Because we are chinese
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

This is quite nice - there are more roasted almonds, but also much sweeter compared to tai thong’s. There’s a greater proportion of candied components, which contributes to the sweetness. This is like the showier, overcompensating cousin of tai thong. Prefer tai thong’s but this is still good if you want something heavier.

These were gifted! Comes in 8 flavours.
- Yuzu, spiced coconut, plantation rum (top left): yuzu was refreshing and sour, this was my fav part of the mooncake. The rum flavour was subtle, could have been stronger.
- Black sesame: it was quite gao but not overly sweet. Decent but not wow, and the skin was little less soft compared to the rest.
- Matcha: the matcha lotus paste was perfumed with a strong matcha fragrance, almost kinda flowery.
- White lotus: smooth lotus paste, nothing much to nitpick about
- Orange: the orange taste was pretty strong but not overwhelming, liked it! Pretty interesting, reminded me of orange cookies.
- Durian: more muted flavours compared to Goodwood park hotel’s / capitol kempinski hotel’s. Not the best.
- Lotus, white choc, cherry & pistachio (pink): not my favourite, the flavours didn’t go well together and I couldn’t taste the pistachio.
- Coffee, marzipan (brown): marzipan taste was strong, coffee flavour in the truffle encased within the mooncake was q nice but overall, this one was sweetness overkill.

The last 2 flavours from them that I tried: mini baked white lotus seed with yolk & with macadamia nuts. These were reduced sugar flavours, and I did find that they were less sweet than other brands’, which is great. The macadamia bits were very inconspicuous, we could hardly taste it.

The packaging is huge, and also rather eye-catching. Great for repurposing into storage boxes for other stuff.

The orange peel taste in the red bean one was very distinct, actually liked it quite a bit. It was like red bean soup in mooncake form, and it wasn’t too bitter nor sweet for me.

The pandan one had a decently strong pandan taste, also found it quite nice!

It’s my first time trying capitol’s mooncakes, and I am pleasantly surprised at how most flavours were well done / pretty good.

The plantation rum one (left) was really good. The rum was pronounced, there was a nice alcohol kick. The skin was soft, and the light, smooth texture of the filling was enjoyable - found this the best out of the 3 flavours that I tried.

The tiramisu one (right) was not bad as well, they even placed the sponge fingers inside. However, would have liked it to have an alcohol flavour, since tiramisu is usually alcoholic.

The durian one (unpictured) was pretty good - it had a strong pungent durian taste, and I found it nicer/punchier than the snowskin durian from Summer Palace (Regent Hotel), which had a more muted taste.

My favourite place for mooncakes in Singapore! No gimmicks or wacky flavours.

Their rendition of the mixed nut mooncake one is the one that made me discover my love for such mooncakes. It was filled with nuts, had a nice orange peel taste, and not too sweet. The candied orange peel was really good - it provides that sweet + bitter flavour profile.

For the lotus snowskin, the yolk wasn’t v salty, which is great. The highlight is the snowskin, which was soft and have the hk style banana cake fragrance! The lotus paste within has some nuts (peanut I think?) which gave it more dimension in terms of flavour. Delicious!

The white lotus baked mooncake was great as well, nothing to nitpick about. There were pine nuts in it which gave some crunch. These are great mooncakes to have for Mid-Autumn Festival!

My family enjoyed this mooncake a lot! The skin was soft and chewy; matcha & black sesame (pudding?) filling was smooth and buttery. The matcha wasn’t overpowering, but the black sesame taste was slightly muted. Overall, it was delicious, and we liked that it wasn’t very sweet :)

started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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