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Y Shan
Y Shan

Part 4

The sushi rice is cooked with alkaline hokkaido water.
a) Akami and Isaki (Gruntfish)
b) Otoro and Isaki fin. Otoro is always amazing, but the Isaki fin is much creamier.
c) Botan Ebi and Aged Sardine
d) Hotate and Agano

Part 3

Seasonal Platter - Russian Caviar, Monkfish Liver and Shrimp. The monkfish liver was the most memorable dish. It is rich and flavourful, but not as fatty as a foei gras. A true delicacy!

Part 2

3 seasonal sashimi - Japanese Grouper, Sharkskin Halibut and Conch Shell. Love the grouper and halibut.

Part 1

Awabi. Black abalone from nagasaki soaked for 8 hours paired with liver sauce. Strong umami flavour brought out by the liver sauce

Part 3

Dessert was the softest Warabi Mochi I had and certainly didn't expect to be surprised again after the splendid mains.

Part 2

Next was the negitoro uni ikura hairy crab rice bowl. The creaminess of uni and negitoro was infused with the hairy crab. The best uni ikura rice bowl I ever have. Highly recommend to pay the extra $30 for the hairy crab.

Part 1

Ishi at Intercontinental Robertson Quay. High quality is maintained consistently from the start to the end of the meal. Highly recommend to try the botan set for lunch.

Started off with the flounder and uni combi as the appetizer - they paired so well tgt.

The sushi served were Meichidai, Shima Aji, Botan Ebi, Akami, Engawa, Nodoguro , Otoro. Every piece is exquisite with the Nodoguro the most memorable. Charcoal was used to torch the Nodoguro before served, allowing it to melt in the mouth with complex flavours.

We went during lunch and opted for the cheapest lunch menu which comes with 7 pieces of sushi.

Served by Chef Hatch this time, this is a far better experience than the one I had at Hashida last year. It is easily the best omakase that I ever have. Every piece of sushi is very flavourful and out of the world. The only disappointment is that it ended too soon for something so good! Am sure the dinner omakase experience will be even better.

Started off with sesame tofu which has the texture of mochi, followed by chawamushi with sweetfish & water chestnut. The water chestnut was crunchy and sweet. However, the real highlight of the omakase was the sushi.

The 1st sushi was ika and the rice was very warm. The temperature helps to accentuate the taste of the squid.

Not expecting much from the akami, but it was actually very well marinated and well aged. Never have such flavourful akami before. Chutoro was the best chutoro too with a strong yuzu flavour.

Barracuda was the most memorable of the lot and the chef's favourite too

Honestly, words are inadequate to describe how wonderful this omakase experience was.

Part 1

Highly recommend this value for money omakase venue - 12 pieces of sushi, uni ikura rice bowl, kani roll, onsen egg and some appetisers.

Sushi include some seasonals - Leatherjacket, Ika, Hotate, Tai, Golden threadfin, Spanish mackerel, Amaebi, Barracuda, Chutoro with soya foam, Otoro, Shima Aji, Uni. This is a much better experience than my first time with a higher level of consistency.

Only issue is that it is very tough to secure a booking. The shop has a small capacity of 9 pax pre-covid, made worse by the social distancing rule.

Opted for the $88 Hanabi Omakase. Good quality seafoods were served: otoro, salmon belly, kanpachi, shima aji, ika, hotate. Value, but feels that there is room for improvement in the marination and ageing process

Y Shan

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