take away the matcha powder dusted on top and it'll be a white chocolate cake. The bittersweet matcha punch really only exists at the top where the powder is at.

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pulut hitam's donut is a bit underwhelming, lacking in chewiness of rice but i appreciated the light coconut cream! donut was tad oily though ... so eat in moderation!!

$9+ for 2 waffle sets w/ drinks is a mega steal!! pistachio was nutty, but the nuttiness can definitely be intensified! black ssm was STRAIGHT UP black sesame paste in gelato form - RLLY GOOD!! highly recommend the black ssm gelato if you come! waffles were soft and chewy, not the classic crispy exterior chewy interior kinda waffle.

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beautifully crafted strawberry tart [$9.80] had a tart base with a cakey moist tart filling, milky custard and jam, topped with white choc crumble, chitose strawberries and a luxurious pistachio cream 💖 i absolutely loved the tart itself without all the excessive pistachio cream and jam, for it was abit extra imo. pistachio cream could have been stronger in taste and not just sweetness too.

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reviewed the pistachio before and it is STILL my favourite - really nutty, creamy and perfectly sweet.

tried the genmaicha too, and it was so true to the flavour. You know how genmaicha has the fragrant, roasted taste? This ice cream replicated that exactly - i am so impressed!

Denzy gelato is probably the best gelato cafe in the north, and it definitely does not fail in terms of flavours. I just wish their gelatos had a thicker bite and chew to it to make them PERFECT but i am honestly already really satisfied with the pistachio hehe

had the matcha white chocolate [$8] and chocolate truffle [$8]
matcha white chocolate was abit disappointing, lacking the earthy bitter notes that i expect from a MATCHA cake. Instead, it tasted more like a good white chocolate cake instead of a MATCHA white chocolate cake. The matcha ganache tasted very alike that of a green tea matcha kit kat, which is enjoyable but definitely can have more earthy bitterness!
The chocolate cake was divine, rich and perfect in sweetness. I just wished it was more bitter to achieve a nice (dark) chocolate profile bc i luv dark choco!

had the lychee rose and the strawberry tofu cheesecake! both were really light on the tongue but my favourite has to be the cheesecake! the biscuit base was of a substantial thickness, coupled with the light tofu and cheese layer and topped off with strawberry jelly. Overall this is a cake that is not rich so definitely is one that can be finished without feeling sick 😌
The Lychee rose was fluffy and the floral notes did not overpower the lychee! highly recommend to come try the large variety of cakes at Cake Spade :)

had the pistachio and cereal milk flavours! pistachio was nutty, creamy and tasted like they blended 1000000 nuts into the ice cream. 🥺 SO GOOD!!! the cereal milk is on the sweeter end imo, but tasted like the last bit of milk that is saturated with your cereal flavours in your bowl! The waffles are more crispy than fluffy, which i don't rlly fancy since i prefer the latter but the pistachio ice cream is what sold this place for me. This place is rlly chill and near bishan mrt, highly recommend gg and trying their ice creams!

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FINALLY broke my keong saik bakery virginity with this bb. The cream in the swiss roll screamed HOJICHAAAA 🥺 swiss roll itself was soft and fluffy but the CREAM is intense, roasty, AMAZING!!!

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