Favourite western noodles, prefer it wetter and slightly over al dente, with lots of chilli flakes (c’mon, don’t kiam on spice)!
Zenia Liow
Zenia Liow

Tried the Mermaid risotto and did not disappoint. The cream sauce isn’t too jelat and is very flavourful with the seafood ingredients.

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Ordered Mindy’s Chicken again after a long while and the standard is still great! Chicken chunks are tender and not dry, flavour is pleasant with slight tom yum flavour from the leaves.

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There was furikake topping this time round, different from previously but it was still so yummy. The prawn flavour wasn’t as strong as before, but was complemented with kelp and taste equally yummy! The prawns were perfectly timed and the garlic wasn’t burnt like in other places, but perfectly cooked to release the fragrance.

Overall, still my favourite pasta.

Price: $24

Tomato base was nice and not too sweet. Generous with mozzarella and cheese toppings! Crust was very crispy like keropok, mum loves it but it was a tad too dry for me.

Price: $24, portion recommended for 2 pax

The prawns were fresh and cooked perfectly. The pasta was rich with prawn (guessed they used prawn broth) and garlic flavour. Amazing, didn’t need any black pepper to taste awesome. One of the best aglio I’ve tried!

Price: $24, portion slightly small but comes with five big prawns.

Tried the prawn risotto and oxtail lasagne.

Prawn risotto: slightly wetter than usual risotto but it was the most amazing flavour ever. Could taste the prawn and herb flavour in every bite. Prawns were slightly over cooked, which was a bit disappointing for Jamie’s standard. But seriously, the risotto was so amazing I loved it more than the prawns.

Oxtail lasagne: fresh tomato base, go in expecting less béchamel than a normal lasagne recipe and you won’t be disappointed. Oxtail would have been better if it was in chunks, unfortunately it was shredded and ended up smushy against the al dente lasagne sheets.

Tried the clam pasta and it was unlike anything I’ve eaten before. The sauce was deep yellow, and insanely salty. The chef probably melted a whole stick of salted butter, forgetting pepper, herbs and that the natural saltiness of clams will seep into the sauce too.

The clams were not as good as expected too, they were still slimey (totally not what I expect from an eatery).

Sad to say this but I think Saizeriya does a way better job at one-third the price.

The bistro has a very nice and comfy ambience. If you wish to visit, perhaps try the sides or beer. The latte was average-machine coffee.

Price: $22.50

Eggs and mushrooms were average, sausages were good but it’s hard to go wrong with sausages. Croissant was really awesome, saved the breakfast in fact. Tried the latte, bone marrow and duck confit pasta too. Duck confit pasta taste was worth trying, the pasta was Q and the broth was flavoursome. The rest was really average, wouldn’t recommend without burpple. All these came up to $50 with burpple beyond. Ala carte croissant is $3.50 each, $5 for two.

Requested for extra sauce, hence the slightly over-wetness.

Truffle taste was a BAM in the mouth (awesome!), pasta was slightly over al dente (bf didn’t quite like it but I loved!!). Generous portion of mushrooms. Got the chicken add-on and it was tender chicken breast.

Advise to not request for extra sauce as it got slightly jelat three-quarters in (our bad...).

Ate one bite and not surprised why Mindy always chooses this.

Requested for extra sauce and it was perfect for my tastebuds, spice was a great kick (with extra red pepper flakes), pasta was slightly over al dente (just how I like it) and chicken breast wasn’t tough or dry. Seasoning was great, could taste the garlic flavour.

The taste is pretty similar to their Tom yum pasta, just with an Asian spice and garlic flavour instead of the Thai Tom yum flavour.

A bit on the pricy side as portion wasn’t the biggest ($19.80 for the pasta) but very worth it with burpple beyond. Portion is just enough for a (not growing) girl’s stomach.

PS: this was our return visit after stumbling upon this hidden gem yesterday!

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Life’s short, just nom.

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