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Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells

The cafe is well-decorated with fake plants/trees and it had really nice vibes + has some natural lighting when we visited in the afternoon!

The food and drinks were however quite meh. We shared one of their bread items as we weren’t v hungry and the chocolate croissant was so-so even though it looks quite pretty. Not v generous with the chocolate and the pastry was cold :( also tried their iced signature latte (mocha flavoured $8.50) with the summer breeze blend and it was alright! Might return to try their other items (not pastries) and for the vibes but only if I’m in the area :)


Although I do like bread, I never would have walked into a bakery like this myself so I’m glad my friends recommended this and brought me along! Heard that this is new addition to the Everton Park area which happen to house a lot of other good cafes (The Better Half, Nylon Coffee, etc.)

• Plaint Croissant: $4.50, which I thought was so-so like nothing special)
• Parma Ham & Burrata: $14+, nice flavours but I rmb we had a hard time chewing which probably was because the bread were all q cold.. don’t think they offer reheating services even though we dined in. The breads would have been so much nicer if they were served fresh/warm.
• Kinako Snails: which is essential a croissant sprinkled with roasted soybean powered, also known as injeolmi in Korean! The nutty-flavoured powder made the croissant a lot yummier :)

Do take note that the cafe has vvv limited seats. There were 4 of us and I think that’s all the cafe can accommodate? Do consider taking away if you can. Overall it was a good experience! However I wouldn’t travel all the way there for this 😅 would probably get 1-2 if I’m passing by.

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My friends and I stumbled upon this rly quaint-looking and cozy cafe while in the area! The cafe is quite small but you get such good vibes from the friendly staff and the smells of coffee and cake :)

We tried the Vanilla Salted Caramel ($6.50), Chocolate ($6.50) and I had a hot mocha ($6). The cakes were so good. Sponge cake was simple but done really well – not too sweet either even though we went for the chocolatey flavours. The salted caramel buttercream went really well with the vanilla sponge, and the dark chocolate ganache was v shiok! Coffee was great too, esp when we ordered our hot cups on a rainy afternoon.

Would totally go back for their other pretty-looking tea cakes. Eyeing the earl grey lemon/lavender which looks so pretty!!

V satisfied with this cup of green tea latte! The milk was frothy and goes v well with the robust green tea flavour (it actually reminds me of Starbucks’ hot green tea latte which I rly love). Not too sweet either which I appreciate! The only downside is I don’t think they have non-dairy milk alternatives :(

We went to the cafe on a Friday night and had to wait about 20-30 mins for a table of 3. The staff takes down your number for a waiting list so you can actually walk around the area while waiting for a table. Cafe has great ambience and is decorated with lots of vintage pieces.

I know they’re are known for their drip coffees and tbh I was rly tempted but I was craving for a cold drink so I went with one of their only iced coffee options! Although the coffee was not v strong, I appreciate that it’s not sour (even without adding sugar and milk). They allow for the sugar and milk to be served on the side so you can customise the taste and flavour according to your liking.

This was another vegetarian-friendly and eggless recommendation from the staff :) I personally love thick soups so this potage was great (and really comforting when served warm). The edamame gives it a light greenish yellow colour which I know isn’t the most appealing but it tasted good. It also tasted almost like a potato-based soup.

Tried this cheesecake upon the staff’s recommendation! My friend and I asked her for dessert/snack food recommendations that are vegetarian and eggless and she suggested this.

It looks like a block of cream cheese but we both thought that the cheesecake was light enough to not be gelak. Not too sweet or sour either, I think the flavours are just nice. And you can tell that the cheese (I’m not sure which) is of good quality. If only they were more generous with the biscuit layer!

Had a good experience at Grain Alley! Huge space with rly nice concept throughout. Nice ambience, which makes for great photo opportunities. Notice that their outdoor area is pet-friendly so pet owners can bring their fur pets along :-) they also welcome people to do their work there since they have designated certain tables for that purpose.

We ordered the Smoked Salmon Croissant ($12) and the Crazy Croque Monsieur ($15) and both were really satisfying. Their coffees were rly good too – had their iced mocha and iced latte :)

This was q disappointing 😅 their coffee was ok but their toast was not nice :-( bread could have been more toasted (to be crunchier). Bread was served warm so it got cold and soggy v fast. Butter and Kaya ratio can be improved as well.

A decent cuppa from Hill Street coffeeshop! $1.70 for this small cup (standard size, they do not offer small/regular sizes). It was a bit sweet than regular kopi-C so might want to request for siew dai if you prefer the coffee notes to be more pronounced.

The cafe also offers quite a variety of side dishes/appetisers like tater tots, fries, chicken karage, and mozzarella sticks! V reasonably priced given the size of this dish :) maybe next time will try the truffle flavoured tater tots as I felt that this was a bit plain.

Part of their all-day breakfast selection. Petit Chef ($9.80 not inclusive of GST and service charge) comes with homemade waffles served with cheese sausage, tater tots and choice of egg (sunny side up, scrambled eggs or eggs Benedict).

Food from the cafe was quite decent, and reasonably priced. Only wished that the waffles could be a bit more substantial as it was quite thin and flat 😅

doing this so I’ll rmb what I had for lunch/dinner yesterday :)))

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