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Cheralynn Wong
Cheralynn Wong

a really decent cup of matcha latte!! it had the perfect balance of matcha and milk and didn’t get diluted even though i left it aside for quite some time. also love how they don’t charge extra for alternative milk options, which is great news for lactose intolerant people like me ☺️

tea was quite fragrant and i loved how chewy the taro balls were!! however i still think the price is too steep for what it is. had burpple beyond 1f1 tho which made it lighter on the wallet!!

quiet coffee spot located a stone’s throw away from jurong mrt, perfect for those seeking to escape the mall crowds. plus it serves great coffee! while not as creamy as i expected, the latte was robust and really smooth without being too acidic. doesn’t taste diluted even after the ice has melted too. abit pricey but you’re paying for the quality! definitely a spot i’d be venturing back to 🤍

as a matcha fanatic, i was slightly disappointed that it tasted more like green tea than matcha. tbh tastes similar to starbucks green tea frap so you can be the judge of this :”) BUT definitely less sweet. would say its an elevated version of sbux’s still bc of the creamy foam layer which had a tinge of saltiness that went well with the drink. soy pudding was basically beancurd and could be even silkier but still good + they clearly are v generous with it!

got it during their 50% off promo but i’d pay full price for this!

milk tea with soymilk pudding, topped with a layer of soymilk cream, soybean powder and taro balls 🧋

honestly sounds a lot fancier than it tastes :”) just tastes like a creamier soy milk. cream was smooth and light! tasted good on its own but when drank together, it feels like it’s just there for texture. taro balls were kinda soft and not as chewy as i’d like either. soymilk pudding was no doubt siLKY SMOOTH 🤩 and was the best part of the drink. if you’ve tried nine fresh’s beancurd, that’s the taste and texture of this. which brings me to my point about this being an overpriced drink HAHA nothing super outstanding except i guess beancurd topping is still quite new for bbt?

a real affordable hojicha latte that matches up pretty well against those sold in specialty cafes! at first sip, i was surprised by how GAO it was, had a really distinct roasted hojicha fragrance 👍🏻 only gripe is that they put quite a bit of ice so it can get diluted.

well, to put it mildly, it wasn’t to our liking. for a kombucha, this was surprisingly not sour. the citrus flavour was rather mild too, probably overpowered by the strong minty notes. and i really mean, STRONG. don’t really fancy mint in the first place, much less sour mint 🥴 hardcore mint lovers can try!

mentioned this before but the chestnut pearls have an interesting texture. chewy on the outside, crunchy on the inside!

saw reviews saying it tastes like ribena but imo it’s REALLY similar to plum juice. doesn’t taste overly sour like the other kombuchas i’ve tried so this was really bearable! ☺️ loved the earl grey jelly topping too!! though the earl grey flavour was overpowered, the texture’s good and is a little firmer than the usual jelly in bbt stores. though i wish they made them smaller bc alot were too huge to be sucked up through the straw 😔

the best way to describe this is zhimahu in liquid form 🤤 perhaps it’s the association w the dessert that made me wish this drink was more slightly more viscous and grainy because without toppings, i found it pretty one-dimensional. highly reccommend adding their honey pearls!! that aside, the drink was surprisingly smooth!!! with tiny bits of black ssm powder. it’s thin yet RICH in black ssm flavour without being too heavy or jelak. would definitely satisfy any black ssm lover 👌🏼

not a fan of the extremely thick consistency. first time trying such yogurt drinks so i don’t know if this is the norm but it was hard to suck it up using a straw 😥 enjoyed the purple rice though; they put generous amounts so you taste it with every sip and it adds a nice chewy texture!

got both drinks w chestnut pearls! wanted to try the genmaicha one but they ran out of it so i settled for the hojicha one, which didn’t disappoint at all!! am a hojicha lover and this had a distinct roasted nutty flavour which i rly liked and it wasn’t too milky!! only gripe is that the drink gets abit powdery towards the end but it’s a small thing

my friend got the pu-er milk tea. i tried a sip and we both felt it had an odd aftertaste that we couldn’t identify and the pu-er flavour was overshadowed by the milk so i wouldn’t recommend this!

will definitely b back to try the genmaicha one and their kombucha drinks!!

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