Welcome To Taiwan

Welcome To Taiwan

The land of snacks like chicken cutlet and mee sua
Grace Aw
Grace Aw

Came here for lunch with a friend of mine. We ordered some sides and mains.

Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing ($7.60). A popular chilled starter with julienne seaweed, bean sprouts, spicy bean curd & rice vermicelli, luxuriantly tossed in a light tangy dressing redolent of the fragrance of sesame oil. Salad was okay. Could be more chilled and flavours could be more pronounced.

Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao ($11.60). Fresh, juicy pork flling wrapped in a delicate dumpling skin with 18 exquisite folds. Fillings were good and did not have any strong porky-ness to it.

Noodle with Crispy Wanton in Spicy Sauce. This seemingly simple noodle dish delivers a layered & complex flavour with a hint of fragrance in the spicy sauce that complements the springy noodle. The noodles are definitely not kid friendly and can be a little too spicy for people with low chili tolerance. Wantons were of the hard crispy kind.

Fried Rice with Pork Chop ($17.16). Pearl rice, eggs, spring onions with special marinated pork chop. The rice was fragrant and the pork chop was tender.

Crispy Golden Prawn Pancake ($14.13). Featuring premium prawns wrapped in a delicate layer of bean curd skin and deep-fried to perfection. Tasty and well executed.

Overall not too bad. Service was fast as well. Didn't wait long for a seat or for food.

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Got this Bean Curd + Aiyu Jelly with Black Pearl and Taro Balls deal on Shopback.

Bean curd was good. Silky and soya goodness.
Aiyu jelly was good and firm.
Black pearl was disappointing as it was not as chewy as I had expected.
Taro balls even more disappointing as it wasn't chewy. Maybe that's how it's suppose to be like. But you can taste the slight matcha, sweet potato and yam flavours from them.

Overall the base of beancurd and aiyu jelly was good while the toppings weren't so good.

Came here with two of my friends for lunch and it was not that crowded. So here's what we ordered.

Fan-Fried Enoki Mushroom ($7.90). I was expecting crispy Enoki Mushroom but in the end it was more on the chewy side.
Oyster Omelette ($9.90). Eggs, oysters, shredded cabbage and chives. The most disappointing dish. It tasted just like an egg omelette topped with oyster. My Taiwanese friend commented that this did not taste like a Taiwan oyster omelette.
Signature Taiwanese Oyster Fritters Mee Sua with Fried Pork Intestine ($13.90). Oyster Fritters are served on the side and taste quite good like a small snack. Mee Sua taste good but portion-wise, quite small. Hardly enough to make you full.

The hot food that we got were all disappointing and so we proceeded to order desserts which was the main reason we came.

Souffle Stackers with Strawberry, Almond Biscuit & Strawberry-Cheese sauce ($17.90). The souffle pancake were nice and of good volume. However it was on the sweet side and also the pancakes sticked to one another. It was fluffy but tasted eggy. The almond biscuit tasted more like normal biscuit crumbs and the strawberry-cheese sauce tasted like a normal cream sauce, quite sad. Ice cream served on the side was pink in colour but it tasted more like normal cream flavoured ice cream with colouring, another bummer. The strawberries served on the side were sliced into two and drizzled with a berry sauce which I just did not like.
Hell Valley Chocolate Volcano ($16.90). This dessert looked amazing and I would recommend it if you want to take a picture of a beautiful dessert but taste-wise it was just confusing. It consist of dense cakes(or maybe blondies?) with an ice cream, grapes and berry sauce encased in a chocolate volcano-like sculpture, circled with chocolate crumbs, grapes, strawberries and blueberries. Once it arrives on the table the server would then proceed to pour the hot chocolate on it to melt the chocolate sculpture. Overall my taste buds were confused. The acidic berry sauce somehow did not go well with it the dessert. The warm Chocolate sauce also did not go well with the grapes and blueberries.

Overall did not really enjoy my meal but the souffle was not bad. Worth trying.

Grace Aw

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