We’ll Be Back For More 💓

We’ll Be Back For More 💓

Featuring The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Bread Yard, Holy Cow Creamery, The Feather Blade, Just Because Creamery
SeLynn ❤️
SeLynn ❤️

First time here to celebrate our anniversary! 💓 Advice to make reservation in advance on Chope or directly as it's full house on a Sunday night. Downside of making reservation directly is you will have to give your credit card in advance as they will charge you for $60 penalty if no show. Dining time is around 1h15mins only.

We tried the steak and the burger and ordered the potatoes as a side! They serve salt & pepper popcorn for free too! Overall, food is pretty good except that everything is abit too salty for me. We sat opposite the popcorn machine and I literally saw a staff scooped 3 big spoonful of salt & pepper and left. Then another staff came and added 2 more scoops. No wonder it's soooooo salty but people who likes salty stuff will find it nice 🤣 the sauce in the burger is pretty salty too and not to mention the salt particles on the steak as well. Understand that salt is the best buddy for steak but probably will ask them to tone down the salt the next time I visit. They serve salt and pepper on the table anyway.

Nevertheless, the food is still good and price is pretty decent considering it's quite atas 🤭 paid $60 for 2 mains and 1 side! Will probably be back to try the gyudon!

Second time here at The Coffee Academics but first time here at Scotts Square!

Used BB and got the fish fillet tacos as I was craving for it. No kidding but the fillings in the tacos at Scotts Square is much bigger than the ones I first had at Raffles City.

Tried the spicy crab meat linguine and prefers it 100 times more than the miso salmon pasta (probably because the salmon was overcooked + really small pasta portion back at Raffles City). The linguine wasn't drenched in sauce but they pretty generous with the crab meat. Tasted like hae bee hiam as well with a hint of spiciness. I wish it was spicier tho.

We also ordered iced Manuka coffee and it was great! We love it. The coffee was smooth and it's not overly sweet. It's pretty pricey but will definitely have it on my treat-yourself days :))

Will try their all day breakfast items next time!

Have always been wanting to come ever since it was opened and I finally dropped by this cozy little shop with my family 💕

Tried Honey Chamolia Blue Pea Flower and Cold Brew with Cocoa Nibs. Was pretty impressed by how strong the flavours were. The waffles were soft and fluffy too. Happy that they included little bits of fruits as well :)

Will be back to try the other flavours!
So happy that there's finally a proper ice cream place near my house 😊

For those with shopback, do purchase the 1-for-1 premium scoop deal ($4) because it's super worth it!

First time here and we didn't know what flavours to try other than pistachio (our go-to flavour in all ice cream place that has this flavour) so we chose Stacy's Mom, a flavour that's almost empty (turns out that it's a pretty popular flavour because many people have ordered it while we were there) Bf likes the pistachio, said that it's quite good -- super nutty and not overly sweet as well. On the other hand, Stacy's mom has a pretty unique taste tho the cherry taste is quite overpowering. Good for those who likes cherry flavoured products!

Their golden waffles ($4.50) is pretty standard, nothing extraordinary.

Ordered their hot latte as well ($4.50) and was surprised that the size id abit small but it tasted decent as well.

However, our experience wasn't that pleasant because they totally forgot about our order and we waited over 20mins for our latte and waffles. Knew that they forgot our order because the staff were just chichatting among themselves rather than making our coffee and our point was proven when two tables behind us got their food served first.. Despite that it's pretty obvious that they missed out our order, I wished that they would at least apologize for making us wait so long.

Would come back again and give them a second chance if the shopback deal still exists otherwise the location is also another meh factor because it's soooo out of the way.

P.S. We came on a rainy day so the place wasn't full, otherwise I think would need to wait awhile because it's a small cozy shop!

Rate: 3.5🌟 (would have given 4 if our experience is better! )

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First time here and we ordered the pulled pork egg benedict and the beef kofta shakshuka after reading many reviews abt it. We came with a pretty high expectation and I’m so glad that the food here didn’t fail us. Food was really amazing for its price and the portions were generous. We paid abt $17 in total.
We love the pulled pork egg benedict - the sauce they used on the pork was slightly sweet and it goes so well with the eggs and toast.
First time trying beef kofta shakshuka and I would say that if you are tomato lover, please try it! It’s really tangy but do eat it while hot. We find it slightly jelat after it got cold. The sourdough was pretty good tho.

Will be back to try the French toast if we ever have the chance to since the location is pretty far for us. Totally worth it with burpple beyond!

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