Local Delights🇸🇬

Local Delights🇸🇬

Featuring KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre, FOOK KIN, Zion Riverside Food Centre, Gourmet Paradise (HDB Hub), Beo Crescent Market & Food Centre, Sumo Big Prawn Noodle (Ang Mo Kio 628 Market), L32 Handmade Noodles (Geylang), Sin Heng Kee Porridge (Hougang), Hualong Fishhead Steamboat
Amanda Tay
Amanda Tay

Used to be one of my fav bkt places in sg and the only place I will order the dry bkt to eat. The dry bkt is slightly spicy but still acceptable (I don’t take spice) But the last time I went in August the standards dropped 🥺 IM SO SAD. Oh and the location is quite inaccessible for ppl w/o cars. Even if you drive, parking may be a problem since they are along the main road. P.S they are v stingy with soup refills probably cuz it’s the herbal kind😒
• Dry Ba Kut Teh ($11.50)
• Ba Kut Teh Soup ($7.70)
• Stewed Small Intestines ($7.70)
• Braised Peanut ($1.20)
• Rice ($0.90)
• Tau Kee ($1.20)
• You Tiao ($1)

Overkill for 3pax 🤭 Would not get the tofu and omelette the next time round though 😳 But the roasted meat and lotus root crisps were super shiokkkk 😌 *pats tummy*
• Mix Platter Medium ($21.50)
• Triple Happiness Tofu ($9.80)
• Radish Fluffy Omelette ($8.80)
• Golden Lotus Roots Crisps ($7.80)
• Soup Of The Day ($6.80)

@ Da Shi Jia Big Prawn Mee 大食家大大大虾面
• Da Shi Jia Signature Prawn Noodle - Beehoon ($16.80)
• Da Shi Jia Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle - Kway Teow & Beehoon ($13.80)
• Shrimp Prawn Roll ($5.80)
• Fresh Green Apple Juice w Sour Plum ($3.80)

The portion here is so generous and the fish slices are so thickly sliced I’m crying😭 Worthy of it’s price tag ($5 onwards) unlike most other fish soup stalls charging the same or more while giving a miserable amount of thinly cut fish slices which are usually nowhere to be found swimming in your soup☹️
• Sliced Batang Fish Soup - Large ($8)

BUT HERE ITS A MUST ORDER cause its so different and tender?? Omg🤣 Their signature horfun also lives up to its name. And I think after KEK’s every other chilli crab out there is just a disappointment for the price point vs portion size😩 They set the bar too high hahaha. Sum Kee’s curry fish head came in a massive pot and only costs $26??? WORTH IT. Not a fan of fried food but the volcano tofu is just WOW.
• Coffee Pork Ribs ($18)
• XO Sum Lor Horfun ($8)
• Volcano Tofu ($22)
• Chilli Crab ($58)
• Mantou x12 ($8.40)
• Green Dragon Beansprout ($22)
• Curry Fish Head ($26)
• Spanish Pork Ribs ($28)

What a way to celebrate my national day hehehe, their ndp promo is $53 NETT!! Valid till this week super worth it, must try!!! We requested to change the wuxiang to chicken cutlet + century egg🤷🏻‍♀️ And please don’t bother opting for other kinds of noodles and stick to their signature egg noodles!!! Never a fan but I was so surprised and happy I chose that (cuz im a sucker for “best sellers”) In addition, the service staffs are very friendly too! Everything was made fresh to order and I guarantee that the wait is totally worth it🤗 Can see myself visiting often in future hehe
✨National Day Promo ($53 nett)
• Extra Large Prawn Soup
• Noodles Dry & Soup (Wah Kee Signature Thin Egg Noodle)
• Chicken Cutlet
• Century Egg
• Calamansi
• Grass Jelly

The dry version is the popular and recommended one but since I like soup, I order the soup ver more often hehehe. If you’re a fan of beef just come here!!!! And I personally love their beef balls💕
• Thick Beehoon Dry - Sliced Beef + Beef Ball + Stomach ($6)
• Thick Beehoon Soup - Sliced Beef + Beef Ball + Stomach + Tendon ($7)

Probably cuz daddy wanted to come since the last time I brought them over and they were pleasantly surprised by the food and insanely affordable prices. This time we went to their other outlet at Bukit Merah cuz their Pandan Gardens one closed down. What luck we ate once just before it closed😂 This outlet was alot bigger cuz they had the outdoor seatings (kopitiam) as well as indoor seatings with aircon and superrrrr alot of customers. Be sure to book and reserve before going down! And nooooo my 2 for $68 crab promo no more liao BUT the crabs were still huge for each price tag of $60! Signature being their salted egg crab (super yummy!!) THE FISH WAS SUPER FRESH I WAS SHOOK. Recommended place for family dinners/gatherings!!🌈
• Chilli Crab ($60)
• Salted Egg Crab ($60)
• Black Pepper Crab ($60)
• Marmite Chicken - small ($12)
• Hong Kong Style Red Garoupa ($56)
• Chinese Spinach w 3 Eggs - small ($10)
• Steamed Man Tou 6pc ($6)

Long queue for the stall as expected, tended by a really grumpy auntie🙄 She was rly rude and it did turn me off until it was my turn to order. $15 was unavailable so I ordered 2 bowls of $20 (big prawn) Only then did she undergo a 360degree change LOL. Is it only cuz I paying for her big prawns instead of her regular noodles? Tsk. Food standard was definitely there but I would definitely recommend going to the esplanade branch instead for better service and environment😄
• Big Prawn Noodles ($20)

The queue for piao ji was insane and being a typical Singaporean obviously I had to queue cuz I’m kpo plus I love fish soups! Their food certainly did not disappoint as it easily earns the top few spots for fish soup on my list😱 Must try when you’re in the area! Didn’t expect the busy stall in the cbd district to operate on a weekend more ever on a PH. Oh well lucky me lucky tummy 😬
• Fish and Prawn Soup - Large ($15)

@thy.amanda & @247hangri Fat cheeks 🍡

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