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Adriana Rahman
Adriana Rahman

Both pretty average. Portion was okay, didn’t feel full so if you wana have dessert after it’s still okay.

The bacon was very salty and the pasta tasteless so it was pretty balanced when eaten together.

The cream sauce on the the pasta was gritty from the parmesan powder and the egg definitely added an umami flavour to the sauce.

Would probably try the other pastas available but just not these two

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Came back the very next day after our first experience with them.

We chose different flavours this time round, milo cookie was underwhelming, I would probably think it’s just chocolate if you didn’t tell me. Camo is a mix of hazelnut and pandan ice cream with chocolate chips. Hazelnut was too light and artificial did not like it, pandan taste a little artificial but reminded me of bengawan solo’s pandan chiffon cake.

Overall was kinda disappointed with the flavours as the previous night’s flavours were so good

Value for money dish, big portion of fish. However the dish was very dry and there was hardly any sauce in it. Will not go back for this particular dish

Hazelnut flavour was very subtle, 3/5.
Early grey was meh, 2/5 I had better.
BB is only applicable to certain flavours so you have to let the cashier know that you’re using a deal.

Over all it was okay, you can give it a try if you want a variety of desserts. Brownie and ice cream were really good ! But the tart and tiramisu you can give it a miss.

Both dishes were very good. Would order again. Fish was very fresh! But the teriyaki sauce for the pasta was abit too sweet making it jelak after a few mouthfuls. The pomodora pasta really had a kick, and taste like chilli crab sauce. Only drawback to this is at this outlet is the staff. Came at around 845pm, they kept saying they close at 930pm and we have to leave by then. We were okay with it, as we just wana have a quick meal and go, having a good 45 mins to have our pasta. Before even sitting us down, they kept rushing us, and wanted us to order and pay immediately. I found it quite rude of them, no matter what they should be polite and can prompt us when the time is nearing, not rushing every process and kept asking if we were done. For that this outlet recommended is a MEH.


Honestly have nothing good to say about this place. XLB skin was so thick and hard, did not taste fresh at all. Peel away the skin to have the meat and it was average. All three dumplings dishes, their skin was so thick that I felt I was eating noodles and meat. Portion size was considered average for the price. Had the shallot oil noodles, the fried shrimp that was with it was smelly and gritty. Definitely won’t go back there again.

Ambience was great, went on a Saturday and was still able to get a table. They only had 4 pasta to choose from, ordered these two. Quite special I would say, Lor Bak pasta was very flavourful and had a herbal aftertaste. The Hei Bi Hiam pasta smells very good but was rather bland in flavour. Probably will not come back for this menu, see what they will have next.

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They have limited quantity of soufflé pancakes a day at two time slots. Got up early to go and have it. But was pretty disappointed it was not as nice as I expected it to be. The eggy taste was very strong and not much flavour to it. Had their salmon croissant with scrambled eggs. It was very good. Super yummy!

Used the 1 for 1 beyond deal, got two steaks, asked for medium rare but it was actually rare for both. It was just average nothing special. Wouldn’t gone there for food if not for the beyond deal

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