Not Bad Eh

Not Bad Eh

These are the food which is quite nice but ain't there yet
Jonathan Ang
Jonathan Ang

Shin Minori Buffet@Katong:
Sashimi is cold, fresh and fatty. Temari has sweet sauces that is just right to enjoy the dish. Sushi is flavor packed,umami and crunchy. Chawanmushi is better than average,eggy flavor. Gyoza is crispy,meaty,the oil inside tho... Strawberry mochi is sweet.

$22 Double Bacon&Cheese Burger meal@SimpleBurger, Suntec:
8/10 Food is fragrant. Fries are of substantial texture. Sauce is flavorful. Inclusion of onions and choice of greens compliment the flavors of burger. Beef is mushy and tender, bacon is crunchy which boosts each other's flavors. Quality of beef is worth for the price. Honey lemon is sour but got the artificial sweetener taste. Overall,it's subway but burger form.

Yun Nans($64.60):
1) Poached Pork Collar - 8.5/10 Spicy and pepperish,assaulting back of mouth. Pork is chewy and tender.
2) Steamed Chicken pot soup - 8.25/10 Can taste the steamed chicken in the soup. Chicken is Abit dry.
3) Chargrilled Seabass - 8.25/10 Nice,got the lime to enhance flavor.

$4 Sungei Road Laksa:
8.5/10 Queued for 25mins. 5 cockles are legit and chewy. Laksa is spicy, authentic seafood curry flavor. Noodles are smooth. Just stonks with seafood.

Noosh Noodle Bar &Grill@Esplanade Mall:
1)$2.190 Niboshi Ramen with Meltique Sirloin Beef - 7.5/10 Coriander and beef broth smells stonks. Soup is warmth to my body, beef flavor is umami. Tastes like pho and msg. Hanjuku egg is great. Beef slices are medium rare, tender and chewy. Noodles are Abit too chewy. Overall, noodles hinder the life of soup, if they were less chewy, experience would be so much better. They were overcooked.
2)$10.90 Butter Beer - 8/10 Foamy with vanilla, Abit gassy and sweet. Quite refreshing to drink but price is on the steep side. No alcohol,reminding me of root beer float without ice cream but foam.

Forage Cafe
1)Forage Signature($8.90) - Sweet,jelly will explode,maciam water. Reminds me of honey.
2)Honey Chili Mussels($7.90) - Mussels are fresh but can be chewy. Chili Sauce is sufficiently sweet for all to like.
3)Smoked Salmon&eggs($17.90) - Egg Falls apart easily but salmon is nicely marinated and fresh.
4)Chili Cheese Chicken($15.90) - Waffle is fluffy,honey is sweet,chicken is juicy and tender,cheese is good,got a pull.
5)Salted Caramel Cheesecake($9) - on th lighter side of cheesecake,saltiness isn't very pronounced. More sweet then salted. Crust is soft enough. Not so dense.

Rocky road cookie@Nasty Cookie: 7/10 Sweet, Abit crumbly. But got a bit of pull from marshmallow? Not too jelak. Quite light to enjoy.
Milo Stylo: 8.25/10 Sweet,crumbly,every bite has a crunch. There are choco chip bits that just hits home and one bite has different textures and flavors,got the milo,cream,choco bits and choco fillings. Got a bit of saltiness at the back at times.
Cookies&creme: 7/10 like the inclusion of oreo as toppings, sweetness from it is great. The cookie itself is just feels Abit mushy as to support he oreo on top.
Red velvet crumble:
Strawberry and cream: 8/10 sinfully sweet, the crunch from the toppings are an awesome addition to the softness from cookie. Fillings are of chewiness.

Little Vietnam:
1) Spring Rolls($5.50) - 8.25/10 Umami burst of flavor, crunchy. Shiok with sweet chili oil is good with the spring rolls. Reminds me Abit of yam rings.
2) Pho Dac Biet ($8.80) - 7.75/10 Beef fats is shiok,chewy. Beef ball is handmade,tender. Noodles are chewy, soft enuf. Macam eating a full beef. Got one part of the beef which is tough tho.
3) Soupsop drink($4.30) - I think I figured that I can't appreciate the flesh of soursop. The drink was ok.

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Tree Cafe@Ehub:
1)Smoked Duck Pasta($6.50) - 7/10 Smells full of mushroom cream sauce. Noodles are ok, but the cream sauce nvr really matches well with the noodles. Duck is nice, got Abit of texture and char,Abit salty too. Everything in one mouthful has the smokiness of duck but the sauce doesn't do much to help the dish,it is just a bystander.
2)Sweet Potato Fries($5) - 8/10 Tastes good,like sweet potato. Like the addition of sugar and softness of the fries. Crunchiness is present too. Quite surprised at this standard of fries tho.

$26.80 2 Men set meal@Mala Collections:
1)Mushroom Herbs Seabass - Peppery soup. Mushroom is bouncy. Fish is fresh. Fish is not bad.
2)Mouthwatering Chicken - Abit cold and spicy. Like chicken with mala, nothing that wows. Cucumber is crunchy.


Ah Boy Chicken Rice($3.20):
Rice is alright. Chicken is tender and wet. Soup is good enuf. For the price, it is not bad.

Kim Eng Chicken Rice@Newest:
7.5/10 overall.
$6.80 Chicken Rice Set A: Comes with soup,achar and peanuts. Smells fragrant. Cucumber is crunchy and chicken is ok. Chili has garlic inside, with chicken,it tastes better. Chicken itself is moist and taste better than average. Achar is crunchy and fresh. Braised peanuts are ok, not too much of the braised sauce. Soup has the lotus root taste. Lotus root is boiled at the right amount of time.
$8.80 Sichuan Dumplings: Meaty but Abit tough on the insides. They used big prawn as the meat. Innovative. Maybe if the chili has Abit more kick, it would've been better.

Searching for good food,would travel for it.

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