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Inez Yuen


This one sadly did not impress. Burratina was a tad hard, not as creamy as better ones I've had. The bread was pretty stale as well like it's been left out too long after toasting.

it's not horRIBLE to say the least but i'd give it a miss cos it's nowhere near unlocking the glorious potential that WE KNOW of burrata cheese.


$26 & $28 respectively before gst

Okay TLDR just get it you won't regret it (especially the lamb papardelle)

also sorry for the crappy photo

The gnocchi was cooked w forest mushrooms & truffle ricotta. No surprise that it's a pretty lemak dish so I'd recommend it for sharing. But yea the soft sinking texture of the gnocchi pasta and how it soaks up the earthy mushroom sauce is immaculate⚡️

Ok but the true star of the night is the lamb papardelle. It's lamb sugo sauce, which is supposedly more fluid/less chunky than your usual ragu. You've got your tang from the tomato, the smooth depth of GOOD QUALITY EVOO, and of course the chunks of minced lamb that wasn't too gamey. It's got a very "homey" comforting quality to it, which i like. Honestly, this might be my personal fav pasta dish in SG. pls lmk if u disagree, i'm open to discourse

5/5 for papardelle
4/5 for gnocchi just cos i'm not a gnocchi person


Definitely a go-to if you're a fan of thick crust, doughy pizzas like me. The texture of the dough is very similar to naan. Fluffy, dense, chewy - everything you'd want in a solid thick crust👌🏻

At the core of this pizza is the impeccable quality of the tomato sauce used. It's tangy, fresh and is what makes this pizza stand out from other joints.

And of course nothing could go wrong w quintessential toppings of ham, mushroom & egg.

Bottom crust gets a lil soggy after spreading the egg around, but that's just another excuse to wolf it down fast yea


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