Hawker Food

Hawker Food

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Wilson Foo
Wilson Foo

Ordered $5 portions for take away. Portions are big. You get 5 X halves of prawns. Bit of Sotong and pork belly. Not much of wok heat. Chilli is quite mild. Please note if you want lard, you must inform them when you order.

Overall not bad but still far from the top ones in Singapore.

Don’t try to order by walking in. It is likely that you will be disappointed. I placed my orders on Thurs afternoon for Sat morning collection. And if you tell them 10.30am, you are not going to be able to get them before 10.15am cause they are ready made. And no abacus discs except on weekends.

Price wise, at 1.40 a pop for soon kueh, it is not exactly cheap. But this is one of the last stalls to use real bamboo shoots instead of jicama or blend of bamboo shoots and jicama. In fact they have jicama kueh separately. Their abacus discs certainly has more flavour and they did not sting on ingredients like minced meat, black fungus, yam, dried shrimps. Their chives kueh is also loaded with ingredients and one of the best I have tasted in terms of freshness and the balance of flavour between chives. Saltiness and umami from the dried shrimps.

Definitely going back to this stall whenever I need my kueh fix.

Arrived at 1030am thinking the queue will be more manageable at this hour. Wrong. Not only was there a queue of 7 in front of me, there were also takeaways for those who ordered by phone. And these tend to be enormous orders, 10 packets, 13 packets.

I ordered their famous Yong Tau Fu noodles and Abacus Seed for take away. Noodles being noodles do not taste as good when you tabao, even though they packed my soup and noodles separately and even took the trouble to separate the deep fried Ngoh Hiang from the toufu and bitter gourd.

The Abacus Seed was chewy but not very flavourful. Not too much dried prawns and black fungus. But this is getting to be a difficult dish to find amongst hawkers so I guess better than nothing.

Maybe I’ll return once and eat there in the Kopitiam after this soft lockdown. Just to see the difference.

This is my third attempt to patronise this stall with the first two in vain, once they were not open and another time they just sold out. At 11.55am, I was literally the last customer.

They only do the white version these days although it is evident from their signboard they used to do the black version as well. Their style is thick cut, pan fried till crispy on the outside and lots of egg! I mean seriously I saw them adding two eggs for a $3.50 serving.

Soft CB now so that means I cannot enjoy it piping hot there and then but need to tabao and the 30 mins journey home did not help. Making allowance for this, I judge based more in the flavour. Strong taste of fish sauce and it balances the sweetness of the Chai Poh. Every mouthful is a delight because of the thick cut carrot cake and the generous amount of egg.

I don’t mind coming back earlier in the morning when soft CB is over to try it piping hot.

This is the fourth time to drive to Veerasamy Road for this Chicken Wing Rice. The last three times they were either closed or the queue was too long. This is during soft CB so I can only packet the chicken wing rice and hope for the best.

Today the queue was more palatable, only 27 minutes even I arrived on the dot at their opening hour. After a 30 minute journey back, I was surprised that the wings were still crispy. The flesh under the crispy batter is succulent and can taste the marinate. The rice was just normal chicken rice but the wings goes very very well with their chilli sauce which was spicy and tangy.

I’d rate this up there with Yong Yan’s chicken wings. Will certainly be back.

If you are craving traditional Chee Cheong Fun with sweet sauce, glutinous rice, yam cake, soon kueh, Laksa or bee hoon with pork trotters, this is the go to place in Bukit Timah. Not necessarily the best tasting but I must say I am impressed with their long list of comfort food and they even have Cantonese sweet desserts (糖水).

I’ll be back.

This is another one of the franchisee of the famous stall that even LHL queues up for their chicken wing. The wings really taste good but what is surprising is that their bee hoon also tastes great. In fact it’s so good you don’t really need other additional accompanying stuff. But adding fried cabbage and a fried egg plus chicken wings just makes something great even better.

Been there so many times, guess I’ll still continue to come whenever I feel like eating economic bee hoon.

Stall in Taman Jurong Food Center with perennial long queue. Order Soya Sauce Chicken drum stick noodles plus roast pork and braised egg. $5.60. The chicken was tender with silky chicken skin tasting sweet and savoury. The highlight of the meal has to be the roast pork. The pork skin was still biscuity crispy!

I’ll be back to this stall if ever I crave soya sauce chicken. Forget Liao Fan.

Recently, porridge became more and more popular. Fried porridge, Teochew Porridge, Pao Fan. So when Old World opened their latest outlet in West Coast, I just had to go join the queue.

Yes yes they have Bak Kut Teh but we are really only hankering after their wok hei infused fried porridge and their incredibly simple but super tasty dry mee suah. The Mixed Pork porridge did not disappoint. A bit salty but has wok hei. Lots of stomach, intestines, bits of fried bean curd and shallot oil drizzled on top.

But the one that stole the show is of course their mee suah. A simple bowl of dry fried mee suah, pre-cooked so it is served cool and not reheated, comes with only spring onion, fried shallots and a couple of croutons of lard, nonetheless the flavours that explode on your first bite....you wonder what hit you. And only $0.80 per bowl!

I’ll be back to try their other mee suah dishes but I suspect this will remain the favourite of most patrons.

One and only Char Kway Teow stall in West Coast Food Center. Supposed to open at 11am but by the time I arrived at 12.15pm, stall still not ready. So I ordered and waited.

This is the dry type Char Kway Teow. Owner fries as batch of kway Teow and yellow noodles first and then individually finishes off plate by plate. Together with his spatula and melamine plastic plate😱, he deftly works the soya sauce into the noodles and Kway Teow.

I thought this will be nice. I was wrong. Not sweet, not savoury, noodles were a bit burnt and no wok heat. Not coming back.

There are several famous stalls selling Braised Noodles in Old Airport Food Center. Prices start from $3 (no fish meat) to $5 (additional ingredients). Ordered the $5 version and I have to say the serving is huge. Lots of braised pork belly, ngoh hiang, large chunks of mackerel fish meat and a whole braised egg cut into two. Above average as the “Lor” was not as flavourful as others. The fish meat did compensate somewhat as they were huge pieces cut and scrapped off a large piece of fried mackerel.

But the queue and waiting time was a bummer. 35 mins in a moderate queue. And mine was the last bowl with braised pork belly at 12.30pm.

Saw a few recommendations of this stall in Old Airport Food Center. Stall owner fries each order one by one. For 4 dollars you get a small plate of Kway Teow with lots of fish cakes, Chinese sausages and two large prawns. The Kway Teow is drier than normal, for wok heat, the prawns are very fresh. But overall nothing to shout about. For those who like their CKT less sweet, more savoury and drier.

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