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Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells

Have never really tried their hot desserts before so decided to give this a try but was quite disappointed with the sesame paste :(( the colour irl seems rly weird like it’s light grey instead of the usual black.. the paste was rly rly thick and had weird chunks which even though you could easily break up with your spoon, the texture just doesn’t seem right.. seems v artificial 🥲

Tangyuans were ok – standard black sesame rice balls x3 but will I order this again? Definitely a no ☹️ but please go try the sesame paste from Mei Hong Yuen 味香园!!! Cheaper and way better.

Got the soy bean flavour one to try and thought it was just ok! The mochi texture was surprisingly soft and really chewy?? It’s almost like jelly, personally I would have preferred if the mochi was more firm and had a bit more bite. The injeolmi powder was ok, not too overwhelming and had hints of brown sugar in between!

$5.90 for 12 huge pieces, definitely good for sharing! So I think it’s quite worth it but next time I might try other flavours instead.

Am a huge fan of yam so I’m always excited to try yam desserts or food. This unfortunately was quite disappointing. The uncle behind me ordered a full bowl of yam so I was thinking to myself ok it must taste good right! I feel that the yam flavour was not really pronounced, and the skin to filling ratio was quite off (skin was too thick for my liking). Appreciate the fact that everything is handmade and the yam paste is v smooth but flavour wise, it can be better.

I would still stick to peanut and black sesame flavours in future 😀 but the peanut soup was good!! Peanuts are cooked till soft. So comforting especially in cold weather.

Soooo good! The chocolate filling in the middle really flows 🤩 love that the cookies are not overly sweet as well. Would have preferred for the cookie to be softer but otherwise, this was v satisfying. Can understand why it was OOS for awhile :)

Quite rare to find good HK-styled chee cheong fun in our area so I’m glad we have this gem in MMHC! It’s $2.50 per strip (there are two strips here in the photo) and they have different flavours: char siew, prawn, mushroom, floss and a few more others!

Worth a try. Sauce is v flavourful and every CCF order is freshly made upon order :)

One of my all-time fav oreo cheesecakes! Super creamy but tastes light so it doesn’t feel too surfeiting. There’s a thin layer of chocolate sauce between the oreo cookie and the cheesecake layer so it adds a chocolatey flavour to the whole cake. Only wished that the crust is slightly thicker!

1 for $6 or 2 for $10 from J&C bakery. They have other flavours like the original NY cheesecake flavour too :)

Both are great! Super fragrant and addictive. My fav has got to be the Kopi Siew Dai butter cookies. You get the strong coffee notes and a bit of bitter aftertaste, just the right amount of sweetness too. Texture wise, it’s really in between those that melt-in-your-mouth-kind and hard brittle cookies. Glad we stumbled upon MLB this CNY! Looking forward to try their other products :-)

Oooh this was great! Loved the texture esp the chewy mochi and the flavours went well with one another :-) both the black sesame and yam were super fragrant and didn’t overpower each other, and wasn’t too sweet either.

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We wanted the sweet one but the cashier gave us the wrong one so oh wells. I personally prefer salty TSPs to sweet ones and this hit the right notes for me :-) the skin was buttery and flaky, and the filling was salty enough (yknw how some salty TSPs feel like it’s lowkey sweet?) and had the right amount of oil to balance with the grainy texture!

Not sure if I tagged the right location but we bought this from the Yishun branch :-)

Love the generous amount of taro chunks used here!!! I’m a huge fan of anything taro/yam so this drink was really up my alley. Not such a huge fan of fresh milk but it was really refreshing when paired with the taro chunks and bits. It almost feels like you’re having orh nee but everything is blended up and paired with fresh milk. Usually I prefer my BBT to have pearls but I’d totally have Milksha’s taro chunks anytime of the day!

They have two different crusts for their tarts – the flaky crust and this buttery cookie skin one! This was ok, custard filling was smooth and indeed not too sweet but we felt that the butter cookie crust was not fragrant enough.

The first time we tried their polo bun, we went for the original (without butter). It was very dry and the whole experience was v underwhelming (we might have hyped ourselves up because of the long queue at their Causeway Point outlet).

So we decided to give it another try and this time round we went for the one with butter – I mean that’s the traditional way right? It was equally disappointing. The additional butter slab was v oily and did not go well with the bread’s dry texture :(

doing this so I’ll rmb what I had for lunch/dinner yesterday :)))

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