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Cafes 🍝

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Bread Yard, PUNCH, Flavour Flings, Gyu Nami, The Social Space (Chinatown), Crossings Café, Shake Farm (Telok Ayer)
Charis Tham
Charis Tham

Love the combi! The patty was thick, juicy and well seasoned however, there were some chunks of fat in it. The scrambled eggs were fluffy and creamy and the caramelised onions gave a nice additional flavour to the burger. The buns were buttered and toasted unlike those usual commercial tasting buns. Overall this is a good burger especially with the 1f1!

However, they have limited indoor seating so we sat outside and despite our table being sheltered, we were still partially exposed to the sun and rain :/

Food 8/10 tho but overall 7/10

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Stumped across this cafe and was pleasantly surprised with the incredible spread of healthy food options!
The burger was quite juicy and seasoned quite well. With the addition of oats on the burger, it gave the bun a more earthy taste and a nice additional crunch. The slices of avocado gave a nice creamy flavour balancing the acidity from the jalapeño and the spiciness from the onions.
A decent burger I would say

They did their salad pretty well too! The tomatoes were sweet and which goes well with the more acidic balsamic dressing if I’m not wrong.

Nice ambience! It’s cozy and great for groups


I tried the Tropicana bowl which is a blend that contains mango banana and pineapple. This was rather basic like what you would expect for in a smoothie bowl. Not the most mind blowing but definitely yummy. If you love acai or smoothies you’ll definitely love this place. I must mention that the fruits are soaked in honey which is great for those who find Kiwis too sour and dragon fruit bland (me lol).

I would go back again with the deal because $14 for a bowl of blended fruits is a bit too pricey considering that the bowl is not that big. But great ambience! And the eating time allowance is 2hours so it’s great for a catch-up with a friend.

Rating: 7.5/10
- Charis

Conveniently located beside the MRT, Bread Yard serves a pretty unique range of brunch items at an affordable price even without burpple (~$15) They have the regular brunch items like English breakfast and sandwiches as well as more unique ones like this Beef Kofta Shakshuka I ordered!

This dish had a a tomato sauce base that wasn’t overly sour or sweet like pasta sauce. This was more like a rich meaty tomato base stew. After a while it can get quite filling however the bits of feta cheese brought a nice sour cream kind of kick making you want to eat more. The eggs were also cooked to perfection, with a runny yolk allowing you to adjust the acidity of the sauce. However, the beef was a bit dry but I guess the sauce makes up for it!

I also got myself a salted caramel latte! Though I’m not a coffee drinker, I really enjoyed the latte. It wasn’t acidic or bitter and the caramel wasn’t overly sweet perfect for those who don’t have a sweet tooth. The salt may sound weird however I felt that it complemented the coffee some how and made it really addictive HAHA wish they gave a bigger cup!

I would definitely go back to try the other items on the menu because they aren’t something you can find at every other cafe. It’s just that it’s a little far from central and there are many offices nearby so it can get really packed during lunch times and is not be the best place for a slow paced/chill peaceful weekday brunch :/

Overall rating: 8/10


Not part of a burpple deal but a friend brought me here and this is still something worth mentioning 🤩

Pear was tender, pancakes were fluffy and it really lives up to its name, EARL GREY pancakes. It kinda reminded me of earl grey milk tea :p pancakes weren’t overly sweet despite how it looks. It’s not too filling for brekkie or brunch!

We also tried the cheese toast which came with tomato soup. The tangy soup acted as a great dip for the salty cheese toast! It helped to reduce the “dryness” of toasts and cuts through the cheesy taste. Making the dish really addictive (we gobbled this down so quickly)
The cafe served really great chai latte too hehe. Great spot for brunch!

Rating: 8.5/10


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overall rating: 7/10
after gst and service charge, the dish was $15.90. as usual, was very excited to taste it because of the truffle but i could only smell it at the start when it was served after which the smell or taste was not detectable :-( however, the staff was very polite and the cheese was really stretchy hehe the sauce was not bad, slight sweet while still salty and there was a good mix of macaroni and mushrooms :-) wasn’t ‘jelat’ for me and the texture was good! only disappointing thing was just the truffle. it was served sizzling btw so it looked really appealing 🤤

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overall rating: 6/10
the beef laksa was quite spicy, it’s not for you if you can’t take spice :-). for measurement, i usually eat the lowest level of spice for mala and this beef laksa was a little too much for me. however, the beef portion was generally generous.

not sure if it’s called the fling pasta, but it’s their signature laksa, if i remembered correctly. was quite excited about it since there was truffle but the truffle couldn’t be tasted. apart from being able to smell it when it was first served, this truffle smell or taste didn’t last very long. also, they were very generous with the mushrooms but the pasta portion was not proportionate :-(. also, the sauce was quite salty so after a while, the dish got quite a bit too much for me :-(.

as for the atmosphere, it was fine, but a little noisy like a regular cozy cafe. note that booking is required, at least when i visited it. but since there was a vacant unhooked space inside, we were able to use the space else we had to sit outside. and the owner was kind enough to let us sit in there till the next booking :”)

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ordered the salmon mentai and beef don at $25 nett

salmon was salmon aburi and beef was cooked to medium rare, did not expect that but it made the textures of the salmon/beef was really good and complemented well with the rice. the mentaiko sauce on the salmon was torched which gave it a toasty hint, simply superb especially if you enjoy mentaiko! they were pretty generous with the ikura on top too. as for the beef don, the egg at the top added to the smooth texture and the white sauce was slightly tangy/sour, gave the beef don a little delightful twist. they were really generous with the beef too.

the normal price is at 15$ per dish and i would honestly pay for that when i can bc the quality is p worth it.

service was rlly good and they were really friendly !! also some cool japanese posters for deco round the cafe :-) the place was p small but cosy!
overall: 9/10


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