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bread_ bakesandcooks
bread_ bakesandcooks

Really liked how they provided a cup of tea to cleanse your palate and cut through the richness of the tiramisu. The matcha flavour was distinct in every mouthful, and we loved how the sponge cake soaked up the matcha flavour and cream 👌👌

• Lime Meringue Tart ($8.50): 8.5/10
Really enjoyed this tart as it wasn’t too sweet or cloying!! The chia seeds (?) also added an amazing textural contrast, while the tart itself stayed nice & crisp. The lime curd was also not overly egg-y (iygwim) and the touch of meringue on the outer rim added a nice creaminess. 🥰👌

Okie this was the genmaicha version and I surprisingly enjoyed it more as I loved the toasted rice notes that paired so so so well with the sweet azuki centre (last pic)!!! Defo a nice change to the usual matcha/hojicha items! ☺️

I like the chunks of sweet ptt that provided a nice textural contrast!! Would have preferred more cake to cream, but if you’re not a fan of the tea stuff here, you can get this!!

I’ve been following & ordering this cake since the start so I’ve seen it evolving a lot and I must say, I was really disappointed with the latest rendition. The amount of matcha mousse was disproportionately greater than the sponge (and I’m a cake cake kind of person) so this was a miss for me. Will not get this again unless the ratio of sponge increases 😭

I enjoyed this immensely as it was bitter and earthy, just the way I like it. The matcha was so aromatic and super intense!! 🥺

Dairy-free waffles ($11.80): 5/10
I might be exceptionally particular about my waffles as I like them crisp yet fluffy on the inside. These waffles were too chewy for my liking and didn’t really pair as well with the ice cream 🤧

Wasn’t expecting myself to like this cake THIS much but something about the perfectly torched meringue and the tangy yuzu + cakey cake made me super happy while eating this. 🤩👅 pls get this cake to try (or give it to me tia 🤪)

• Orh Nee: 7/10
Was pretty hyped for this and I thought it’d be a 9 haha but we felt that it wasn’t as decadent as we’d like it. The yam paste was normal tbh but I appreciate the yam chunks that provided great texture.

• Goma Kinako Mochi Roll: 8/10
I love all 3 components in this cake but our roll was deformed and a lil smol 🥲. The cake itself didn’t scream GOMA but there was a hint of sesame in the cream and streusel. I’d totally just get the kinako mochi on top though keke.

This cake was really mousse-y too but the darkness of the Valrhona Guanaja really did an amazing job at cutting through all that richness. One thing though, I’d wish for more of that hazelnut dacquoise and feuilletine to provide more cronch!! 🤤

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Okie disclaimer first: I’m not a fan of mousse-y cakes and this was a strawberry mousse cake, thus I found it really jelat. The saving grace was the centre of this cake which consists of some cronchy sunflower seeds, cream and elderflower jelly (which I really enjoy!).

Passionfruit lovers (like me) will be thrilled to to try this as the Passionfruit curd was not overly tart, and complemented the torched meringue on top. The almond tart was also crisp and held its shape well. 👌

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