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Jonathan Ng
Jonathan Ng

This newly opened izakaya is nestled in the quaint old retro neighbourhood of Lavender and offers a wide range of bar bites, like yakitori, and drinks! Burppler Joe Yang was raving about the "thick slabs of fresh sashimi, as well as uni for that wave of umami" in their Sashimi Lunch Set ($28.80) but other must-orders include the Truffle Bara Chirashi Don ($24.80) and Unagi Don ($18.80). If you're up to try a little of everything, their 5 Kind Sushi ($16.90) will be sure to impress!
Photo by Burppler Joe Yang

Previously known as Torii Izakaya, this snazzy Japanese resto-bar at Duxton has since revamped. You're here for their decadent Truffled Beef Donburi ($28) featuring a generous beef slices, caviar, truffle mayo, foie gras and an onsen egg. Also good are the Pork Belly Garlic Fried Rice ($19) with succulent grilled pork belly, fried egg, garlic and scallion and Hearty Toro ($28) maxi for sharing.

Located in China Square Central along Pickering Street, spot this cozy Japanese restaurant serving up omakase and ramen with rich, hearty broths! Only available during dinner, their 12-Course Omakase ($88) starts off with a cold dish, Salmon and Hamachi Sashimi and 3 courses of Beppu Menkan's delicacies - Grilled Pufferfish, Karrage Prawn and Egg Tofu. Follow it up with Mini Sushi of the Day, 3 courses of Beppu Signature Seafood Item, Kyushu White Chilli Ramen, Meat Dish and ending it off with their Premium Rice Box.

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mono izakaya really puts in so much effort into preparing every dish they serve! we had the
👍🏻 grilled albacore tuna ($24) — so glad we got two of these. the tuna was extremely juicy and was coated with a layer of parmesan. never had tuna this way, i’ve been missing out! the fermented tomatoes also took me to a whole new dimension lol
👍🏻 unagi meshi ($24) — unagi was well-cooked and i enjoyed the spice mix rice, a nice deviation from the regular sushi rice in most dons
👍🏻 aburi bossam ($22) — kind of like a gyudon but with unique espresso miso soy glaze which was sweet and savoury all at once

really worth it with burpple 1 for 1 too :)

This is from the brand Karamasa, specializing in Kaarage, deep fried chicken. This is honestly a steal at $7.50 for four humongous chunks of chicken (I'm talking about the size of my palm kind of big), served with a salad.

It tasted so authentic. The batter used was potato starch based, and just coats the huge piece of chicken evenly. (No huge chunks of flour or batter here!) The batter wasn't soggy and there was a perfect chicken to batter ratio. The chicken was deep-fried to a crispy perfection and yet still retained its tenderness and juiciness. There's an audible crunch when I bit into it, and I could actually taste the chicken juices erupt out of it. It comes with some sweet dipping sauce, but I would order the tartar version next time because I think this slightly underseasoned chicken needs the heaviness and richness of the tartar sauce.

But still, this plate is honestly holds one of the most delicious and most value-for-money karaages around.


A hidden gem in Goldhill Plaza, this restaurant boasts affordable prices and delicious donburis! Chow down on their Chicken Teriyaki Don ($7.90), Unagi Don ($10.90), Chicken Katsu Curry Don ($9.90) and everyone's all-time favourite - Aburi Mentai Salmon Don ($11.90).Think fresh salmon sashimi slices and fluffy Japanese rice, topped with a generous amount of mentaiko sauce torched to perfection. Yum, it's even got us salivating!
Photo by Burppler Su Wong

Used the 1-1 burpple deal for the main and i must say both dishes were great. The portion for saikoro steak was pretty small for its price without discount but overall the sauce was very flavourful and the steak is not too tough. For a Mentaiko lover, i approve the taste of the pasta as the fish roe tasted fresh and the Mentaiko is the taste i always tasted.

And we got to enjoy 1-1 beer as it happened to be their happy hour i think. We got the grape and yuzu hite beer and it tasted light as compared to tiger beer. The fruit taste is just a light punch to the beer but it was still a nice drink.

Hit up this hidden gem located along Tai Seng Street for local Japanese cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere. Enjoy a decent bowl of Soft Shell Crab Curry ($14.80), Gyuniku Ramen ($14.80) and Chirashi Don ($16.80), which had "a nice variety of fish and the portions were good." according to Burppler Grace L.
Photo by Burppler Grace L

Inside, they served the typical kind of Izakaya dishes along with their wide variety of sakes and other drinks.
Nevertheless, the 7-course Omakase set we had showcased the skills and heart put into preparing their dishes. With thick-cut sashimi, oysters in ponzu, marvellously fried soft-shell crab and miso cod etc, it was a meal that satisfies. Of cos, the meal was even more complete with a bottle of sparkling sake.

The service was slow even though there was no one in the restaurant. The portion was just nice. The rice was fried with unagi sauce and you can taste the garlic as well. Nothing outstanding but i think it's ok with the burpple beyond deal.

From Izakaya Hikari; a fairly new Japanese establishment located at Level 3 of Fortune Centre which had taken over the former premises of now-defunct Gokoro Concept Bar just slightly before the Circuit Breaker had begin.

Running a 20% off promotion for both dine-in and takeaways currently, the Salmon Mentaiko Donburi Set comes at S$15.10 after discount, with the set also including a drink (soft drinks or green tea), side salad, and Miso Soup.

The Salmon Mentaiko Donburi is pretty decent here; coming with salmon sashimi slices that has been drenched in Mentaiko mayonnaise which has been flame-torched over a bed of Japanese short-grain rice, there was portion of fish and rice was pretty fair, allowing for one to enjoy a little bit of fish with the rice beneath. The salmon slices were pretty fresh; umami from the Mentaiko mayonnaise whilst also carrying a slight smokiness. Accompanied with a myriad of Japanese pickles, the pickles add an assortment of crunch and tang to provide the dish with ample contrast in terms of flavour and a refreshing note to balance between the Mentaiko-drenched fish and rice; the knob of wasabi also provided a numbing kick that takes off some of the heaviness in the flavours of the bowl as well. The side salad was pretty fresh and crunchy, featuring leafy greens and cherry tomatoes tossed in vinaigrette; also rather refreshing, while the Miso Soup that came on the side was also fairly decent.

A place that is worth considering to lunch at for those looking for a quiet spot in the area given its rather remote location in the building — they are also on GrabFood, if dining-in isn’t quite your thing right now.

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