bread n pastries 🍞🥯🥐

bread n pastries 🍞🥯🥐

for all those carb-laden treats
Cheralynn Wong
Cheralynn Wong

went for the egg tarts but THIS was surprisingly impressive. smooth and lightly sweetened yam filling which was really fragrant, encased within a v soft and fluffy bun 🍞 there really is nothing to dislike

picked this up because it looked hefty and had the bestseller tag! it’s not written in the name but it actually had cheese on top and tastes like a cheese bread, with some cranberry and walnut bits inside. i liked the cranberries which lent a slight sweetness that matched well with the savoury cheese! but i got this for the walnuts and i can count the number of walnuts in there with one hand....... prob not v well-mixed as the walnuts were concentrated on one side of the bun.

overall decent but there’s better bread choices at swee heng!

if you like tausarpiah, you should try this!!! it’s essentially the salty tsp filling encased in a soft fluffy bread. unlike regular tsp which can get quite dry after eating a few, the paste in this is sufficiently moist and has the perfect balance of sweet savoury without being too jelak. doesn’t look like it here but they were so generous w the fillings that i actually wished there was more bread for a better bread-to-filling ratio. other than that, this is definitely one of the better salted mung bean bread around

i liked the yam paste which was quite smooth, fragrant and tbh tasted like orhnee. but the cookie crust on the outside added so much unnecessary sweetness that it kinda overpowered the yam...... the bread dough’s sweetness definitely needs to be toned down. really appreciated the sunflower seeds though!! they added a nice crunch and texture and helped alleviate the sweetness a little.

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had to buy this when i finally passed by barcook the other day!!! tasted abit too sweet for me but it’s good for anyone who doesn’t favour super intense black sesame flavours because the red bean in this tones it down quite a bit!

soft, slightly chewy bread infused with coffee custard cream and roasted peanuts. really liked the cream as it was sooo fragrant and it’s not too sweet!! wish this had a stronger coffee flavour though. appreciated the addition of roasted peanuts on top too, which provided a satisfying crunch in contrast to the soft bread.

might repurchase given how aromatic this bread was but if you’re looking for a bread with strong coffee flavour, you might be disappointed!

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looks really unassuming on the shelf but being a black ssm fan, i had to try it. loved the soft pillowy bun, though it had a faint carrot(?) taste to it. i personally don’t mind but i can see some not being a fan! the black ssm here is equally fragrant and nutty as the one in their mochi bread. one notable difference though is that it’s smoother, and unfortunately lacking the graininess that i enjoy!!

overall, it’s decent but i’m not sure if it’s worth $4.20

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you gotta try this to know what i mean when i say this is a wonderfully textured bun. a delightful combination of creamy peanut butter, crunchy nut bits and soft, chewy mochi - hands down the best mochi bread i’ve had!!! being a mix of sweet and salty, i find this more enjoyable as compared to its black ssm counterpart, which is on the sweeter side

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definitely lives up to the hype!!!! although sliiiightly too sweet, the black ssm paste is extremely fragrant, nutty and i loved the graininess 🤩 mochi is more fluid than chewy, but nonetheless delightful.

at $2.80 for something that i can finish in a few bites, it’s def on the pricey side but i can 100% assure it’s worth every cent!!

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saw this while getting their matcha bun and being a mentaiko lover, i couldn’t resist 😚 this had a generous amount of mentaiko paste slathered on top and inside plus the baguette was crusty and chewy, though i’d preferred it slightly crispier!

overall pretty decent but bread society’s is still the best i’ve tried so far

maybe i had too high expectations or because i kept it for two days before eating it but this didn’t live up to its hype for me. don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good matcha bun but i tried st leaven’s version before and that tasted better 😬

in comparison, donq’s matcha crumbles are sweeter whereas st leaven’s one was bittersweet which i prefer. however their choc taste is stronger while it’s pretty much non-existent in st leaven’s one so to each his own i guess!!!

no big difference in quality but between the two, if you ask me, i’d say get st leaven’s cos it’s always available + 20c cheaper 🤪

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usually avoid cream buns cos i find them too sweet but this was just nice. the custard was v smooth and not overly milky too!! 😚 loved the bittersweet matcha crumbles on top which added a nice crunchy texture!

tried this both chilled and at room temp and i think i prefer the latter as the matcha taste is stronger!! only gripe is that the choc flavour is barely there but i personally don’t mind as matcha > choc

overall a rly good matcha bun that i’d get again if i’m in the area!! 🍵

just an avenue for me to record my eats

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