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To Explore W Papa

Featuring Beng Hiang Restaurant, Mr Biryani (Little India), Xiao Yao Ge, Byblos Grill, Cheng Hoo Thian Restaurant, Restaurant Manchurian (Chinatown), Yang Ming Seafood (Bishan), Kong Kee Mutton Soup, Kebabs Faktory (Timbre+), Pu Tian A Lu Zhang Cai Guan
BenCam Era
BenCam Era

Steamed baby sotong ($13) ⭐️ 5/5 ⭐️
Hot plate venison ($15) ⭐️ 3.5/5 ⭐️
Ling zhi mushroom beancurd ($10) ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
Black bean fish beehoon ($10) ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
Oyster egg ($10) ⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Enjoyed this affordable and delicious #zichar nestled within a HDB that has a bright and airy environment. Our favourite was the steamed baby sotong that were fresh, bouncy, and chewy in texture, served with a simple yet delicious soy-garlic-ginger sauce. The #oysteregg was also well-executed with its fluffy egg and plump oysters. We especially liked that it wasn’t too oily. We also enjoyed the beancurd that was really soft with a crisp outer skin, and paired well with the mushrooms & vegetables. While the black bean beehoon was really unique with its salty-sweet mix, and went well with sour green chili (recommend asking them for some!), we found it a bit too rich and starchy. The venison was standard tasty fare, although there were some pieces that were quite tough to chew whilst others were softer. Best part was that everything was nett price which made this an affordable

Have been on a hunt for Heng Hwa/Putien cuisine across the island — but I have never really heard of 莆田 阿盧章菜馆 which is hidden in Kerk’s Kopitiam in a rather obscure corner of Woodlands at Woodlands Norrh Plaza until somewhere before Singapore’s “Circuit Breaker”. The stall had seemingly opened in the coffeeshop somewhere in December 2019, and was also featured on a television programme on MediaCorp Channel 5 in March 2020.

Was here for the Putien Fried Bee Hoon; the variant here is also stellar in its own right having absorbed the stock entirely — immensely tasty whilst coming with a good proportion of clams, sliced pork, cabbage and mushrooms that almost guarantees some condiments to be picked up with the bee hoon every time. That being said, the dish that left us craving for more was the Eggs Oysters — the Heng Hwa version of the dish served here differs from the local variant with the eggs being fluffy (almost akin to an “Asian” scramble, if you get what it means), topped off with plump and fresh oysters. While the usual local variants sees the two elements being separate items that compliments one another, the Heng Hwa rendition served here seems to be more well-integrated — the briny flavours of the fresh oysters being infused to the eggs that binds the two elements together; very enjoyable within the zippy, brown-coloured chili dip that provides a tang to cut through the heaviness.

I am rarely impressed with food within the neighbourhood, but I actually truly enjoyed whatever I have had at 莆田 阿盧章菜馆 — despite just having tried just two dishes here, I guess they have pretty much hit the spot right here with their well-executed Heng Hwa/Putian that delivers in terms of flavours and freshness. Would most certainly be back again; a hidden gem that Woodlands residents would be proud of having in their neighbourhood!

Another dish I wanted to try. The meat was an assortment of parts and the soup was nice enough to drink without choking. However, the other ingredients winter melon and potato were not exciting. At this lamb-focused restaurant you can literally eat every part of a lamb.

Tldr MUST TRY!!!!!!

One of my favourite memories in Shanghai is eating this dish, as the mutton was quite literally as fresh as you can get, if you catch my drift. Deeply flavourful, with accompanying spices, makes it a rice killer. I really didn't like the vibes(drinking and smoking at the table) but I inevitably turn up for every gathering there due to this dish. I'll admit I haven't really ordered this dish much in SG(if at all), but this is almost as good as the ones I had in Shanghai. Worth a trip down, no wonder it's so packed at night

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The Pan-Fried Kway Teow was hands down the best dish of the night! It’s a different take from the usual char kway teow that we have and you can taste the wok hey in it!

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It's rare to have roast goose in Chinese restaurants yet this Teochew restaurant has it. My expectation went out the window when it was served. It's Teochew style roast goose. It's quite good.

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Currently Beng Hiang have promotion where diners can indulge in over 30 selections of delicacies,including Signature Kong Ba Bao, Dim Sum,Seafood, Meat and Dessert, Eat-All-You-Can Weekday Lunch Buffet.

💰$22.8+/pax, with min 3 persons to dine

Call these number for make reservations : 62216695 or 62216684 or can order via @foodpandasg @deliveroo_sg and @grabfoodsg

📍Beng Hiang Restaurant.
135 Jurong Gateway Road # 02-337.

Head to Kebabs Faktory for affordable and healthy Mediterannean dishes — think Turkish kebabs, Greek gyros, Middle Eastern shawarma rolls and more! Grab their signature Falafel Roll ($8.90), Chicken Tikka roll ($8.90) and Lamb Shawarma roll ($10.90) for sharing. Opt for their Paneer Tikka briyani ($12.90) for a spicier kick, or salad boxes for a lighter meal. From just $2.50 per piece, don't forget to try their traditional Pistachio Baklava dessert.

If you're at Haji Lane, hit up this casual eatery for a feast of authentic Lebanese cuisine! Known for their koftas and mashwi, try their Kofta Lamb ($19.50) grilled to crisp perfection and served with parsley, onion, tomato, sumak and hummus, or Dajaj Mashwi ($33.90); charcoal-grilled baby spring chicken served with garlic sauce, pickles and fries. If you're spoilt for choice, Burppler Thechoyalicious recommends their signature Lamb Chops ($32.90) — "so well seasoned and chargrilled that there is zero game and the meat breaks away".
Photo by Burppler Thechoyalicious :)

Influenced by both @veronicaphua & @juliuslim, I paid @mrbiryanisg a visit after a two month overdue visit to the barber since it was in the same ‘hood and all. Of course, they only do takeaways & deliveries for now, so I was sat on the train back home with everyone looking at the delicious package dangling between my legs. I’m talking about the package containing my order of Rack of Lamb Biryani ($16) and a side order of Veg Kurma ($7), you filth.⠀

The Rack of Lamb Biryani was crafted from a gargantuan lamb rack which was ravishingly redolent, and only very mildly gamey. I’ve had lamb biryani at other brilliant biryani merchants, and I must say that Mr Biryani’s is the probably most luscious lamb I’ve had out of the trio. It’s stunningly seasoned, mildly gamey, and it’s the most juicy & tender lamb that ever came with a biryani. It’s cooked with a masala mix, but the meat itself was pretty mild.⠀

Well, I later found out where all that masala had gone to. It was fully absorbed by fluffiest, most competently cooked dhum basmati rice at the bottom. The rice was dhummy good, I tell ya hwat. Better yet, there was so much of it I left half of it for another meal and still had more than enough for both meals. Oh, that masala was savagely spicy, and I became a dragon the next morning. Well, I wasn’t spewing fire out my mouth, it was coming out the other end of the digestive tract.⠀

Despite that, the biryani hurts so good. I’ll just have to remember to keep a pint of milk on deck so I don’t spit fire from the wrong end.

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