Everyone's favourite chewy pearls (or any other topping), paired with either your milk tea or fruit tea!
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu


Joining the west side, it felt like one of my fav BBT joints followed me from my old place (OG store at J8!!) to my new one.

Apart from another popular store, Bober Tea's Brown Sugar Milk Tea are one of the top in my list as it's not too sweet and their pearls & bouncy & chewy. It's a treat for me as I don't necessarily enjoy such sweet treats, but this was daily balanced, which makes it perfect!

What's up BBT lovers 🧋 PARTEA is officially on #BurppleBeyond 🙌🏼⁠

If you know me, you'd know I love my boba! PARTEA serves up their Peach Tea, Milk Tea & Yogurt Series!⁠

Their Peach Tea series has fresh fruit purée mixed in with freshly brewed tea such as their Peach Oolong Tea ($4.70 M, $5.70 L). Alternatively, have a go at their Peppermint Milk Tea ($4.90 M, $5.90 L) for those who loves their fresh mint 🍃⁠


Thanks to #BurppleBeyond, managed to snagged bbt from Yan Xi Tang at 1 for 1, best part, it's the Large option! This means each cup is

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Thanks to #BurppleBeyond, managed to snagged bbt from Yan Xi Tang at 1 for 1, best part, it's the Large option! That means each cup is

Thanks to #BurppleBeyond, managed to snagged bbt from Yan Xi Tang at 1 for 1, best part, it's the Large option!

The gorgeous colours of each drink makes it extremely photogenic, but it's really tasty too!

On the left, the Honey Lemon Passionfruit Blue Flower with Nata De Coco is the perfect sour perk-me-up that you need on a sweltering hot afternoon! The citrus tangy-ness of lemon & passionfruit pairs with the sweet honey & chewy nata de coco, making it a dessert & drink in one!

On the right, the gorgeous red is due to roselle in the Honey Roselle Passion Fruit with Pearl & Aloe Vera. This drink is a bang for your buck because you get 2 toppings in a colorful fruity cup!

Thank you for all the great deals again Burpple! #HappyBurpDay


Finally got to try out @rbteasg after hearing raves about their brown sugar pearls, and boy was I not disappointed!

I ordered their Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls ($3.90 for S, $4.70 for L) and watched them prepare the drinks. Their brown sugar pearls are kept warm and they slowly simmer and cook amidst melted brown sugar, giving you that sweet, soft yet chewy texture of the pearls. Pair it with their milk tea, which doesn’t come with any sugar, the leftover sugar from the pearls will help to sweeten the drink up.
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The newest bubble tea store on the block is Yunique Tea! Located at Toa Payoh Central, just opposite Courts / R&B, this new store is definitely looking to steal some of the bubble tea pie.

Their list is currently limited to fruit teas, brown sugar milk tea (sounds a tad bit familiar) & black sugar teas.

For a crazy hot day, I went for their Super Lemon Green, which is homemade green tea mixed with lemon juice! Sometime really simple & probably one you can do on your own, their version is light & really refreshing! Perfect for the weather!

As they’re super new, I’ve not heard of their Brown Sugar Milk Tea, but I guess that means I’d be back to do a taste test soon!

Available only at the Clarke Quay outlet of @heytea, this Boba Sundae is like every Boba Milk Tea fanatic’s dream.
Smooth creamy milk ice cream is drizzled with the remnants of brown sugar that comes with every scoop of brown sugar soaked pearls, then topped up with those said pearls. What you get is a sweet, chewy, milky soft dessert & a belly full of happiness.
This genius creation is so good, I could have another go at it, but too bad, I maxed out my quota for bbt this week.
#aroundwithamd #burpple #heyteasg

With the brown sugar & bubble tea trend going strong, variations of the popular drink is being made frequently!

Popular Japanese Specialty Softserve Store, Emma is one of them who jumped onto the bandwagon, but made their own twist!

Apart from just the simple Brown Sugar Pearls on soft serve, they sprinkled a portion of Kinako (roasted soy bean) powder to add a light nutty flavour to the soft serve.

& the best part, if you’re a Klook user, you can buy a voucher for either this or the signature soft serve at a discount! I got this at $5, which saved me $0.80 (still money). I suggest buying the voucher when you’re just about to order, that way you can make sure there’s still sufficient portions left before ordering!

Guess what?! This festive season, another Milksha store has opened! This new store is located at B1 of Funan! Yes, you read that right, they have another outlet located within the same building! 🙌🏼 You’d now be able to get the full range of Milksha drinks, as compared to the limited offerings in the food truck on Level 2. They will also be converting the Level 2 food truck to a Milksha ice cream truck instead!

Apart from that, get your hands on the new cocoa beverages, such as the Ice Blended Cocoa ($4.80), pictured above, or the Ice Blended Cocoa Mint ($5)! What I love the most about this new drink is that they’ve added in cocoa nibs into it, allowing you to get bits of cocoa nibs with every mouthful! This drink is only available throughout the month of December, so wait no longer!

As it’s the festive season, Milksha will also be lining up 12 days of Christmas between 14 to 25 Dec! Try your hand on a sure-win lucky pick with every purchase of 2 drinks in a single receipt; or get your limited Christmas edition reusable cup sleeves with every drink purchase (while stocks lasts!).

Special thanks to Brand Cellar for having me! x

Back from my BBT hiatus & one of the first ones I go for is Bober Tea!

They are usually known for their Brown Sugar Boba, but we got a slightly healthier choice with only 25%, together with yakult and their in-house brewed green tea.

The balance of the tea & Yakult is just right, without being too sweet.

Amanda Liu

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