A List Of Pretty Meh Places

A List Of Pretty Meh Places

Featuring Bread Yard (Galaxis), The Bravery, Apollo Coffee Bar, Kream & Kensho, LeNu Chef Wai's Noodle Bar 樂牛私房面家 (Jem), @3
Bearer OfBadNews
Bearer OfBadNews

Came on Christmas Day.

Risotto 8.5/10. would love if there was more parm. But good, earthy dish and great flavours.

Burnt Brussels today was 8/10. Every time I come here it’s a little different. Sometimes soggier. sometime crispier. Most of the time it’s swimming in oil. Today’s one was solid though.

Cons: Dirty utensils, Salmon dryer than a SAF dryfit shirt, coffee burnt🚩🚩🚩

Pros: Pork don SOLID meal, good sauce to rice ratio. Generous with ingredients(Prawns/meat. Not just filled up w rice). Really nice service staff


Overall 7/10, would come back again for the ambience la. not the coffee, but who knows? we just bought coffee on a bad day🤡🤡🤡

Chili Wanton Noodles are almost as good as the ones in Sweechoon. But are less salty than that in sweechoon

Wagyu beef noodles has tender beef with rich soup. Recommend to add pickled vegetables into the wagyu beef noodles as it provides nice acidity and a moderate amount of spice.

The proteins in the salmon and beef rice bowl were pretty well done:) the edamame was rather impressive too. would have loved more sauce. CHAI LATTE WAS GREAT!! The ambience was the best part of the meal imo.

Second time here. First time we got the beef bowl and it was amazinnnnn

Our party of five came with an intention of trying a many dishes as possible. We got the Mexican chicken bowl, seared tuna bowl, salmon bowl, pulled pork eggs Benedict and meatball linguine.

The linguine was meh.
Pull pork was rlly good
Seared tuna was good, abit lacking in the sauce department.
Salmon bowl was equivalent to an order of “chicken rice, less chicken”
The Mexican chicken bowl was surprisingly full of flavour.

overall 6.5/10

I rather enjoyed the kombu fries. They were non greasy and the sauce was nice.
Beef was okay, rice was dry, truffle was a gimmick. Egg was more Half boiled than onsen. Pickles were good though.

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