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bread_ bakesandcooks
bread_ bakesandcooks

Loved this dish the most as the blue pea rice was aromatic & coconut-y. The prawns seemed spicy but they weren’t very spicy! The koropok was crisp too, but it got a lil soggy after a while so do eat them first! :,)

Steak & Egg Bowl ($14): 6.5/10
The steak and sous vide egg were executed well that day, while the mushrooms, kale and bread stick complemented the entire dish amazingly. One thing though, the rice beneath was slightly over cooked and mushy. 💦

Cheese Tonkatsu set ($21.90-$23.90++): 7.5/10
As soon as I saw the menu, I knew I had to get this!! The layer of cheese within the pork loin went impeccably well with both the chunky panko crumbs and the juicy (but a lil fatty) loin. I would love this dish even more if the sides of the tonkatsu were more filled with cheese, and also if the batter didn’t stick to the metal grill below (as seen in the vid). However, I think this was bc the tonkatsu was still piping hot when placed on the grill, and @onkeitonkatsu has taken note of this 👌👌! The pickled radish, ponzu sauce and miso soup were done well and added a nice refreshing touch to our meal too ☺️

• add-on: Ebi fry ($5.80++): 6.5/10
My love for seafood transcends everything so I may be a lil critical here! The batter of the ebi fry was THICCCCCCC while the ebi itself was thinnnn, so I got q jelat of having this chonky boy after awhile 🙃. Perhaps having a better ebi:batter ratio would be gr9!!!


Curry Katsu set ($21.90-$25.90++): 8/10
This was undoubtedly my fav as I prefer my curry to be less sweet and more savoury. 🧅The potatoes and carrots were also well-cooked and absorbed the curry really well, without being too mushy. However, I would love it even more if there was more spice in the curry, and also if the tonkatsu was served separately (so that the batter wouldn’t get soggy) 🙂

• add-on: miso sauce ($3++)
This was a nice add-on and it really screamed M I S O, but it was a bit too salty for my liking.

Seafood Tendon: 8/10
I’ve tried this in Japan and I find it relatively up to par. The tempura prawns, scallop, red fish, pumpkin & scallops were fried with a nice amount of batter, but one gripe would just be that they became soggy quite quickly since they were doused in sauce, so do enjoy them quickly!

SWIPE for the 2 most amazing highlights of the meal!!! @itachosushisg: honestly my friend had been raving about Itacho so much so we decided to eat at Itacho since it was his birthday 🍰 . I ordered the salmon mentaiko sushi (which IMO is a classic and should be relatively decent). However, I was disappointed by Itacho’s version as the mentaiko was barely torched and there was sooo little mentaiko that I wanted to go back to @genkisushisg each time I took a bite 😅😂. I also ordered the soba which tasted normal (nothing to shout about but nothing to rave about either oops)
However, the meal was better towards the end as I decided to order the croquette, which was filled generously with a creamy mixture that tasted like clam chowder in a cream form (no kidding!!); it was crisp on the outside and so molten-y on the inside so I immediately fell in love 😻. My last order for this meal was the tempura prawn roll and this was the BEST thing ever!!! It looks unassuming but everything complemented one another well and the crunchiness of the tempura adds another dimension to the sushi base 🤩💯💯
Overall, I’d give Itacho a 6/10 for the mentaiko sushi, soba and the price of its food, but I’ll raise it to maybe a 7.5 for the croquette and prawn roll 👌🙊

@tanukiraw: had one of their amazing sushi rolls a few months ago and it was very delicious - the salmon, burnt mayo cheese (?) sauce and the bonito flakes on top complemented one another SO WELL 🥺🥺. Honestly I’ve been to Tanuki Raw a few times over the past few years and they have never disappointed!!! The quality of their makis and rice bowls have been amazing as well 👌
Appearance: 8/10
Cost: 8/10
Convenience: 8/10
Taste: 9.5/10
Texture: 9.5/10
Would DEFO get a main and then get this to share (or have it by myself lol I can really finish it on my own) the next time I visit :,,)

@thefeatherblade: really salivating as I’m typing this right now 😭😭😭 This was 1 of the first few meals I was excited to have after Phase 2 started and I gotta say it’s worth the hype!! I loved that the scallops had a nice char and were an amazing bite without being too fishy!!! The beef was also done so well and wasn’t too tough or chewy 👌👌👌I also ordered a side of creamed spinach and it was good but a lil jelat (so it’s better to share it!!)
Will DEFO go back there soon to try more sides!!!
Appearance: 9/10
Cost: 8/10
Convenience: 8/10
Taste: 9/10
Texture: 9/10

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