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Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells

Think they recently updated their menu so it’s now one main with 3 sides (inclusive of both sides and carbs).

I’ve always preferred their pork (esp the pork belly and ribs) but this time round I thought I’d try their salmon. It was ok, would have preferred it to be less dry actually. For the sides, I went with sweet potato fries (must get!) , mushroom ragout (new side) and good old mashed potato which you can’t go wrong with! I tried their garlic aioli sauce (also new) and it was a pleasant surprise :)

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I think the milkshake was our fav food item from Five Guys! We went with double servings of Oreo and one serving of vanilla and we got a really enjoyable Oreo milkshake :) it was the right amount of sweetness and the vanilla flavour further enhanced the drink. $10 is a bit pricey for a regular-sized drink but it was a really good shake so we didn’t mind it.

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The cashier recommended for the both of us to go with the regular size as it’s meant for 2 pax but man... we barely finished half. I’d say downsize your fries because the burger is quite substantial already. Cajun spice was a bit too overwhelming for us too, they were too generous with the powder which makes the fries really dry.

First time trying Five Guys which has been highly raved and often compared to the other popular burger joints like Shake Shack. Went with a little cheeseburger and chose the following toppings: lettuce, grilled onions, onions, grilled mushrooms, and A1 sauce.

The little size was just nice for us because the original size would mean that the burger will come with double beef patties. Toppings are unlimited but they would recommend you to go with a maximum of 5 if not they’ll start overflowing. If I can reorder, I’d do away with the A1 sauce as it was a tad bit too sour for my liking. Maybe BBQ sauce would have been a safer choice. Burger wise, it was quite satisfying and the beef patty was v well done. They’re v generous with the toppings and I notice that they slice up their toppings (instead of giving you one huge slice of lettuce or long strips of raw onions which might make it harder to chew). Overall, good experience! And definitely more worth it than Shake Shack if we’re comparing.

Coffee was meh :( for $4.80, really expected better quality. Could skip their coffee and go for their other drinks!

White Kitchen offers a wide variety of casual western/fusion dishes at rather affordable prices. You can choose from your traditional western mains, risottos and pasta, or customise your own ramen bowl.

Went for the Truffle Mushroom Risotto and first impression was delightful. They’re very generous with the truffle oil which makes the dish v fragrant. The cheese shavings pair well with the truffle taste. Comes with a generous amount of mushroom too.

However, the dish got vvv gelak towards the end as the taste is rather one-dimensional. Tried my best but I could not finish it despite being hungry when I ordered it :( I’d say it’s good to share this with someone else as the serving size is huge

Loved this dish! Tomyum sauce had a good balance of spicy and sour. Chicken chop was well cooked and marinated. Definitely very worth it for the price!

Their menu is quite extensive as well – they serve a mix of thai, Chinese, western and even fusion dishes :) definitely a place worth checking out if you’re close to Sembawang Shopping Centre.

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Added the cloud emoji in the title because it is so apt for their Truffle Shoestring Fries! The dish was $15 (slightly on the pricy side for fries) but wow the serving was HUGE! Two of us had trouble finishing it but maybe it’s because we also ordered two mains. Could get more friends to share this. Or maybe try requesting for half the portion (half the price) as seen on some of the burpple reviews?

The fries were not too overwhelming with their truffle taste, just the right amount. And the mountain of parmesan shavings went so so well with the fries! Shoestring is also the best cut for this dish.

We were surprised to know that the place was really fancy with nice ambience. But definitely one of the quieter places in Ann Siang hill. Be sure to make a reservation in advance :)

Noelle’s Signature moved out and Plan B took over :-) you definitely won’t miss it because of its super bright signboard and menu!

We tried the fish and chips $6.90 and it was good! Fish was juicy and soft, well-seasoned. Their mashed potato is one of the softest and smoothest I’ve had. Not a fan of thick fries but it was still good (not soggy) even though we dabao-ed home. Their western menu is extensive, we’ve tried one of their pastas, pork bolognese for $3.80 and the serving was huge.

They also have a side Chinese menu which includes trotter leg rice... not their best so just stick to their western menu!

Been here multiple times for the brunch-worthy food :-) featured here are the Soul Food $12 (crispy yet soft waffles served with crispy Cajun spiced fried chicken) and Truffle Tater Tots $8 which is a MUST to have!!!

We have tried their other dishes – Shepherd’s Pie $15 and Ribeye Steak $17 and they don’t disappoint. Portion size is good, taste is on point, price is very affordable as well. Suitable for brunch dates, or even lunch/dinner dates. Take note that they have special mains only available for weekend brunch.

The cafe has a good ambience – nice decor and good music but due to its limited space and seats, do make a reservation in advance! It’s a hidden gem in Sembawang, definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area/near Sembawang Shopping Centre :-)

aka Cordon Bleu Chicken burger. Chicken was a bit dry but the burger still goes well with ham slices as well as melted cheese (ok it wasn’t v melty). On the side, there’s a huge serving of salad and potato wedges (which were really yummy!)

Overall, cafe ambience was good and would definitely return to try the other dishes :)

$9.90++ dinner set for a starter (salad/mushroom soup), a main, and a drink?! What a steal! The serving was so huge that we rly couldn’t finish. It was really yummy too, super value for money.

Good bites is located at Bishan Sports Hall which is 10-15 mins walk away from Bishan MRT. However, it’s worth the walk. The cafe had rly good vibes, great photo ops (hello neon lights) and super friendly service crew who are rly approachable and welcoming.

Please do make a reservation before you head down. They had to turn away several groups of customers who did not make a reservation bcos they were fully booked! Also take note that 15-20 mins waiting time is expected even if you’ve made a reservation as they are currently facing huge crowds.

This place is a gem and definitely worth going back to!

doing this so I’ll rmb what I had for lunch/dinner yesterday :)))

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