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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Theres mutton fats and some sour plum? Based sauce that's quite similar to the stringray one, except it's not as sour. Otherwise the ckn thigh was very sweet, but it's really quite similar so there's really no reason to travel to the middle of nowhere once you've tried one of them, the novelty wears off and it's seriously quite painful to travel to, a long walk from the nearest MRT station

Chef has been dropping briyani very often recently so now's a good time to camp on his insta, he drops almost twice every week it seems.

The rice is the same as the previous one i had, i guess it's probably the same for all his biryanis. The stringray was cooked very well, it's flaky and meaty and it's a huge slab. The paste is what's unique, it's plum based i believe but the sweetness is very muted, it's mainly a very balanced sourness. Quite complex and it's surprisingly light overall

Worth a try if convenient, pretty unique and pretty good. Not rating it any higher because the taste is actually somewhat familiar, plus probably his biryanis dont taste ridiculously different from each other so if you've alr had one type it's a diminishing returns scenario

Overall, given that this briyani is very unique and well-executed, I think this is as much as you can expect for an experience, and so it was worth the travel for sure. But whether it's worth travelling for+waiting for the 1145pm drop + 30bucks of grab back home+messing up my sleep schedule? That's really subjective, I'm on the fence.

If you stay nearby aljunied, and you happen to catch him on insta, I'd say it's well worth a try. Otherwise I think it's really only worth it if you're a briyani connoisseur

PS this chef has way too much personality lol. His WhatsApp texts are very colourful and not everyone may be comfortable w it. I personally found some parts abit weird

I'll be the first to tell you I hate Instagram hype, but this is damn good.

I've had a lot of good briyani, but I don't think I've had one that's like this. Generally it's always soaked in gravy, but not here.

Instead of a sauce base it's just a simple salt base, where the natural flavours come through, but accented with spices. The rice themselves were well seasoned and quite flavourful in a pure way, not from other sources of umami. Surprisingly it's not too strongly spiced, you can see there weren't that many pieces of spices

The mutton was tremendously tender, it was really basically melt in your mouth. The mutton fats were explosive too, so soft and a grade above anything I've had before, in terms of the cleanness of the flavours and the lack of greasiness. It really does meld together with the veggies at the bottom to become one indistinguishable mixture. There's a lot of green chili at the bottom and that carries a serious slow burn. Thankfully I ate quickly enough that it only hit when I was almost done with the meal

Standard caterer for physics events, sometimes they're really good.

The butterfly pea rice with fried shallots was really good, cod was executed decently, but the ayam masak merah was quite weird cos they tuned it to a family friendly sauce that tastes nothing like what you expect

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Severely overhyped. Honestly it tastes merely decent, hardly worth 28 much less the ridiculous difficulty to win fast fingers game which rewards people who have gotten it before(and thus saved their details)

I have to give credit to them trying to ameliorate the situation. People who missed it get to put their name on a waitlist which gives them priority the next time.

Food review:
Kicap Manis beef wasn't kicap Manis enough. There's barely any heat nor insane complexity. Beef was decent but not melt in your mouth

The sauce on the rice wasn't particularly fragrant. Veggies were alright but not stunning either. Salted egg was good tho, probably homemade so it's not as salty as usual and the yolk was slightly creamy. One packets ladyfinger was ok but the other one was ultra fibrous, almost inedible

On to the good. The squid was incredibly tender, and thus im glad it wasn't drenched in anything too crazy. That's mad skills, to leave barely any chew. Coconut sambal tastes very familiar yet is interesting, can't quite rmb where I've had something like this but it carried a bit of heat.

Ultimately it's not rlly their fault that they are overhyped, it's an okay nasi kandaq I guess that's very overpriced. This feeds two very comfortably and because we had Coba Coba on the same day, 16.6nett for 2 pax and it was much better, and none of that headache

Actl it's pretty passable, no idea what's the price tho. The cream could have been abit better

The content doesn't match the description but this was actl decent. Portion of meat was rather small but otherwise everything was in balance


It's not a fair judgment because it's very long since it was freshly baked but I'm thoroughly disappointed. This is the group buy after they have leftovers basically. The exterior has a lousy texture. I don't think they shld be selling this if it's not up to par. I heard that baking in oven makes it better tho

Some influencer fruit that's hype lately

It's a yuzu crossed with orange, so not exactly yuzuquat(which is yuzu crossed with kumquat, developed in Texas).

It has the skin of yuzu which is now edible, yet the juicy pulp of orange. Kind of like the best of both worlds except this being a new product is not perfected yet, as it was a tad bland and could be sweeter too. Nonetheless it's still good and worth a try

Every component is actually pretty solid. Grain is an online store that does catering etc. Pesto is commendable as well, would have liked more of it. The veggies were abit bland but it's alright

Their brown nice is stellar. It's the best I've had. They achieved a nice chew, and there's some sweetness to it that makes it very addictive on its own. Glad to have tried it, hard to order a single portion otherwise

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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