Coffee + Drinks

Coffee + Drinks

Caffeine makes the world go round.
Paige Lim
Paige Lim

Pretty robust and fragrant in a cozy environment :)

Beautiful mish-mash of colours, but it was slightly bitter for my liking. There were 2 shots and it definitely woke me up!

Hands down the best drink ever, enough said. Creamy, refreshing, with coconut bits. What’s not to love?

A nice ratio of coffee to milk. I enjoyed this very much!

It was a simple flat white that gave me the caffeine kick I needed for the rest of the day!

Thick, silky shot of freshly-whisked matcha layered onto fresh milk. I got the less sugar one and the creamy milk cut through the slight bitterness of the matcha! I enjoyed it so much.

I found this a bit too sweet for my liking but I enjoyed the milky goodness of the drink!

Black tea, fresh milk, salted cream foam, caramelised sugar - a combination that won’t fall too far off. I liked that I could opt for the sugar level. In my case I chose no sugar so I could taste the tea base. The salted cream foam was a nice mix of sweet and salty, and blended well with the slightly bitter aftertaste of the tea. I would love to try the toast on my next visit!

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Lovely customer service and smooth-tasting coffee. What’s not to love?

The addition of oat milk also made the coffee richer and more luxurious.

There’s also a free upgrade to oat milk till 31 Oct 2020.

Quite a decent cup of flat white, not too milky, with a sufficient caffeine boost.

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I was mesmerized by the beautiful blend of green and white. The matcha was truly fragrant albeit slightly bitter, as what true matcha should be. The milk helped to cut through the bitterness of the matcha, elevating the matcha.

This was an expensive cup of hot chocolate, but definitely several levels above a cup of milo with its multi-dimensional layers of chocolate-y richness. Glad that it’s on Burpple Beyond!

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