Hello Food!

Hello Food!

Featuring Tapas Club (VivoCity), Tipsy Bird, Pratunam Plus by Soi Thai Soi Nice (Bugis+)
Joelle Tan
Joelle Tan

(Price: $32) This new dish is a disappointment. The fish has so much bones, we didn’t know and mixed the paella, ended up every bite has to be cautious due to the bones. The prawn shell sticks to the meat too, so is not that fresh. However, the portion and the taste are ok. Will not recommend this dish.

(Price: $15) The squid rings are tasty, the batter is not jelak and the squid is chewy yet easy to bite. But with the price, I think there are other place with tasty and affordable squid rings. The ambience is not bad for a date, however the staff service was soso and not so welcoming.

(Price $6) This.. is a MUST ORDER side dish. Other than the disappointing main dishes that I had, this is surprisingly good. When you bite *ASMR TURNED ON* you can hear the crackling sound , while the meat is so tender and chewy. The sauce is spicy and it compliments with the meat so well that’s it’s tasted sweet, abit of sourness and then spicyness. It’s so addictively delicious!

(Price $6) The wonton noodle wasn’t very fantastic, it taste like wanton noodle without the WOW factor.However,price is reasonable. So is not to bad for the portion size.

(Price:$6) when I pass by the shop, I was tempted by the menu, everything looks so delicious.I was quite disappointed by the Tom yum broth, it’s not spicy at all but very sour. However the portion of the food is just right, with the chewy meatball, wonton and vegetables.

(2 side dish for $18) This satay is quite a disappointing dish. Most of the tipsy bird food are soo good. But for this, the satay doesn’t taste good,the sambal matah wasn’t up to standard too.

(2 side dish for $18)The mala flavour spices up the appetite. The karaages are crispy too, it’s my favourite side dish. Every bite is so addictive.

(Price $18) The noodle is braised in a special soya sauce & hua ciao chiew,topped with the tender grilled pork cheek. The first mouth tasted so good, the XO fragrance mades the whole dish so flavourful.However, it gets jelak after a few mouth as the gravy flavour is too rich. This dish is good to try but not the best dish.

(Price $22)This dish is worth every price paid. The delicious aroma of the truffle beef hor fun made me salivate when this dish is placed on the table. With the yolky egg, mixed with the silky hor fun, and the truffle gravy, every mouth of it is super shiok. The taste of the truffle is not very strong therefore it is not very jelak.The beef is also deliciously tender and juicy. I enjoy this dish a lot. The portion is just nice too.Can say is one of the best hor fun I have eaten.

(Price $18) The burger is filled with tender wagyu beef patty, chef’s special smoky sauce with smoked bacon. However, this dish tasted like any other burger western set.It’s a good portion of the burger and fries, good enough to fill the tummy.Can order if you have craving for burger.

(Price $12)Not the usual carrot cake that we ordered in hawker, this unique combination of garlic crumbs, ebi ,homemade chilli sauce and the radish cake is the bomb.The XO also adds the fragrance to the raddish cake mades everything so delicious. My friends and I ate every bits and pieces within minutes.

(Price $15) The pork chop is very tender and juicy.The rice also has the grainy texture which is a ‘Wow factor’ for fried rice.This dish is a must order when going to Tipsy Bird.


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