Hawker Food

Hawker Food

Featuring YY Kafei Dian, New Station Snack Bar (Far East Plaza), No Name Hainanese Curry Rice (Beo Crescent), Fatty Cheong (ABC Brickworks), Cantonese Delights (Hong Lim Market), Chey Sua Carrot Cake (Toa Payoh West Market), Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring (Haig Road Market), Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster Cake (Berseh Food Centre), Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu (Chinatown Complex), Maria Virgin Chicken (Chinatown Complex)
Wilson Foo
Wilson Foo

New stall selling claypot soups and Bak Kut Teh in Clement West market and food center. Ordered their signature fish maw and pig stomach soup. Within minutes a piping hot bowl of soup was served in a claypot. For $6, it’s really value for money because you get about 6 pieces of fish maw and pig stomach plus a large piece of chicken.

The soup is full of collagen, tastes sweet from the wolfberry seeds and with a dash of pepper, it’s the best thing for a wet and cold day. I do wish they would add some Chinese celery to give more fragrance to the soup.

Will come back to try their other offerings like ribs and liver.

Without a doubt one of the best porridge place in Singapore. Humongous number of different side dishes to choose from. Not the cheapest but still worth the price and the queue. Especially like the braised pork and the steamed fish cake. Sichuan vegetable and otah were also on point. Can skip the blanched sotong and La La, both were a bit tough and chewy.

My new go to place for Teochew Porridge.

Ordered take away vegetarian bee hoon, large portion and added fried tofu. $5. Very large portion.

Long queues at this stall for cheap and very good coffee. Very robust flavours without being too bitter especially when it is too gao. And at $1 dollar a cup of Kopi C in today’s context of inflation, really cannot complain at all!

Strongly recommend.

So I cannot understand why there is such a long queue at the past Michelin stall but no queues here. IMHO, this stall has the better chicken albeit kampung chicken.

Ordered the salt baked kampung chicken drumstick noodles for $8.50. But worth every cent. Noodles were al dente and springy, chicken was tender and juicy. Comes with sweet Kai Lan instead of Chye Sim. Yums!

Will try their soya sauce chicken next time.

Chee Cheong Fun and glutinous rice were the factory mass production type. Very mediocre. Not recommended.

Been meaning to review this much vaunted Chee Cheong Fun for so long but the problem with trying to eat at this stall is their timing, 7am to 10am and they are closed on Mondays and Weds. Happened to be in the area very early today and finally I managed to try it.

Traditional is the key word. Silky Chee Cheong Fun paired with sweet sauce, fragrant oil and a drizzle of light soya sauce. Nothing new but the combination is near perfect. For $2, you get this small plate. Enough for a snack but not a meal.

Certainly one of the best Chee Cheong Fun in Singapore today if you only want old style CCF.

Damn good Nasi Goreng Ayam. Wish the portion can be bigger. I did try to order drum stick but was told they cannot. Their chilli sauce is so shiok with the fried rice and the chicken, spicy and tangy.

Strongly recommend for light lunch in the West Coast Ayer Rajah area.

Finally took the trouble to try this much vaunted Fried Oyster Omelette stall in Jalan Besar. But at the end, I am not sure what the hype about this store was all about.

First contact was a let down for me cause lady owner said I arrived too early (6pm per their listed opening hours) and that she will only start serving at 6.10pm. Can I place order first? No! Because she cannot remember. Later I saw she uses a write down system to remember the orders. So she could have taken my order but chose not to. Fine. I came back in 10 mins to place my order. Within minutes I got my order.

My $8 oyster omelette came all chopped up and with many bits literally badly burnt and charred, tasting bitter. I like crispy oyster omelette but not burnt. We got about 8 mid sized oysters which was nice and the chilli was also on point, more tangy than spicy.

I doubt if I will ever learn to appreciate this type of oyster omelette so I’ll stick to my usual stalls.

Bought their Fried 3 joint wing Nasi lemak set for takeaway (this outlet at Jem only has takeaway option) at $5.90 and added a banana leaf squid otah for $1.90.

Arguably, the most important thing I care about in a Nasi Lemak is the coconut rice and the sambal chilli. Lee Wee managed to get both of this correct. The rice could have done withmore coconut milk taste but it was savoury in taste as opposed to sweet in many cases. The chilli had some heat in it but also just a little sweet. The ikan bilis and groundnuts were provided for in a packet to keep its crispiness but portion was miserly compared with the competition.

After that, it was all downhill. The pale looking, batter coated chicken wing was almost soggy, not crispy at all. Wonder if it was because of the takeaway. The fish otah and the extra banana leaf squid otah were both very ordinary. Certainly the latter was not worth the money. As for the fish cake, it was factory made and fried some time ago.

Not a good first impression. If there is a chance, I will try it at other outlets to see if dining in makes a difference.

This is one of the few stalls with 不见天or Secreto char siew added to their Wantan mee.
For $7, you get 9 slices of the prized cut of pork, barbecued and glazed.

Honestly, this is a fattier cut of pork compared with your average char Siew made from loin meat. The slices I got today were especially so, so by the time I finished my plate of noodles, I was feeling queasy.

The noodles were blanched just right. So add their chilli sauce on top of their pickled green chilli. The two wantons were small but full of flavour. The soup, from boiling all the wantans, is a little salty and umami.

The rare cuts of pork aside, the wantan mee comes nowhere close to those in our neighbouring country. Good to try it once and see if the fatty layer and they chewiness suits you. If not, stick to the standard fare.

First time to taste this branch of the roast meat chain Hua Zai. Ordered roast duck drum stick rice with added roast pork and braised egg, take away ($9.20)

The rice was packed separately from the meats. The duck had a mild taste of Angelica roots, the skin still crispy after reaching home. Roast pork was normal as was the egg. Portion was overall small.

Pro tip - pour the gravy from the duck onto you rice to give it a sweet Angelica root flavour. Add the chicken rice chilli too and voila! Suddenly your duck rice’s got tangy spiciness, sweetness and savoury from the original gravy and the Angelica infused gravy.

Not cheap but sure bet on good tender roast duck with crispy skin.

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