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Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells

Second visit at Daehwa as I was craving for some vegetarian Korean food! You can trust Daehwa for yummy Korean food that taste just like the original non-vegetarian versions :)

Army stew was a bit costly as it was recommended for 2 pax ($42) but it came with a lot of ingredients! Instant noodles, enoki mushroom, Chinese mushroom, sweet potato noodles, vegetarian hotdogs and luncheon meat, tofu, kimchi, and a slice of cheese. Flavour was on point 💯 and we were definitely v full by the end! Our order also came with free flow banchan and 2 bowls of brown rice.

Tastes similar to the real deal despite it being vegetarian/vegan! Daehwa is pretty awesome for offering a wide range of vegetarian-friendly Korean dishes, at really affordable prices.

Their army stew comes with the classic instant noodles, mock sausages and luncheon meat, enoki mushroom, rice cakes, kimchi, and a bowl of purple rice. Just the right amount of spice, for you to slurp and enjoy. Highly recommended!

Besides, the restaurant also serves you really good banchan (Korean side dishes). Please try the sweet potato!

Or it might even be vegan! Daehwa serves a plethora of vegetarian Korean dishes which taste pretty similar to the real deal. Just like the kimchi pancake over here :)

Conveniently located right beside one-north MRT station. Restaurant has a nice, cosy ambience. Dishes are affordable and serving size is quite generous. Heard that the restaurant also employs workers with special needs so that is really nice!

Herbivore is a MUST try, even if you’re not a vegetarian/vegan! We were super blown away by their food and how flavourful each dish was (and how similar they were to their meat counterparts). Vegetarian Japanese food? Never thought that it was possible for them to replicate the sushi dishes but they did it so so well :)

We tried the cheese and unagi maki! Super shiok and satisfying. They added crunch to improve the texture and mouthfeel, and the flavours were on point. We also ordered several soba and udon for sharing – didn’t disappoint! Especially the curry udon.

The vegetarian stall located in Marsiling mall hawker centre is worth the try, even if you’re not a vegetarian/vegan! The owners whip up some pretty good dishes and you know their food is good when you are expected to wait 15-20 minutes for your food.

Most of their dishes are pretty flavourful and super satisfying even if they have no meat. Very affordable as well. Some dishes, like this seafood tofu soup, are on the bland side but you can see that you still get so much ingredients!

For $3.50, they served a decent plate of vegetarian fried rice! It was piping hot because they cook on the spot, which also means that you’d have to wait 5-10 minutes for your food. Portion size is great (in fact it was a bit too much for me). They include: mock charsiew, corn, peas, carrots and egg (optional). Not too sure what sauce was used but it was savoury and slightly spicy!


doing this so I’ll rmb what I had for lunch/dinner yesterday :)))

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