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cafe food

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Zoe Chia
Zoe Chia

ordering from the breakfast club section of their menu, we got the truffle egg brioche ($16) and the egg taco ($14) and they were both amazing. the truffle egg brioche had a nice amount of truffle taste and the brioche was not super thick and not dry at all. it was a good brioche. egg taco was nice too - their maple glazed bacon kinda tasted like bak kwa. this wasn’t as filling as the brioche but both were really good. price justifies the size of their food and they didn’t go wrong anywhere! the service was also good even though there was only one person running the morning crowd, before one other person came during brunch hours. they maintained professionalism at all times despite the crowd! 10/10 wld go again to try more of their things🤩

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had high hopes for this place but maybe we came on the wrong day.. crab claw pasta was way too salty and pasta was undercooked - if you bite through it you could still see the flour. it was still edible but just not great at all. the father’s sandwich was kinda normal, just one sourdough slice, bacon and eggs topped with a special kind of sauce that had a sweet base. p disappointed 2/5

i think that’s what it is. food and service was good 4/5! worth the one for one, but nothing too special. their black coffee blend had quite a sour (?) after taste, we had mixed opinions on it! try it for yourself and see if you like it! : D

This was not bad, not very spicy so you don’t have to worry. It’s not the creamy kind of crabmeat pasta, more oil based. Crabmeat was soft and the crabmeat to pasta ratio was just nice.

sorry no nice pics but here we have the bouchot mussels and roasted sea bass.
mussels were paired with white wine cream sauce.
sea bass was very tender. all flavours were well balanced. the portobello was biG. asparagus with red wine sauce that lined the plate was nice too.
friendly down to earth servers and a nice view made the experience better.

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this basque burnt cheesecake was aMaZiNG. the star of the show! i don’t even like cheesecake that much but wow this was good mans.. drizzled with caramel sauce yum

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we got an earl grey croissant and a cinnamon roll with their pastry bundle (2 for $8), a regular iced latte and a carrot and ginger(??) juice. croissants were nice, but the earl grey icing was pretty sweet so i’d like to try their plain one next time!

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a plate of potato hash is pictured. this was rlly nice so crispy on the outside and yummy on the inside. please try this!!!


this is a cauliflower steak, it was very yum. we also got their teriyaki “meatballs” made of mushrooms and oats, and their kimchi avocado sushi (the rice substituted with almonds). pretty pricey, these three dishes totalled to about $80+ but it was rlly nice wld go again 10/10

bro i ordered truffle scrambled eggs with sourdough toast but bro they gave me an omelette.. disappointed.. pictured behind the toast is a beef burger.. the meat was not flavourful at all.. soy vanilla latte was really weird too.. iced cappuccino had no foam.. meh really a 2.8/5

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