Burpple Beyond Date Eats

Burpple Beyond Date Eats

On a Burrple Beyond Premium membership with my significant other, and these are some 1-for-1 deal options!
Girl & Boy
Girl & Boy

This Japanese place was housed within ToGather Kitchen and Bar, which is more of a coffeeshop/ upscale kopitiam than a restaurant. It was extremely crowded with a long queue on a Friday evening, so I would highly recommend making a reservation in advance. Ambience was a 2/10 because it was super noisy, and we could barely hear ourselves even though we tried to have a conversation at the top of our lungs. I would advise visiting with low expectations of it being a chill and hang out place. I did visit with 4 pax and was able to use 2 Beyond coupons for our meal.

They had a substantial menu and the price point of the dishes was about $12 per course, making it a really good deal after Beyond promo. We ordered the Salmon Aburi Mentaiko Don which was alright; something I would rate a 5 or 6 upon 10 as it is definitely a budget don where quality of rice/ mentaiko is concerned. Salmon slices were thin but substantial though. Two of us also ordered the Salmon Mentaiko Bento that came with a side of cold tofu and salad, but the salmon was so overcooked some of us didn't finish it, making it a solid 3/10.

It may also be noteworthy that the food was served with disposable cutlery and definitely added to the budget vibe, and we were even more stunned when the bento was the disposable plastic sort.

Will I visit again? Probably not, but I wouldn't mind doing a takeaway if I was close by!

Dined here on a rainy Thursday night and the place was quiet and cosy. The menu link on the Burrple redemption page is broken so I just thought to mention that there are 3 main dish options for the set menu — Sous Vide Chicken Breast, Porky Bowl and Seafood Aglio Olio, with 2 beverage options, being Ginger Lemonade and Iced Lemon Tea.

Boy: Chicken Breast (UP: $18.90). Found the chicken tender and the mash potato a pleasant homemade touch. Said the mash was very creamy, with peanuts that give it some added nuances. Overall 8/10.

Girl: Porky Bowl (UP: 17.90). It was a nice don-like rice bowl, laden with a thick egg omelette and bacon. Sweet sauce infused with the rice gives it a Japanese flavor. Whilst serving is large, I would say it's mostly an Eggy bowl. Bacon serving was rather small and it was mostly egg + rice. Would rate 7/10.

Verdict: nice ambience and decent food, but both Boy and Girl agree that the overall 7.5/10 rating is valid because of the Burrple deal. Would otherwise be lower if we were paying full price. Still worth a try if you are around the vicinity! Also note; cost for set was $28.25 after taxes.

I used to visit the Dhoby branch for high tea, and was always a fan of their well-crafted eclairs. This branch at Jewel was a takeaway concept, and they offer to hold on to the eclairs for you to collect only when you are done with your shopping.

From left to right:
Mango and Passion Fruit ($8)
Vanilla and Caramelised Pecans ($8)
Yuzu ($8.50)
Pistachio ($8)
Isaphan ($8.50)
Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Strudel ($8)

Was pleasantly surprised to find l'éclair on Beyond. I do find their eclairs a bit on the higher end but with Beyond it's a significant discount!

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Not the most glamorous shot, but we were served the fries in a plastic bag because the fries were overflowing and scooped by the server into the bag itself. It's a really big portion of fries! As a snack 2 Megas would probably feed 4. This is a takeaway concept but there is a standing area nearby with a large tabletop that accommodates >10 people where you can eat.

Fries were served moderately hot, but could be crispier. Taste similar to Mac's shaker fries. The Mega allows you to choose and mix 2 flavours in one cup; I was looking forward to try the wasabi and truffle flavours but those were not available at this branch. Instead, we tried the sour cream, seaweed, chilli BBQ and ranch o' cheddar.

Boy: 4 flavours all average only. Nothing special.

Girl: not a fan. Noted that ranch o' cheddar tasted slightly like Cheetos, if it's your thing.

Rating: 6/10 good for people who enjoy shaker fries. They probably serve it heated but not freshly fried, so I prefer Macdonald's fries to this. Portions are big and good for sharing with friends.

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Small eatery on the outside of the mall, and you need to exit via the main entrance in order to access. They have daily promotions and deals; I went on a Thursday which happened to be their Salmon Ikura Don 1-for-1 promo, so we dined without the Burrple deal which we would have otherwise used for the same order. Note that the place is small with limited seating, hence you are advised to reserve if you wish to dine during peak hours.

Boy: found serving on the smaller side and not filling enough. Salmon slices seemed tougher than usual. Rates it 5/10. "Not nice leh," he said.

Girl: serving size is smaller than usual dons but okay. Did not enjoy the sashimi as they were tough, and was served sparingly. Ikura serving was sufficient and relatively fresh, however rice could also be better seasoned. Did not have the fragrance of good quality pearl rice and needed more vinegar. Would rate 6/10.

Overall I would say it is very affordable with daily promos. Don alone would come up to $9 per person post taxes. Not my first choice if I'm craving a good don but wouldn't mind if I'm near the vicinity.

Quaint little Harry Potter themed cafe I never noticed despite driving by many times. Went on an off-peak weekday hour and it was nice and quiet. Service was great, and food was good with extensive menu. They serve themed mocktail and alcoholic brews too.

Ordered the Sous-Vide Chicken Breast ($16) with Cream Pesto Pasta, and it was fantastic. Cream was savory and just right—neither too heavy nor light, served with tender chicken slices in which I enjoyed. The dish was drizzled with pine nuts which provided an occasional extra crunch that was nice.

My friend ordered the Crab Meat Aglio Olio ($17) which she was satisfied with too. It was a more exotic tasting, spiced-infused Aglio Olio compared to the garlic-heavy variant Aglio I am used to having, but unique nonetheless. Was not too spicy either, even though it was indicated with a flame icon to be spicy on their menu. I would say just lightly spicy.

We picked the Eternal Garden and Lychee Fiesta (both $5 each) from their artisan tea section and were pleased as they were well-concocted and served in Harry Potter mugs with adorable silicon owl tea strainers.

Their Burpple promotion is due to end in March, and may not renew. Would recommend giving it a try before then:)

Just thought this dessert was worth a special honorary mention because of the attention to detail put into it! Cute pastry for Harry Potter fans and is served with a mini foaming cauldron (dry ice) for your Instagram photos.

Cake sits in a globe, topped with a white chocolate snitch. The chocolate was rich and sponge cake was light, but overpowered the mango mousse.

All in all still a 10/10 based on presentation. 8/10 for taste.

Came here after reading good reviews but was disappointed by the food. However, food was extremely affordable breaking down to only $5/pax with the Burpple deal since there was no service charge or GST.

Boy: Combination Beef Noodle ($9.90). Was served the wrong dish but didn't rectify the order. Noodles only had lean meat. Found it okay, but a little salty. Says he can't compare it to any benchmark because he doesn't have Pho much. Was very thirsty after the meal.

Girl: Chicken Noodle Soup ($8.90). Found there to be lack of layers where flavor is concerned. Perhaps used to Pho being slightly sour. Soup base had too much fish sauce so it was super salty. Found the food disappointing but edible at first, but by the end of the meal felt quite disgusted by the dish.

Another strange thing was that they did not offer any condiments. Usually there are 4 to 6 different condiments available for Pho but there were none in this restaurant.

Overall, we give the food a combined rating of 4/10. Boy found the taste good but that it was also too salty, and girl just found it bad for Pho. Maybe the only saving grace was the Mint and Lime Soda ($3.80) we ordered, which was refreshing after the salt-loaded soup.

A really nice and affordable dessert option with Burrple Beyond with similar product and concept to llao llao.

Opted for a Classic (yogurt or ice cream with 2 toppings) and was recommended the Ferrero or Bueno sauces — the former seems more like dark chocolate with nuts instead of milk chocolate, but was a good contrast to the yogurt — whilst the latter is on the sweeter side, much like the filling of Kinder Bueno bars.

We tried both the yogurt and ice cream option, but preferred the slightly sour yogurt which wet our appetite better. Ice cream was gluten-free and a similar texture to the yogurt, just not sour. Felt a bit jelat after awhile. Maybe better accompanied with fruit toppings.

Overall a 4/5 for the yogurt option, 2/5 for ice cream. Will patronize again:)

Note: Due to the restaurant's new policy, the staff insisted that I redeem two vouchers instead of 1 for the Beyond 1-for-1 deal.

This eatery is a self-service concept and I redeemed the Chicken Bean Paste noodle deal. Even though I was aware the size was indicated as large, the portions were still overwhelming. You are given a choice to opt from 5 noodle thickness—we chose option 2 (normal thickness) and the noodles were nice and chewy; chicken a bit too much on the salty side but the generous portions of cucumber helped curb it. Accompanying shredded potato salad was quite interesting, a combination of sour and spice.

All in all very affordable with the Burpple deal $14.40 but not sure if Lite members are able to redeem since you need 2 separate vouchers for this deal.

Comes with a Don, 2 Chicken Yakitoris and Miso Soup per person at $29.90. Note that this branch is a takeaway concept so you cannot dine-in, unless you choose to eat at the food court nearby.

We ordered the Signature and Mentaiko Don; overall the quality of the food was good with generous portions of fresh Sashimi. But a bit pricey for a takeaway concept. Would prefer visiting other dine-in branches.

Did a Burrple Beyond deal on this and ordered a Crispy Pork Burger, Fish and Chips accompanied by a-la-carte orders of milkshake and Tiramisu. Post taxes etc. it came up to exactly 20/ pax.
NOTE: Restaurant currently only honours one Burrple deal even for 4pax and up.

The mains were lack luster. The beer battered fish and chips were crispy and tender on the inside at least. But not something we would come back again for. Was presented with some sad-looking salad leaves with no dressing, and fries that were good but also low in the presentation department. Crispy Pork Burger was just bad; nothing crispy about it as it was more like a pan-fried minced patty that tasted like spam. It was served with bacon + cheese and was super salty. Which wouldn't have been such a big deal but the restaurant does not serve water, so non-alcoholic drinkers won't be able to wash that taste down with milkshakes, no. Although they do make a mean choc milkshake.

Tiramisu was the finale and was alright! Not the best, but decent enough. I like my Tiramisu less moist, rather like cake, but this one is a bit too dry.

Verdict: OK ambience suited for group meets since they are well lit with warm lighting. Poor presentation of mains and meh food, so don't bring your foodie friends here. May be good for people who appreciate meats and imported beers since they have meat platter deals. Won't be coming back for dinner, though.

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