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CB Eats | Carissa & Bridget
CB Eats | Carissa & Bridget

They pour whiskey on the chicken and set it on fire! It was delightful to watch and tasted pretty good and tender since it was cooked just right. At a price tag of $18, it was quite affordable.

This tasted like a Chinese noodle dish more than a Western one. It's likely due to the ingredients they use. Mix all the ingredients together and you’ll get a nice tiny crunch of the tobiko in between bites, along with shredded crab meat for texture. I did quite enjoy the al dente spaghetti tossed in beurre monte sauce.

You could smell the pesto sauce when the dish arrived. The sous-vide chicken breast meat was unfortunately quite bland. The pesto sauce was overly creamy and we couldn't taste much pesto at all. It may get a bit much if you aren't into creamy food.

This ultimately tasted like fries you can prepare at home by yourself. We couldn't taste the truffle at all, just a hint of smell of it. Skip this get a dessert or a drink instead.

The pasta was covered in a creamy bechamel sauce that was cheesy yet not overpowering. The sauce itself was on the lighter side, making it the perfect base for the intensely-flavoured chilli crab which was equal parts sweet and spicy. The dish was also topped with sourdough breadcrumbs for an additional textural crunch. Overall, an interesting and satisfying take on the usual mac & cheese.

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Definitely a fitting name for this dish. Featuring double fried french toast covered in cinnamon sugar, I could feel a layer of sugar coating my lips with each bite. Luckily, plain yogurt and fresh berries (you can also opt for bananas!) on the side helped to cut through some of the sweetness so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating a jar of sugar. The outside of the french toast had a nice crunch, while remaining soft and fluffy on the inside. Despite being double-fried, it was neither greasy nor cloying.

Was it extremely sinful? Yes. Was it worth the sharp increase in my blood sugar afterwards? Also yes.

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Had it previously at Atlas Coffeehouse and this was equally good. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. The buttermilk waffle was light and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside.

This was a pretty rich and silky rice dish. The egg did help add a certain creaminess to it although I would have preferred it to be creamier. I'm not a fan of bacon but I understand why this was included since it adds a slightly salty edge but doesn’t overpower the risotto, and the fried enoki gave an added texture and sweetness to the dish.

Comprising a huge portion of pasta (we opted for spaghettini in place of penne), the chicken rossa would be a great choice for any carb-lover. PS Cafe does not scrimp on its ingredients, and the pasta had a good amount of chicken, bacon pieces, wilted spinach, and juicy mushrooms. The garlic tomato cream sauce was delicious, with an addictive garlic fragance. The use of bacon also added a nice smokiness to the sauce. The dish was completed with cheese shavings which had a nutty flavour and melted into soft, chewy pieces in the hot pasta.

The Waikiki is essentially PS Cafe’s rendition of a Hawaiian pizza. The crust of the pizza was thin, but was on the softer side rather than crunchy. The tomato sauce base had a hint of spice from a generous amount of black pepper, which switched things up from the usual Hawaiian. The pizza itself was loaded with big pieces of ham and fresh juicy pineapple chunks. It was served with a sauce comprising red pepper flakes soaked in oil which was just a tad bit sweet. Overall, a classic pizza that was done well.

An average plate of fries. The shoe-string fries were well-salted, but sadly the truffle flavour was not pronounced. However, it’s a decent dish for sharing and for those who want something savoury to cut through the sweetness of the desserts there. Or if you have a sweet tooth, you might want to skip this entirely and order another dessert instead.

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This stack of three pancakes was delightfully soft and fluffy. The inside of the pancakes were slightly undercooked, although I must admit I did enjoy that as it went pretty well with the toppings.

Instead of the staple of butter and maple syrup, Brotherbird Coffeehouse serves their pancakes with a yummy blueberry maple compote that had a generous amount of fresh blueberries. But the star of the dish was definitely the whipped vanilla and mascarpone cream. It had the consistency of light whipped cream, but the addition of mascarpone cheese added a nice richness and just the slightest amount of tanginess. The cream also melted into the warm pancakes which just made everything taste even better.

While my all-time favourite blueberry pancakes are from Clinton Street Baking Company, this is a pretty solid contender.

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