Dinner Dates

Dinner Dates

Featuring Tanyu (313@Somerset), The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens, Miznon Singapore, Cô Hai Bánh Mì, EVENTASTY Noodle Bar (100AM), platform., Oven & Fried Chicken (Tanjong Katong), Reiwa Soba Honten (Bedok Reservoir)
jadey eats
jadey eats

📍: Eventasty 一碗田 Noodle Bar
🍜: Tomato Soup Base (Marinated Beef Shank Noodle & Vinaigrette Ebiko Prawn Paste Noodles)

Enjoyed these noodles before the restrictions tightened again. With #burpplebeyond, these were so worth it for the current sweater weather. The tomato broth was flavourful, warm and comforting; like something grandma would whip up for her grandkids 😌

Out of the two, I preferred the prawn paste one. The balls were QQ and the tiny bits of ebiko were nice to pop in my mouth too! The noodles and prawn paste absorbed the flavours of the tomato broth much better than the beef shank as well.

Will definitely be returning to try the Hot & Soup soup base!

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🍗 Fermented Soya & Parsley Chicken Karaage ($12)

We were starving so decided on the karaage for an appetiser too. The fermented soya lent a slightly tangy flavour to the salty yet tender chicken pieces. Delicious!

📍Reiwa Soba Honten
🍜 Reiwa Pork Soba ($12)

I’ve been WFH since the lockdown last year so I haven’t been able to drop by @reiwasoba.sg at their location in Kelantan Road. To my delight, @reiwasoba.honten opened an air-conditioned izakaya with minimalist Muji vibes right next to Bedok Reservoir a while back! My friends and I made an impromptu visit there for dinner just last weekend.

If you’re making a random visit without seeing reviews from others, it’d probably be tough to decide what to order. The menu offers a list of food items and a short description, without any visual guidance. Knowing that their pork soba was a must-try, I had my heart set on it & my companions followed along!

The freshly-made buckwheat soba has a really nice bite to it and the pork slices were a tad hard to chew on although they were thinly-cut slices.

What makes their soba stand out from others in Singapore is their dipping sauce! Instead of the usual tsuyu dipping sauce, Reiwa Soba serves it with a dashi made out of chicken, fish and seaweed that’s mixed with chilli oil!

The chilli oil added just a nice hint of spice to the salty dashi mix, which the soba noodles soaked up well🤤 no complaints except that the dipping sauce tasted bland towards the end. Could be that the ice/water from the noodles ended up diluting it towards the end of the meal.

I know it’s an izakaya but there was a larger group of men enjoying their drinks while we ate, which made it hard for my friends and I to catchup and truly enjoy our meal because the place was so small and the sound echoed off the walls so loudly.

Would I return? Yes definitely, I thought the food was authentic yet reasonably priced for the quality and serving portions, but I’d time my visit earlier on in the day instead.

🥂: pear 165 ($18)

Made a return visit to @_platform._ with my companion exactly one year after our first visit! 🥰 we were discussing how glad we are that Platform. managed to stick it out through the lockdown!

Another wonderful experience here with 💯 service & cocktails! I was looking for a cocktail with a lighter palate this time, was stuffed after a full day of indulging. Decided on the pear 165 after pouring over their menu of unique drinks.

I reaaaaaaaaally enjoyed this one! It’s topped with a cherry tomato to taste before drinking. It was everything I was looking for; floral with the chamomile, fruity with the pear, lightly fizzy with the sparkling wine but not so much that it leaves you feeling bloated.

My companion had their butterfly pea ($20), which is exactly as described: complex. The dry gin definitely comes through pretty strongly in this one and the marasca cherry leaves an after taste that made us both go 🤔🤔🤔.

We were also given a taste of their sparkling sake due to a mix up with our reservation; what did I say about amazing service! ✨ every table is also given a refillable bowl of tapioca chips which is light salted & super yums.

I typically prefer to drink at home as it’s more affordable and I find cocktails outside pretty overpriced but I can never say no to Platform. You really get what you pay for; a uniquely-crafted cocktail, rustic & minimalist aesthetics for the ‘gram, great service and relaxing ambience (although the music was a tad loud this time but I don’t blame the staff they were too busy to lower the music).

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📍 Miznon, Singapore
🍴: Abu Kebab ($24)

SO EXCITED to be sharing about @miznonsg here, considering I’ve been wanting to pay them a visit since 2018 when I was still in Melbourne but missed my chance 😭 I think they opened in late 2020 here but I waited till last month for the initial hype to die down a little.

FIRST OF ALL, keyword above is “a little” because they’re still swamped. Not surprising since this is Singapore’s first Israeli eatery!

Despite being hella packed on a Friday night, service was still top notch 👏🏻 their servers were super friendly & checked in on us regularly. Diners are offered a free side of pita ends with tahini sauce when seated too!

I got the Abu Kebab, which is a pita stuffed to the brim with lamb & beef meatballs, tahini, chilli, salsa, pickles, onion and parsley.

1) The entire pita was literally the size of my head.

2) THE PITA BREAD ITSELF WAS SO SOFT, like a fluffy cloud. Life-changing, never gonna buy those stale pitas from the grocer again 😟

3) IIRC I think I counted like 5 MASSIVE meatballs?? How did they even manage to cram all of that into the pita without it falling apart? 🤔 impressed.

4) The meatballs were PERFECTLY cooked as well. I’m talking charred on the outside, pinky on the inside 🤤

5) Wow they’re generous with the other fillings.

6) My only complaint is that my pita bread wasn’t served warm, but I enjoyed it so much that it didn’t even matter much since the taste more than made up for it.

By the end of our meal, they were giving out free liquorice shots to all their diners.

I was really looking forward to trying their Baby Cauliflower Flower as well, but they haven’t been able to serve it for a while due to something about supply? 🥺 all the more reason for me to pay a second visit though!!

📍The Halia
🍝: Chilli crab spaghettini

Had this a while back with my girls 🥰 dining here was a great experience with alfresco seating at Botanic Gardens.

The chilli crab spaghettini is a sweet & tangy tomato-based pasta that’s generously loaded with crab meat. I think it’s worth a try, the dish exceeded my expectations 😊

We ordered a couple of appetisers as well including the truffle fries and lemongrass & ginger prawn salad. The truffle fries was served in a HUGE basket and we devoured it so quickly, definitely order this! The salad was delicious as well for how refreshing it was.

For $10 you get a bowl of comforting pho; perfect for warming you up during the rainy season. This is my second visit to Co Hao Banh Mi, and I much prefer their pho over those of the big franchises in Singapore. Their pho is refreshing and savoury without packing a tonne of heavy MSG flavour. Give their Banh Mi a try as well, they make the baguettes in house!


Succumbed to all the advertising Tan Yu was doing earlier in December 😂 no regrets (apart from the long waiting time since we didn’t have a reservation wow).

It was my companions and I’s first visit to Tan Yu so we decided on something not too spicy and added mushrooms. The fish was was delicious, the sauce was delicious with rice and there weren’t too many bones to pick apart. More numbing than spicy type of heat, this is a dish even non-spicy lovers can handle.

We also ordered their rice cakes which was served with a sweet soy sauce, so delicious!!!! Would definitely come back to Tan Yu again.

Korean fried chicken is absolutely my favourite type of KFC. The chicken here was pretty good but nothing particularly worth shouting about in comparison to other Korean fried chicken places. I’d visit again for their oven fried chicken though.

Rustic minimalist aesthetic, great service combined with a menu that offers tantalising bites to pair with your unique mix of drinks; a must-visit if you’re looking for a place with relaxing ambience.


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instagram: @jadey.eats i like pretty pictures of food 🍡

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