Lamb (Chops / Racks / Shoulder, Etc)

Lamb (Chops / Racks / Shoulder, Etc)

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Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau

The chef(s) at Wakanui does an amazing job with cooking their meats to perfection.
Here’s their Lamb Chops listed under their ‘Sampler’ item for $10 each piece. It’s superbly juicy and tender!! 👍👍

Ordering takeaway during this phase 2 HA as a treat. I like the lamb leg done by Chico Loco - it’s cooked to perfection and it’s rather value for money too considering it’s lamb (which isn’t cheap in SG).

This is 500g of the Rotisserie Lamb Leg (ie 2 servings of the 250g portion on their menu).

I’ve requested to reduce the amount of sauce, hence it’s as such as seen in the pic. They have 3 levels of spiciness which you can choose - original, spicy, loco spicy. I’ve tried all 3 levels and personally, I like the “original” best.

Recommended by a friend to give this a try.
The menu states serves 2. However, if you’re a big eater like me, it’s enough for one. I requested for no rice though, and they acceded without fuss 👍

Nicely grilled meats, although it took a while. The platter consists of lamb chops, lamb kebab, beef kebab and chicken cubes.

Was a tough decision between ordering the Shashlik of Beef and the Rack of Lamb. I eventually caved in to the rack of lamb. It was excellent! The lamb was very juicy and tender!

Will return to try their Shashlik of Beef next.

Came here to try the lamb meat and tendon soup. The meat was really tender and loved the tendon too! There were shreds of ginger in the soup, and didn’t not have a
strong lamb/mutton smell.

They acceded to my custom request for the homemade lemonade drink and the Lamb carving dish (it’s a set lunch) very promptly, without any fuss 👍

The lamb was done just right - served warm, with the right amount of seasoning where the meat still retains its juiciness and without being too dry and burnt.

Came across New Ubin on Grab and noted they have Lamb on their menu. Decided to give it a try as it’s rare to be able to find Lamb on the menu of Grab’s list of merchants.

They did a fabulous job in having it done just right - medium, where it’s browned on the outside and pink inside. The sea salt flakes were packed separately in a container, so you can sprinkle the amount that you’d prefer. 👍👍👍

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