Featuring Burnt Ends, Nassim Hill (Tanglin), Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Wu Pao Chun, Just Dough (Suntec City), Swatow (Toa Payoh), BreadTalk (BreadTalk IHQ), Petit Pain, Johan Paris (Shaw House), Thai Baàng (Kitchener Complex)
bread_ bakesandcooks
bread_ bakesandcooks

• Orange & Choc Escargot ($3.80): 6.5/10
Okie I’m not a huge fan of this kind of orange in my food so I knew I wouldn’t really enjoy it as much as a lot of y’all; don’t come at me pls 🥲

• Apple Danish ($3.80): 7/10
The apples were slightly tangy and really aromatic but tbh I enjoyed the pastry the most!! I loved how the pastry remained crisp and held up the fillings really well 🤤

• Pain au Chocolat ($3.50): 7.5/10
Choc batons wrapped within the pastry - what else can we ask for?? (Okie apart from even more choc keke) 🤩🤤

• Classic Croissant ($3): 8.5/10
This is defo my FAV and it’s very indicative that plain things can be great too!!! The layers were so flaky and buttery and I kept some for the next day. They tasted as amazing after reheating!! 🥺

Tried the Nutella, vanilla and Passionfruit ones the other time (check my previous review out!!), so I decided to get the Milo dinosaur donuts last Dec ☺️

The texture of the brioche donuts was immaculate as usual and they were super floofy ☁️!! The Milo cream wasn’t overly surfeiting or diabetes-inducing; and damn, she is thicccCccc 🤧🤩

The Milo biscuit was a lil soggy, albeit understandable since sg is humid. A side of Milo powder is also provided for you to go wild and sprinkle over them donutsss - the most impt component of Milo dino 🥰✨

Overall: I’d get an entire box of Passionfruit curd donuts as that’s honestly the BEST!!
Hence, my ranking for the donuts would be: Passionfruit >>> Vanilla > Milo Dino >> Nutella. (I haven’t tried the Pandan ones!)
PS: pls be prepared to wait a few weeks/months for the donuts tho HAHA

• Croissant Joy: 8/10
I was expecting this to be superrrr sweet but thankfully the white choc wasn’t too overpowering. I also loved the biscoff biscuit crumbs so much 🥺

• Taro Treasures: 8.5/10
Okie the texture of this bread after reheating is impeccable 👌👌. The combination of yam and stretchy mochi was a perfect marriage!!!! 💯 my only gripe was that my bread had vvv little sweet ptt crumble.

This pound cake was stuffed with lots of walnuts, raisins and longans; and I think that it’d be a nice gift to bring along for CNY visits!!


This famed bread needs no introduction - there is a subtle red wine fragrance and bits of dried longan & walnuts scattered throughout the bread to add some cronch.

Honestly speaking, I preferred the black ssm one to this peanut bread as the peanuts were a lil too chonky for me so I had to chew a lot 🥲

I also had to alternate between taking a bite of the bread and the mochi as the mochi was only placed in the middle of the bread, hence I would’ve enjoyed this even more if the mochi was more stretchy and filled the whole bread :,) but overall, this was a good & warm snacccc ☺️✨but I would get the sesame one the next time
Peanut mochi: 6/10
Sesame mochi: 8/10

The bun was fluffy, and there was even a layer of cheese within. The mushroom sauce paired really well with the fried chicken, but I found the chicken a tad bit dry (as I think they used chicken breast instead of thigh). For the fries, the truffle was prominent but a touch of salt would elevate this further

Really happy whenever I see this sweet ptt bun/bread appear magically at home - truly one of life’s simple pleasures 🤩 I love how the sweet ptt just tastes so natural within the bread, without being too cloying (even though it’s carbs on carbs 🤪)

If you haven’t tried this yet, just imagine having a warm fluffy pau with coarsely mashed purple sweet ptt (✨texture✨) on a rainy day.... 💯
Pls do get this and the yam one whenever you can + always warm it up before eating for max happiness!!! 🤪🤟

Pro tip: if you’re really lazy to steam paus, just spritz a teeny bit of water on the pau surface & pop it in the microwave for 30-45s (dep on the settings!) & voila!!! 🤟🤩

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I warmed this bread up (pls do!!) and can we just take a moment to look at how floofy & airy the bread is 🥺🥺 The combi of cream cheese, cube cheese and melty cheese on top was so divine PLUS some cheese became even more melty after being heated......would defo splurge on this again 👁👅👁

Okie I was exerting amazing self control but I just kept turning to look at these buns cos they look so squishy!!!! 🍑 Kinda regretted it though cos she’s a catfish 🥲There were only some minuscule sweet potato cubes diffusely scattered around and they were overpowered by the massive sprinkling of black ssm seeds. But ngl, these buns were also floofy as heck, so maybe changing her name would prevent me from getting baited 🥲🥲

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Loved this bread and it was really worth a try - there were some apple slices, berries, cream cheese and crumbles on top (my fav part)!! One gripe would just be that the apple and cream cheese are concentrated only in the centre of the bread, so the sides tasted a lil plain with a few berries and some crumbles :,)

Finally, we enjoyed having this famed bread that’s super massive (my fam had these over a week...). The bread dough is soaked in lychee wine and rose petals, so there were very subtle hints of these flavours, accompanied with some walnuts and dried fruits (which thankfully didn’t overpower the aroma of the bread) 👌

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