Never disappointed, the chicken was so tasty and juice with the sambal it is so good. I always ask for the sweet sauce that comes with the fried fish to dip my chicken in! Their dessert hits the spot too. The homemade chendol is so good!

Great deal, without the 1 for 1 I probably wouldn’t have come due to the portion size. For small eater like me, portion is just nice with the tempura. For my dining partner it was not filling enough. Udon was on the softer side but the soup was very delicious, tasted better with egg.

One of the better boat noodles I had in SG. Beef is tender, soup is really good. The winglets have a hint of sweetness to it which was good and the fish sauce wasn’t too overpowering. Worth the price!

Custard bun and Lava custard bun was very good. I like how soft the bread was. Garlic bread was Super crunchy and garlicky it hits the spot. As for the mentaiko bun even tho it’s one of the best seller but I couldn’t really taste the mentaiko and could taste the cheese itself. On the pricier side but worth a try.

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