Modern Fusion Contemporary

Modern Fusion Contemporary

A contemporary take that fuse the taste of different worlds
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

I have to give them props for the presentation of this dish. Made using a heritage recipe, the curry had a unique taste that's different from the usual hainanese, nonya or asaam curry that I'm familiar with. Savoury and spicy, the curry went very well with the barramundi that was fresh and fork tender. Toasted breadsticks were served with it and were very crisp though I wished they were soft bread sticks so I could soak them into the delectable curry.

Rather than the usual suspects of a Mediterranean dish, the platter was a combo of dips and chutneys that highlighted flavours of Indian cuisines like the coconut chutney, butter tofu dip (similar to that of butter chicken) and curry-infused couscous filled with cashews and raisins. And instead of pita bread, warm and fluffy sourdough naans were served as a pairing.

An asian twist to a Malaysian beef curry. The size of this beef rib was not short by any means and was worth every buck. When it arrived, a delicious aroma of spices from the rendang hit my nose; and the beef was undoubtedly tasty, tender and succulent that it tore apart easily with a table knife. Sedap! 🍖👍

A contemporary twist to the local zi char coffee pork ribs. The beef was sous-vibe for 48 hours that it fell apart easily; and served with crispy shoestring fries and refreshing slaw as sides. Glazed with coffee balsamic lacquer, the meat was tender and melted in my mouth with a subtle coffee sweetness to it.

The taste reminded me of the Cantonese salted fish fried rice with an Asian modern spin. Fried using Japanese rice, the shorter grains went very well with the flavours of this dish and left me wanting more.

A healthy bowl of colours that contained yellow and purple sweet crisps and shaved taro. The crisps were thinly sliced and baked till were perfectly crispy; and packed with their natural sweetness.

A healthier version with the use of Japanese brown rice that added a taste of toasted nuttiness and I could smell the aroma of garlic. The rice was tossed with a generous amount of egg, shiitake mushroom and seaweed; and it came topped with fried crispy beancurd skins. Fragrant and garlicky, I recommend to have it with some cut chillies that elevated the taste with a spicy kick. Plus point: not as oily like the usual fried rice.

Probably my most favourite of all. A creative take on a Japanese favourite, this trio was served atop smoked chestnut puree and mushroom truffle milk. Recommended to eat in a single bite, the gyoza skin just had the right thickness to hold the fillings and it was a burst of flavours in one mouthful. Each elememt had its own unique flavour that complemented very well together and the aroma of the truffle was undeniable . Simple yet luxurious! Highly recommend!!! 🥰

First look it appears to be fried onions or tempura chopped vegetables but this is PS.Cafe’s signature truffle fries with crispy shredded potato, white truffle oil, wasabi mayonnaise and teriyaki balsamic sauce. It's a modern western-japanese twist to the classic load of carbs.

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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