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Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells

Diff spice levels you can choose from and this was 中辣! Soup wise, it’s definitely soupier and more watery as compared to the tomato soup base we had. Spice level just right and v palatable. Ingredients were a bit expensive as this bowl amounted to $16+ for just one pax... and they were all vegetarian (no meat)!

The first time I tried the mala tang from Gong Yuan, I remember it was very affordable and overall I had a positive experience. This time round, I was v surprised to know that 2 bowls (for 3 of us who weren’t feeling v hungry) cost $33++ but ok I trust that the ingredients we took were heavier 🥲 regardless of the type of ingredients you pick (meat or vegetable), they’re priced the same! So be sure to avoid the heavier ingredients I guess.

Soup wise, it was v thick... almost too thick to be called soup. It was more like tomato sauce gravy instead. Flavour was ok but wished it was soupier so it’d be easier to eat. Not sure why the ingredients were v soft and soggy too.

We visited the shop at around 830pm on a Friday night. There was a short queue forming (we were 2nd in line) and the tables were all full. No staff came to us so ok we thought we could just stay in line and wait for the others to finish up their food. When we were next in line, one of the staff came up to us and said that their tables are all full and it’d be hard for us to get a table given how long it’ll take for the kitchen to cook + for the customers to finish etc. She offered for us to sit in the adjacent store as they were under the same management. Of course we took that choice since that’d mean we can get our food earlier! Only wished she told us that earlier, instead of making us wait in line. Once we were seated down, she rushed over and told us that their last order is 9pm. It was already 855pm.. and again, wished we were informed earlier so we wouldn’t have to rush to get the ingredients etc. Overall, it was not really a good experience as the staff didn’t seem well-equipped to handle such common situations. Food was below expectations so don’t think I’ll visit again :(

炸酱刀削面 $5.80, from Xi’An Handmade Noodles, located in Wisma Atria’s Food Republic

I swear it tastes better than it looks! I snapped this photo before I stirred my noodles and let them be coated with the minced meat sauce hence it’s looking a bit bland 😅 I liked the texture of the 刀削面 :-) and it was freshly prepared right in front of me! Saw the guy shaving long strips of noodles from a wooden block – lmao never knew how 刀削面 were made so I guess I learnt something new today. Sauce was a little too salty for my liking but the noodle texture made up for it. It’s a HUGE bowl though so please do share with someone! Unless you’re having a huge appetite 🤪

I also tried their Signature Xiao Long Bao ($5.30 for 5). It was meh... the baos were juicy but the skin was a bit too thick and the meat filling weren’t the nicest.

I’m a huge fan of orh nee desserts so of course I couldn’t give this a miss when we found it on the menu!

Texture wise, it is what I’m looking for in a good yam paste. Not too smooth like a flowing liquid so it’s really in a paste form. However, I think this loses out on the taste. Yam was fragrant but they could have added a bit more sugar to enhance the fragrance. I suppose the sweetness comes from the sweetened coconut milk which you can add yourself but I don’t like to add too much coconut milk as it becomes v gelak.

Overall, it was a good dessert, that wasn’t too sweet unless you add your own coconut milk 😬

Went for my usual 小辣 and this turned out to not be spicy at all.. so next time I’ll try 中辣! Mala was not too oily or salty, flavour was quite alright :-) choice of ingredients is good, and the price is affordable. Think I paid about $5 for this one-pax serving?

Always been a fan of their tang yuans! But this is my first time trying Red Bean and Matcha flavours because all the other flavours have been sold out by the time I patronize the stall (please go early! Before 7pm. To avoid any disappointment)

To my surprise, the red bean filling was pretty solid! Will start ordering this the next time :)

Matcha filling will be a delight to matcha lovers. Quite neutral with that, would prefer to stick with the more traditional flavours like peanut, black sesame, and red bean.

And may I add that the food is v affordable?? 3 for $2 and you to choose between peanut soup, ginger soup and red date/longan soup!

One of our favourites from Woodlands BBQ Fish! #01-58 at Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre

Meat is fresh and cooked really well. The pairing with their sambal sauce makes the dish so addictive!

From Woodlands BBQ Fish, #01-58 @ Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre

A vegetable dish that goes really well with all your other seafood :-)

From Woodlands BBQ Fish, located at #01-58 in Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre!

We’ve been regulars of theirs for a few years, even before they relocated from the Checkpoint :-) they are v consistent with their food quality and prices!

Sambal stingray served on a hotplate and lots of the spicy yet satisfying sambal sauce and onion slices. Price varies, depend on the size of the fish you pick. You can tell that the fish meat is vvv fresh and cooked well :-)

This has gotta be one of the best seafood soups we’ve tried in Singapore (hawker style) :-) although the price point can be quite high, it’s super worth it because of how thick and robust the broth is! It comes with a very generous amount of ingredients (sometimes more than what they give you for soup) and they’re fresh. Waiting time can be quite long so please only order if you can wait (20-30 minutes).

Their pig’s trotter dish is not bad as well! Cooked very well and the meat is fall-off-the-bone kind

This is one of my favourite dishes from this vegetarian stall located in Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre! It’s owned by a lovely couple who are very friendly and generous :)

Curry is quite spicy so it goes very well with the pineapple and cucumber chunks which are supposed to add a refreshing crunch to the dish! Mock chicken meat texture is great as well, soaks up all the curry sauce.

They offer a plethora of different dishes, ranging from rice/noodle dishes, to tzi char style dishes!

We ordered this expecting it to be served in a bowl form (like a dessert to be shared) but this drink was a pleasant surprise!

It was super refreshing, and has a good mix of red bean and milk. Highly recommended to all the red bean lovers :)

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