Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Bread Yard, The Assembly Ground (Cineleisure), the kins', Two Men Bagel House (Holland Village), Cafe Milligram, Butter Bean (Funan), Brew & Co., Bao Makers (Westgate), Rollie Olie (Woods Square)
Cheralynn Wong
Cheralynn Wong

what we got:
seared tuna bowl ($14)
lox & bagel ($14)
beef kofta shakshuka ($16)

can’t comment on the bagel or shakshuka since i didn’t try them but the seared tuna bowl was decent. it had a good portion of nicely seared tuna slices but they could be fresher and juicier. the breadstick felt a little out of place but i’m not complaining, bc it was rly crunchy and flavourful 🥖

not somewhere i’d travel down for, but i wouldn’t mind coming after classes in school!

first time ever trying dirty matcha and i didn’t expect myself to love the espresso + matcha combi this much! matcha could be slightly stronger to counterbalance the robust espresso but this is still a really solid cup that i’d return for ☕️🍃

the raisin swirl was a letdown though. buttery but lacking in flakiness and crispiness despite being heated up. pastries aren’t their strong suit but get their coffee, which is where they truly shine!

got the $5 toast set but had to top up $0.80 for the PB&J toast and $0.70 for the lychee orange tea.

PB&J toast was just like what you’d expect and tasted quite ordinary but i appreciate how generous they were w the PB and strawberry jam! bread was quite fluffy and could be toasted for longer to make it more crispy on the outside!

lychee orange tea was nothing to shout about either but tasted quite refreshing with a subtle lychee taste.

〰 lemon syrup and pistachio tea cake ($4.2)
〰 yuzu pear crumble cake ($5.5)

their cakes are super moist, in fact too moist for my liking, especially for the yuzu pear crumble cake. good things first: they were v generous with the pear cubes and the cake was subtly sweet which i appreciate! but some bites were bitter (not in a pleasant way) from the yuzu. i could still overlook this but the biggest disappointment was the wet mushy texture 😥 recipe definitely needs some tweaking!!

thankfully the pistachio cake fared better. very moist and dense but still acceptable. also loved the crunch from the pistachio bits! however the lemon syrup made the cake too sweet, would probably appeal more to those with sweet tooths!

their cakes weren’t particularly impressive so i’d skip them and go for their donuts and cinnamon rolls which i love 🤍

despite the uniqueness of the flavours, they are a hit or miss, gotta get the right ones!! tried chilli crab, truffle mushroom and salted egg chicken!

the best for me was the chilli crab bao. generously stuffed with crabmeat and the sauce was so good - on the sweeter side but still carried a decent spicy kick. truffle mushroom was really decent too!! had a distinct truffle flavour and the mushroom was still juicy despite being fried. salted egg chicken bao left a lot to be desired though. chicken was perfect texture-wise, crispy exterior and tender, but unfortunately tasteless. flavour was solely from the salted egg sauce but there wasn’t enough to coat the entire piece of chicken.

fried prawn, tamago, chives, jicama, avocado, cucumber, crunch, strawberries, eel & yuzu mustard

definitely lighter on the palate compared to their sunkissed salmon roll! really enjoyed this due to the harmonious blend of flavours and textures. just imagine the contrast in textures from the tamago, crispy fried prawn (neither bready nor oily!!) and creamy avocado 🤩 the strawberry slice, seemingly just for the aesthetics, also added a unique refreshing touch of sweetness. loved the combination of the sweetened eel sauce and tangy yuzu mustard too!

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one of their classics, this sunkissed salmon consists of rice generously filled with crabmeat, avocado and cucumber, blanketed by nicely torched salmon then topped with tobiko. however, i wasn’t particularly impressed by this as i felt it lacked variation in texture. apart from the crunch of the cucumber, everything was soft and creamy. perhaps due to the mayo overload as well. having 3 types of mayo — normal, wasabi and mentaiko — in it, it got cloying after a few pieces. half a roll is just nice imo! also tasted quite ordinary and not really worth the price. have to give props to the generous ingredients though!

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tried this since i wasn’t feeling salads or sandwiches, which form the bulk of sarnie’s weekday menu. was pretty good!!! a simple dish but all the components were done really well. loved the salmon which was still flaky on the inside and crispy on the outside. thought the pomegranates were a nice touch too, adding sweet pops of flavour! the roasted cauliflowers could have been a little crunchier and seasoned though.

there’s 1f1 with burpple beyond btw so this would cost only $9+ which is honestly such good value

nothing outstanding imo but it’s a decent safe choice for first timers to TMBH! found the scrambled egg whites and avo bland but thankfully the flavourful sausage patty made up for it so it was a good balance. quite liked the sweet savoury tomato relish which brought the entire bagel together! eating this was quite a messy affair due to the sauce tho 😥

might have found my favourite tomyum pasta place. the tomyum flavour was damn legit and strong - had just the right amount of sourness and a good spicy kick too!! not for those with v low spicy tolerance but i promise it’s so addictive that you can’t stop till it’s finished

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seems like your typical cafe dish but i was v pleasantly surprised by how good it was!!! soft, fluffy scrambled eggs served on top of a buttery, flaky croissant paired with candied bacons and feta cheese 😍 i found the bacon slightly too salty on its own, but the croissant and egg helped balance out the saltiness! overall a rly satisfying dish that i’d reorder 🥐

spicy pomodoro crab and baby scallop aglio olio were quite standard but i don’t recommend the umami prawn though. the sauce tasted slightly sweet which i personally am not a fan of so i found the flavour profile a little odd 😣

overall ambience was okay but food-wise, the pastas’ quality don’t rly match up to their price. nevertheless worth a try if there’s a 1-for-1 deal/burpple beyond!

just an avenue for me to record my eats

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