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bread_ bakesandcooks
bread_ bakesandcooks

The difference btw level 3 & 4 was quite subtle, but the indomie helped to quell the spice and had a nostalgic taste (cos it’s indomie!!!). A classic indeed.

• Rustic Meatball Linguine ($14): 2/10
Okie I’ve been wanting to try the pastas so I finally did and oh boy...... I was so disappointed. The linguine was really mushy, the tomato sauce wasn’t well-seasoned and the beef meatballs were tough as heck. I barely managed to finish half of the pasta and I cannot imagine paying for this at full price. 🥺 Sadly, my dining companion felt the same way too so this is a major no go.
** not sure if I should’ve ordered the bacon & prawn Aglio Olio instead but oh wells major regrets

I was really ravenous so I had the seafood tendon (less rice) + cold soba set, but you’d be happy to know that you can ask for less rice (-$0.50) or more rice (+$0.50)!!!
Overall: I would say this tempura place is great if you’re craving for affordable and fuss-free tempura, but only if there isn’t such a long queue. Hopefully the queues are shorter now?? 😌

Cold Soba: 8/10
Being someone who’s quite particular about noodle textures, i was ecstatic that the soba noodles were very well cooked. The soba sauce was also fragrant and savoury, and went so well with the green onions and wasabi. I also loved the tempura bits provided as they added a nice cronch which is always very much appreciated. ✨👌

I really wanted to try this pasta and I think it fared surprisingly well! The clams we had were fresh, while the pasta sauce was savoury yet light on the palate AND infused into the pasta, unlike the previous pasta place that I recently posted about oops.

This was my friend’s fav and if you can’t already tell from the pic, it was reallyyyy creamy and filled with crabmeat, without being overly surfeiting or thiccc. The tomato base was also slightly tangy and served to whet my appetite even more👅

I love me a good ol’ vongole, and I particularly loved the freshness of the clams, and also the addition of capers!! The white wine sauce was great, but it wasn’t mind blowing and it wasn’t as infused into the linguine as I would’ve expected. 🐚

Was contemplating between this and the beef short rib fettuccine, but we decided to go vegetarian for the night! :,) I loved the crunch factor from the pine nuts and the subtle aroma from the sage leaves, but I found the brown butter a lilllll jelat, on top of the ricotta filling (so this would be better for sharing!). Do note that the serving size for this was also quite small!!

[BOUGHT BY ME] 3 weeks late!! But I’m really glad that I tried @tiposg with my friend :”) We were so spoilt for choice as there was the option to design your own pasta, but we eventually settled on the prawn aglio olio. I chose the paprika fettuccine as I felt that it would cling on to the garlic oil well. The sauce was really well executed and the prawns were fresh, while the pasta (which is freshly made by them) was al dente and the yolk was simply AMAZING 🤤 can we just take a minute to appreciate the #yolkporn video even though I was starving and wanted to dig in😂

Also, do note that the portion of pasta can be a lil small at 100g so I’d suggest you to add noodles!! My friend and I were still really hungry after our pasta so HAHA lesson learnt!! I’d also like to thank 1 staff in particular who was really attentive as he helped to push 2 more chairs to place our bags and paperbags down cos he noticed us putting them on our laps 🥺 impeccable service over there as he helped to place our umbrella against the wall and even asked if we had any feedback after the meal (so sorry that I didn’t ask for your name and thank you!!!) ❤️

Pro tip: defo make a reservation before gg down as it can get crowded and the place is small AND don’t be late!!
Pro tip 2: sign up for the $5 off discount on their website to save some moolah hehe 🥰

Overall: 8/10 +0.5 for excellent service 💓

Found a nice cafe/restaurant at Keong Saik and this place is super date night worthy!! 😻 This place is so nice and chill even on a weekday night @wine_mansion

• Vongole: 8.8/10
This plate of pasta was so well done - the freshness of the clams paired nicely with the white wine base, garlic and onions. The nicely charred bacon also provided both texture and a nice tinge of umami flavour. The sauce was further elevated with the use of chilli which provided a nice kick. Side note: not sure if we were hungrier that day but the portion was a lil small for my friend and I oops

• Truffle fries: 9.2/10
This is a side dish that often sounds basic and is either a hit or miss, but ok so glad that the one we had was amazing. The fries were perfectly crisp on the outside and the potato inside was sooo good as the fries weren’t too thin. The truffle flavour encapsulates every piece of fries superbly well, and I didn’t even need the aioli (given at the side) 💯👌

• Dark Choc Lava Cake: 8.5/10
Got this as a birthday cake for my friend and it really screams dark choc. The oozy and fudgy filling was so on point that my video (3rd pic) was shaky HAHAHA. Also really enjoyed their homemade ice cream at the side although it melted really quickly 🤩

• Red Wine, Beer: 8/10
The red wine paired very nicely with the vongole I was having! Then, we had beer 🍻 together with the truffle fries and I also had another glass of red wine 🍷 to end off the night


@dapaolosg: okie I really really love my carbs and noodles HAHAHA so I was initially superrr excited to have my meal here but.... I was so disappointed with the pasta I almost pasta-way 🤪😉 HAHAHA okie jokes aside, my friend ordered the crab linguine (which I didn’t get to try cos my friend started eating and I didn’t wanna share noods cos COVID lol) and idk why but the cheese was a lil too pungent for my liking too 🤢
But the mushroom aglio olio was p okay!! The mushrooms were seasoned well, the garlic was super fragrant and not too oily. However, 1 gripe would be that the noodles were very underseasoned... they tasted like they were fresh out of the boiling water (so maybe @dapaolosg can add a lil but more salt in here and all will be good hehe) 👌👅👅

@hansang_korean: had their jjm, sikhye and seafood pajeon but I was quite disappointed with the jjm and sikhye :,,(. The jjm noodles were okay and seemed homemade and were quite Q but they didn’t absorb (??) the JJM sauce well (maybe due to the size/thickness of the noods!!) 🥺 The sikhye also tasted veryyy diluted and store-bought and wasn’t worth the price! Thankfully, the redeeming factors of the meal were the seafood pajeon (crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside) which was a lil small HAHA and the banchan (not pictured)!! Would be back to try the Kbbq but not the jjm & sikhye 😅
Appearance: 8/10
Cost: 7.5/10
Convenience: 8/10
Taste: 7.5/10 (8.5 for the seafood pajeon!! 💕👏)
Texture: 7/10

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