Dishes & shops that I have tried in the west side!
Ro ro
Ro ro

We got
- black sesame: I liked this the best! Not too sweet and fragrant
- pistachio: 3 of us didn't really like this. It had a very light flavour and was a mix of sth else
- speculos: my mum liked this best but I found it a little sweet

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The tea was quite light so it did feel like I was drinking ice water. But it was cheap so would try a different tea next time!

We got a bit too much and costed about $15 for two of us but it tasted really good and I liked the clear glass noodles. Got this twice and the pork wasn't good both times so should remember not to get it next time. And I took the tofu thinking it was cheese tofu cause it looked like cheese tofu but it was not cheese tofu :(

Overall, it taste quite good!

We bought 2 ramen, and add on dumpling and drink, and a rice bowl. Here, the only meat that they offer is pork (no chicken and beef). The spicy one is reallly spicy. They offer free noodles but I think the original quantity is sufficient. If you think you'll need more, get it at the start and add it to your soup straight away or else it gets hard and difficult to eat. It has quite a comfortable seating area and is not expensive ($8 range) but did not really like the flavours so wouldn't visit again!

The mini wok style at the food court next to sheng siong, super bowl area. Its a bit dry and plain for me (I'm more towards flavours & spice & curry) so wouldn't get this again!

Can't really remember the flavours but I think it's okay! (other than the blue & pink!)

Got the stir fried pork and the kimchi stew. The taste was good (not like amazing) but LOVED the ambience and i could just chill and chat with my friend :) they sell alcohol too - we got makgeolli that I really enjoyed too. The price is reasonable too

This quantity was a little too much for us (2 girls who don't eat a lot hehe)

Was really really good and worth! Prefer this to getting tteokbokki on its own cause its chewy and cam get sickening after a while. This has half kimbap, dumplings and seaweed roll and cost $14.90

Got the grilled chicken boat noodles(7.90) and the green curry rice (6.90). The quantity is big and they gave a lot of meat. Really liked the grilled chicken (even my mum did!) and we finished all of it :)

It smelt really good and tasted really good! We had drinks to go with it. On the list of beers, 1 & 4 are good and you can mix them tooo! A little on the pricy side where each dish/item is about ~20

Enjoyed the Waffles, didn't really like the chocolate ice cream. Cozy and comfortable shop to drink coffee and relax with my family :)

We ordered
- nasi lemak: the chicken wasn't good and they gave really little sambal
- fish burger: the fish patty was the type that we used to have as snack in sec school
- pizza: the cheese was weird

Each dish is about $9. A good choice if you're at the lake park and hungry (really convenient as you can just eat there and go home). Not worth a trip here (better off at taman jurong food market!)

Ro ro

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