Food that is just,NOPE
Jonathan Ang
Jonathan Ang

Hua Yu Wee Restaurant:
#JonNoApprove unfortunately...
Booked table at 8.30pm, Carpark was full,had to wait around 10mins to get a Carpark slot. The wait was sufferable but was it worth it tho?
$10 Kai Lan: 6/10 Basic and Olden day vibes after eating,nothing spectacular. Not much salt and msg. Chunky & fibrous.
$16 Deep fried Butter Oil Prawn: 7/10 Hit me awake when I bite into it. Big,crunchy due to bits of cereals,and meat is juicy. Good but shortlived.
$74.80 Pepper Crab: 6/10 Ok. Nothing special
$81 Pig Trotter: Fatty,chewy,crunchy.
$8 Olive Fried rice: 7.5/10 Love the fried lards inside, umami. Fragrant and flavorful,salty too. Cereal bits give the crunchy texture too.

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Wildfire Burgers:
1)$18 Wagyu Beef + $3 shoe string fries - Fries got good seasoning, soft. Ok. Burger patty is thicc, Abit on tough side, bun is fluffy. Onion is Abit overcooked. Flavor is on the sweet side, not too overwhelming. If I was told that it was beef burger,I would've believed,but knowing that it is supposed to be wagyu beef,I'm disappointed.
2)$18 Forest Mushroom Burger - The mushrooms and sauce support the burger but the beef has a lot of chew.
3)$4.50 Fried Chicken - smell like cornflakes. Batter can be better. Chicken is moist but lackluster.

Papi's Tacos:
Must book 2-3 days in advance. If cheaper, it be more worth it. Like maybe each taco is $10 better. Felt like they didn't even enter my digestive system tho. Experience was good but not substantial to justify the price.
1) Tacos De Suadero(Beef Brisket,$20) - 7.25/10 Wrap is soft, beef brisket is nice. Lime and onions compliment the beef,giving tanginess.
2) Tacos De Pescado(Fish,$20) - 7/10 Dory fish is gd choice. Sauce is gd. Flour is chewy.
3) Tacos De Chorizo(Spiced Sausage,$20) - 7/10 Like the Mexican spiciness. Flavorful. Meaty.

Ayam [email protected] Wahyu ($6):
*Caution- This should oni be tried by those that like to eat food at their rawest point*
*Rice portion is huge, soft, Abit moist. Cucumber is crunchy and got the oceanic taste. Chili is sweet and potent, slowly creeping in to occupy the throat,it is more of the wet kind of chili too. Soup is heavy doused with chicken broth, but kinda refreshing. Fried tofu is crispy, don't taste like those bought from supermarché. Crunchy bits are airy and crunchy at the same time. Chicken is Abit dry. Like the combo of moist rice, wet chili,soup and fresh cucumbers with dry chicken and fries tofu.

$14 Waffle with Mont Blanc&Cinnamon Chocolate [email protected]'s Waffle&Gelato:
Mont Blanc is very lackluster. Cinnamon chocolate fudge can obviously taste the cinnamon but not the chocolate. Waffle is crisp but plain. Maple syrup is sweet. Waffle with ice cream is meh.

Restaurant [email protected] Pasoh Road:
#JonNoApprove (Wagyu beef also)
Place is quite chill. Warm lighting.
Chocolate Praline Dome($14) - 6.5/10 Crumbs are salty. Chocolate is sweet. Everything in one mouth is summarized into Chocolate cake. Near the centre bottom of the dome,there is a small surprise of biscuit like layer.

Restaurant [email protected] Pasoh Road:
#JonNoApprove (Not the wagyu beef)
Place is quite chill. Warm lighting.
10 Days Butter Aged Wagyu($68) - 6.5/10 The seasoning is salty becos of seasalt. Meat is chewy. With chai, beef ju& plum elevates the beef to the next level, but the beef cut ain't the best for people as it comes with the veins, thus it is difficult to chew. Not super good, but above average. For the price, I believe the choice of cut can be better. I chew each piece maciam 100 times still can't swallow the meat in peace. Almost every piece has this issue.

Simon Road Hokkien Mee($5)@Kovan -
6.5/10 Clean tasting. Lime is very light. Nothing fantastic. Maybe tabao-ing might taste much better.

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25 [email protected] G: #JonNoApprove
Bubblegum milkshake($13) - Very sweet,taste pinkish. Cereal is Lou Hong. If crunchier,it'd be better. It makes one Think of unicorns and no bubblegum

Searching for good food,would travel for it.

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