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jadey eats
jadey eats

📍: Burnt Cones
🍦🧇: Coconut Lychee, Ube & Dark Chocolate Gelato on Plajn Buttermilk Waffle

I have been wanting to try @burntcones since I saw them popping up all over my feed. They’re on the opposite end of the island from where I stay though ☹️ Managed to chance upon them on my long-distance walk one weekend though, was so excited 🥳

Their gelatos are soooooooo thicc and creamy! Our table did find it to be rather cloying and sweet halfway through though.

However, we did unanimously agree that the waffles was the real star here though 🌟 we were silently fighting to stuff as many pieces of waffle in our mouthes 🤪 crisp on the outside, chewy yet fluffy and soft on the inside. As a self-proclaimed waffles & gelato lover, this is definitely one of the best waffles I’ve had!

Service was great too and will definitely return again for the waffles despite how far away I stay 🤍

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📍: Kei Kaseidon
🍣: Mentaiyaki Kaisendon ($29.9 on Burpple Beyond for 2 sets with 1 side dish, clam miso soup & salad each)

My absolute favourite & go-to whenever I’m craving for affordable yet delicious chirashi bowl: @keikaisendon.sg.

Here’s why I love them:
1) They have outlets all over the island!
2) Great quality for the affordable price, you even get side dishes (different for each outlet), miso soup that’s loaded with seaweed, clams and bits of salmon & salad tossed in Japanese sesame sauce
3) A variety of mains on their menu to choose from. I always go for either the signature or mentaiyaki bowl, but I visited before P2HA with a friend who doesn’t eat raw fish & it was fine since there are so many other cooked mains to choose from!

LOVELOVELOVE their value for money @burpple beyond sets & will continue to enjoy them! 🤍

📍Izakaya Hikari
🍱 Salmon Mentaiko Bento ($16.90)

Hidden away in Fortune Centre, my companion and I arrived at the surprisingly packed Izakaya Hikari on a Tuesday night.

I ordered the Salmon Mentaiko Bento, and with 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond it was such a steal! You can see for yourself in the picture that they were very generous with the mentaiko sauce 🤤 there wasn’t a lot of salmon but it was cooked perfectly till pinky soft.

A worthwhile visit with Burpple Beyond!

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🍄🔴 This was the favourite at the table for the tangy tomato sauce, earthy mushrooms, stretchy cheese and fresh veggies. Al funghi pizzas are usually a good go-to 😊


🥦⚪️ Smoke & citrus, white pizza
📍 Craft Pizza, Singapore

I knew I absolutely had to visit @craftpizzasg again when they launched their new menu 😊 it was a good opportunity for me to introduce my new favourite eatery to some loved ones too anyway!

🥦⚪️ Smoke & citrus is the new white pizza on their menu, comprising of: smoked pancetta, broccoli, onions, green peas, smoked scamorza, lemon and black pepper.

The white pizzas definitely lean to have you filled a lot faster than their red pizzas, and this new one is no different. I definitely still prefer their red pizzas, but I really enjoyed the fresh veggies on Smoke & citrus.

🍕 The star of the show for the pizzas at Craft Pizza are their delicious crust 💓 crisp on the outside, pillowy soft and bready on the inside, this isn’t Pizza Hut where you skip on the thick crust. Not to mention that every table offers some chilli oil and EVOO for you to soak up the crust with!

Always a pleasure visiting @craftpizzasg for their wonderful service, delicious food and great ambience.


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🦑 Squid ink spaghetti & clams
📍Craft Pizza, Singapore

my favourite part of visiting @craftpizzasg is always their pasta 😋 particularly their pesto pasta. Every time I visit they use a different sort of pasta as well so it keeps the dining experience feeling fresh & new despite my multiple visits there 🥰

No worries on date night with their squid ink pasta, the squid ink is incorporated into the spaghetti pasta itself so you won’t mess up your nice outfit 😊

As you can see, they were super generous with the clams as well, which were super fresh and complemented the white wine and olive crumble.


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🍗 Next were the crispy chicken “parm” wings. Aided by how it was served already boneless, we devoured this one so quickly since we were so famished after a good workout.

As the name suggests, it was cooked to golden perfection, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Honestly, who doesn’t love chicken wings right? 😋

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🍅🧀 Buffalo caprese salad
📍Craft Pizza, Singapore

Managed to bring some of my favourite people to @craftpizzasg for lunch a while back 🥰

This simple but classic starter salad is a true testament to the eatery’s high quality produce. as the first dish to arrive at our table, it set the tone of what my companions could expect from craft pizza. As per my experiences with them so far, it did not disappoint!

🍅🧀 The heirloom tomatoes are incredibly fresh; proven by how juicy & bursting with flavour they are. The buffalo mozzarella was light, mild yet creamy and perfectly balanced by the tanginess of the aged balsamic.


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🍜 sanuki beef egg udon (S$11.60)

i’ve always been a huge lover of udon & when the craving hit, it was a huge no brainer that i had to pay a visit to @tamoyasg @ plaza singapura. especially since they offer 30% off with @burpple beyond!

udon noodles had just the right bite and chewiness to it, beef slices were tender & fatty and the onsen tamago added a creaminess to the savoury yet slightly sweet broth.

i think the broth could be a bit overwhelming for some towards the end since it had a lot of depth to the flavour; but it was just right for me & i really enjoyed using it as a dipping for the crispy tempura!

my only complaint is that the tempura bits got soggy by the time we sat down with our bowls. queues get long pretty fast even on a weekday evening, but for affordable delicious food, i’d say it’s worthwhile.


With Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals, this bowl of aburi scallops (topped with truffle), mekajiki and fish roe was very affordable, originally priced at S$24.

The raw seafood tasted very fresh and the short-grain rice was perfectly cooked & seasoned as well, a match made in heaven that will definitely tantalise the tastebuds 😌

Highly recommend friends who love sashimi to pay a visit here, particularly if they have BB! Just be prepared to wait a while in the queue though, they’re a pretty popular spot opposite the hawker centre.


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So cheap with BB 1-for-1 deals!!! This was a really great bowl of wanton noodles as well, I loved the thick QQ noodles.

Just go easy on the chilli though, it packs a lot of heat!



instagram: @jadey.eats i like pretty pictures of food 🍡

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