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Pearlyn Ang
Pearlyn Ang

Mentaiko pasta tasted fantastic! Pumpkin cappellacci on the other hand was disappointing but maybe a personal preference. Left hungry af still and the dish was just too sweet for me all I could taste was pumpkin

Both my boyfriend and I were very unimpressed by this...Yes it’s good (or honestly just alright) but nothing to shout about and definitely not worth that price tag. Even with burpple it’s a pass
Nice vibes and service though (and pizza still gd)

Had this w burpple near christmas! Very well done, and rly tastes like how a cheese burger would haha. The beef is also not tough and chewy and loved the crust~ Decent size as well Wld recommend getting this

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Basket of bread sticks and focaccia was rly good to begin with! Great texture and served warm.

The mushroom risotto had a generous amount of mushroom and the the truffle taste rly came through without being too overpowering! The grains were also nicely cooked and the dish was super flavourful but wasn’t too creamy and we didn’t get sick of it either!!

The duck ragout was super gd too — the pasta was cooked to the right bite and the meat was super tender and even the noodles soaked up the flavours of the broth and the whole dish was very cohesive.

Waited for close to an hour for our food to arrive, but they were rly nice about it and gave us free dessert!! The tiramisu wasn’t overly soaked and the top layer was super creamy. Wasn’t too sweet and could taste the coffee as well; would honestly pay for it the next visit! Was super worth with burpple we paid only ~$11 per person

Featuring the dinner menu — Truffle mushroom risotto ($21.50) and the Pork collar ($19).

Pork collar was very nicely seasoned and tender, every bite was heavenly with the mustard on the side.
Mushroom risotto wasn’t as impressive though 😪 For starters, it oddly smelled like love letters...and the grains were a little too undercooked and the truffle taste didn’t come through either. Was a big portion tho

Worth with burpple!! Will be back to try their brunch

Subpar croissants and milk tea. Got 4 flavoured croissants (Almond, Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon) and 2 Oolong Milk Teas for $12.80 with 1f1

Top pick would be the chocolate croissant that wasn’t too sweet and had a decent amount of chocolate in it! Apple cinnamon was a let down, didn’t taste anyth and there was barely any filling. Almond croissant certainly farrrrrrrrrrrrr from the standards of motherdough or tiong bahru, and the almond has this super weird almond-y smell and taste HAHA that I don’t like...Maybe they wld be better if they were still hot but we got it at room temperature Also not flakey or buttery enough.

Oolong milk tea also kinda just tastes like sweetened water.

the tacos were AMAZING!!!!!!! Even better than many supposedly mexican places... The pulled pork is super tender and juicy and the tacos ARE BIG!! Definitely enough to fill u up. Super flavourful, all the flavours blend really well too. the taco kinda remains intact which I appreciate!! Wanted more aft eating this...Tried my friend’s chicken and waffles and All i have to say is chicken waffles are not my thing... But for the price i wldnt say the waffles are very worth theres more waffles than chicken and the waffles are meh


The portion is more filling than it looks! The patty was pretty juicy and always love a well toasted bun!!!! But the fries were meh... Was quite a long wait tho

Always on the lookout for good food and coffee!

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