Steamed soft fluffy chinese buns, stuffed with shredded cucumber and carrots, along with savoury salty yet tender moist, shredded duck confit and pulled roasted duck meat. Must order!

An interesting version of carbonara that uses tonnarelli pasta which is twice the thickness of spaghetti and is squared rather than round. The thicker tonnarelli pasta provided a firmer bite and was also easily well-coated by the carbonara sauce.

The sauce itself was rich and creamy, with a sweetness derived from the large amount of onions in the sauce. The addition of pancetta chunks also provided some salt to cut through the cloyingness of the sauce. The dish came with a generous amount of black truffle shavings but sadly, the truffle flavour was rather muted.

Overall a decent dish, but probably not something I would order again the next time I am here.


The freshly-made parpadelle pasta was served al dente and had a nice chew.

The duck meat itself has a slight gamey flavour, which I personally did not mind, although it may not be for everyone. The sauce was thinner than typical pasta sauce, and had a distinct savoury flavour. However, this thinner sauce coated the flat parpadelle pasta well and made for a hearty dish.

Definitely a more interesting take on the usual pasta dishes and worth a try.

As great as the pastas were, this was our favourite dish of the night.

The risotto was deliciously creamy, and loaded with a generous amount of mushrooms. The rice grains were soft, without being overly mushy. The dish was so flavourful, with a strong earthy taste, as compared to other risottos that typically have a more neutral-tasting flavour of cream.

The dish came with six pieces of ravioli. While the ricotta filling itself wasn’t particularly flavourful, the truffle cream sauce was so good. It was thick and creamy with just the right amount of salt and a decent truffle flavour too. No wonder they didn’t need to season the filling as much - because the sauce provided more than enough flavour.

Please give a round of applause to those Mediterranean red prawns for being so 👏🏻 dang 👏🏻 sweet 👏🏻. They were fresh and juicy with a nice slight crunch as you bit into them.

The rice itself was full of umami flavour from the addition of squid ink and bits of squid cooked into the rice. It reminded me of risotto, albeit with firmer grains and being slightly more watery.

The dish gets a bit cloying after awhile, so it’s definitely a great dish for sharing! Or perhaps just for yourself if you are greedy, because it’s so good.

Each component of this dish was done really well.

The octopus had a nice bite to it without being overly-rubbery, and it had a smokey and salty flavour reminiscent of bacon. In fact, it tasted so meaty that it was hard to believe this was actually seafood.

The pork was crispy, juicy, and everything a good fried pork belly should be. The meaty parts were tender and the fatty bits melted in my mouth.

The potato foam was smooth and had a cream-like texture. It was light and fluffy with a slight sweetness from the relish underneath, and complemented the heavily-seasoned octopus and pork.

(Picture shows a half portion as the staff split the dish for us to share.)

Comprising of a pasta shell filled with a flavourful mix of roasted beef cheek, chicken, and foie gras, this was so tasty. The meat was tender and the foie gras added a rich buttery consistency to the mix.

The canelon itself was covered in a parmesan cream and beef jus, and topped with mushrooms. The different components of the dish went well together, and you could taste the meaty juices and rich cream sauce in each delicious bite.

A delightful dish I would definitely order again.

(Pictured is a half portion as the staff split the dish into two for sharing.)

Price may be a little steep at $14 for two tiny croquettes, but you’re really paying for the quality here.

These little delights were so crispy, and not oily at all despite being served to the table freshly deep-fried. The filling itself was smooth and almost like cream (rather than mashed potatoes) and had chunks of Iberico ham. Flavour-wise, what came through was the sweetness of the creamy filling and a smokey savouriness from the ham.

They were also served on top of a little dollop of sauce that tasted like truffle mayonnaise, although the croquettes are delicious enough on their own without a need for any kind of condiment.

True to its name, the Fat Cow Donburi consisted of slices of fatty Wagyu beef that are melt-in-your-mouth tender. The onsen egg was cooked perfectly and the creaminess of the yolk elevated the flavour of the rice which was laced with truffle shoyu, making for a very indulgent donburi worth every calorie.

The steak was cooked to medium-rare (as requested), retaining a good amount of juice while nicely seared on the outside. The thyme butter on top added an additional layer of flavour which complemented the steak well. However, the unexpected star of the show was the fries, which were wonderfully seasoned and perfectly crisp. Nothing particularly fancy about them, just simple fries that were done very well.

Couple of gal pals eating our way through Singapore

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