Tried And Tasted

Tried And Tasted

Our personal list of food explorations and recommendations!
Girl & Boy
Girl & Boy

Conveniently located beside Tanjong Pagar Plaza, this little bar top restaurant serves only 12 pax at each time. On a Monday evening at 8pm, we queued around 30 minutes to get in, but there were stools for the waiting line outside. They also serve in waves; different groups of people enter at the same time, so don't be too disheartened if the queue appears super long. The air does get quite still outside in the sheltered walkway, so prepare a fan if you wish.

The restaurant was quiet and cosy, and there is a stove placed in front of each station of 2 seats, where they prepare the Sukiyaki meat in front of you. Menu is small with 4 options (Wagyu Sukiyaki Don ($29.90), US Beef Sukiyaki Don ($14.90), Pork Sukiyaki Don ($12.90) and Pork Tamago Don($12.90)), and each don set is served together with a small Chuwanmushi, miso soup, and an onsen egg that you are supposed to beat and drizzle over the meat when your main course is served. Additional meat can also be ordered at a top-up, with options of 110g of Pork ($8), US Prime Beef ($11) or Wagyu ($25).

We ordered the Kiwami Wagyu Sukiyaki Don ($29.90) and had it medium rare โ€” the beef was beautifully marbled and tender, the sweet sukiyaki making it flavorful. The don had some glass noodles, a slice tofu and some vegetables generously dressed with sukiyaki, which made for a nutritious meal. Overall, it was a satisfying meal we would rate 8/10. We enjoyed it and it was a good dinner, but could be better. I also wish the beef was sliced a bit thinner.

I will definitely come back again to try the other dishes on their menu!

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Went at 10pm and there was no queue. They sat us in a cosy corner away from the larger groups perhaps because we were 2 pax.

Mala was a bit too spicy even at low spice for us. We did order the chicken soup base so we mixed the two to make it more tolerable.

These are the signatures ordered and liked:
1.) Pork Meatballs
2.) Prawn Paste
3.) Black Pork
4.) Signature Beef
5.) Noodles

Other items:
1.) Chinese Cabbage
2.) Golden Mushroom
3.) Fried Tofu Skin
4.) Quail Egg

Pictured from top, clockwise: Karubi (Short Plate) 100g ($5), Wagyu Steak 120g ($18) and Karubi Prime Boneless Shortribs 100g ($14)

These were from the a la carte menu in addition to sets we ordered. We liked the Wagyu as it was really tender but the Karubi Prime appeared beautifully marbled, but was extremely tough to chew. It wasn't marinated. My personal favourite was still the Karubi Short Plate, which is very affordable, marinated and flavorful, and tender to the bite.

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Located in a coffee shop right beside Comfort Driving Center, parking is difficult. But if you manage to get a seat outdoors, the night time ambience is pretty cosy with shelters and fairy lights. They have a specific Lunch and Dinner menu, and you order via a QR code. Both cash and cashless payments allowed. Visited for a midweek dinner and waited quite long (approx 20 to 25 mins) considering that we didn't order cooked food, so be prepared to wait as they are popular for dinner even on weekdays.

Ordered the beef and chicken set with 200g of meat. Beef set was great; particularly enjoyed the Karubi that was fatty and tender, and marinated nicely. The other beef cut was unmarinated but still good.

Chicken on the other hand we wouldn't order again. It was unmarinated and served with a thigh and breast cut. Breast cut was not great as I would have preferred it seasoned.

We were also looking forward to the Donburis at first but as it turned out that is only available at lunch. However since the coffee shop is located right beside CDC, expect it to be incredibly packed in the day.

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Just our opinion. The Smoked Pepper Ramen is nothing like what I've tried before and is an interesting experience. I think it was flavorful enough even though it is a relatively more watery broth than what I'm used to, with the underlying hit of pepper. Spicy ramen wasn't very special and really on the spicier side and maybe not for faint palates.

The ramen however was downplayed by the noodles; they were too soft and overcooked for our liking. I wish they allowed us to choose the hardness of the noodles preferred when we order. Sides like the gyoza and karage were well-made and good compared to most other ramen places.

Overall worth a try especially for the unique Smoked Pepper Ramen but otherwise no pull for me to come back again.

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Casual dining restaurant that serves food fast. I thought the waitress was exaggerating when she said food was going to take 10 mins but she was right. The restaurant was still crowded at that point but it was close to last order.

I had their tomato soup which was interestingly served with two buns and butter. It was flavorful and the texture was closer to purรฉe; I liked it a lot.

The main course I had was Fish & Chips (one of their signature/ recommendations) and it was a large serving. The fish fillet was crispy and tender on the inside as it should be, and was satisfying to eat. The sides were much more lack-luster. Mac and Cheese is passable but I couldn't care for the Garlic Rice.

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Someone got this for me from Golden Mile Complex (it is within the Thai Supermarket) and they packaged this in a ventilated container with foil; the heat was hence preserved well.

These were a sticky, chewy and fragrant delight. I didn't expect myself to like them as much as I did! In fact I will probably go back for more the next time I'm close by.

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Soft shell tacos usually aren't up my alley but in this case I didn't mind. On the pricier end for tacos at $15 for 2 but they were filling and well worth the pricetag imo.

My friend ordered this for me as a takeaway and they were generously filled with pulled beef and cheese, just the right amount of savory and spicy. The whole dish is an umami explosion, in a good way, and I found it funny that they included quail eggsโ€”a first for me, but they didn't really do anything flavor wise. It is served with some soft onions on the side and tomato purรฉe in which I enjoyed dipping my tacos in.

My only complaint...... This was a takeaway and the dish, overflowing with gravy and meat is incredibly messy to eat. I really wish they provided cutlery without being asked because I had to eat this in a public work area and I just hope to god no one saw me while I was eating this. They did provide 4 napkins along with the order however, which I found myself needing for the meal.

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These are crispy pan-fried dumplings and are soupy on the inside. Very satisfying to eat even when I had it as a takeaway. The pork dumplings are juicier and the pork & prawn dumplings are tender and fresh, but less soupy within.

For dine-in experience, the eatery is super warm. The AC doesn't really work and there are spotlights everywhere.


I chanced upon this noodle place in 2021 when I was in Holland for lunch, and most other restaurants were closed for lunch service. At a corner of Holland Village, they are barely noticeable but boy am I glad I stumbled upon them! They sure serve a mean bowl of spicy noodles. If you love mala, you will love this too. It's not exactly like the typical mala broth. The tonkotsu broth on its own has its own flavor, and they add chilli to it which has a bit of this mala kick that keeps every mouthful of this dish extremely appetising. I can never get enough of it!

I used to love their prawn + pork ball noodles but it appears that they have altered their menu. The closest substitute I could find was Double Treasure Tonkotsu Broth Noodle ($10.90) which has pork balls and pork dumplings with chive. The noodles are as good as I remember, and the dumplings were super fresh! However, it appears they have changed the way they do their pork balls; the meat is packed so tight that they are extremely hard now and lack texture. That said, I still love their noodles so this won't deter me from returning.

Special mention to their service. The staff is generally polite and the most recent visit I dined here with someone else who already had dinner. But they gave me an extra set of cutlery and bowl without me asking for it, and were extremely courteous about it. Their noodles are so affordable too. Highly recommend to all Burpplers!

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This is a really cosy, dog-friendly cafe with house rules in place (dogs have to be leashed) so that diners will not be disturbed. The space is clean, family-friendly and not too rowdy.

I popped by for dessert and the Ice Cream on waffles were good enough. I was served the wrong order as I suppose one of the flavours were recorded wrongly as told to me by the server, but they were still polite and it didn't bother me too much so I didn't insist on having it changed. I got the Rocher flavor as well as the After 8 (Mint Chocolate) and the former was rich with hazelnut flavor. I loved it. The latter, the After 8 was slightly lighter than expected but I suppose it is also what the mint in After 8 tastes like. They also pounded the chocolate and added it into the ice cream which made for nice layers in texture. Waffles were decent especially served in the ice cream with your choice of Maple or Chocolate syrup.

I had an Iced Lychee Tea and it was yummy! It was flavored but not too sweet, and still a full-bodied mason cup of tea.

I have been here a few times and there is always a rather long queue so don't come when you are hungry. The eatery is narrow and always a bit noisy, but so far the food has been consistently good. Ramen is served hot (not all places do) but their signature tonkotsu broth is normal to me compared to their branches with other specialty broth.

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