Chinese Chow Time

Chinese Chow Time

So many kinds of Chinese cuisine available here in Singapore. With different Chinese cuisine from different region offering different flavour profile.
Grace Aw
Grace Aw

Went here with my friends for lunch. We ordered Hot and Sour Soup with Si Chuan Pickles Noodle and Tomato Soup with Vinaigrette Ebiko Prawn Paste Noodle.

For the Hot and Sour Soup with Si Chuan Pickles Noodle ($13.90), soup was quite good. Tasty and slightly numbing. Si Chuan Pickle was a little too sour for my liking. Beef was ok. Egg was also ok.

Tomato Soup with Vinaigrette Ebiko Prawn Paste Noodle ($13.50). Tomato soup was ok, could have used more seasoning. Ebiko Prawn Paste was a disappointment. I had better Ebiko prawn paste before so when I saw this on the menu I was so excited. Felt that the Ebiko Prawn Paste could have used more seasoning and more Ebiko. The texture was also quite soft. Noodle for both were also softer than what I prefer but ok.

Overall not really worth the price unless you go for their lunch promo which starts from $9.90 for 1 main, 1 side (any that's $3 and below) and 1 drink.

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Came here cause I had cravings for 串串 (skewered items).

Ordered their 自制酸梅汤 Sour plum juice ($4). Served in a jug, about 4 serving. Juice was quite sweet, a little artificial and wasn't as sour as I had expected.

Next up the food (minimum of 2 sticks for food $2 and below). The food was actually not spicy and more on the salty side so you could opt for more chili if you're the kind that loves spicy food. Here's what we had:
Grilled chicken feet ($1). Seasoning was ok but feet was quite chewy.
Grilled mutton kebab ($1). Mutton smell wasn't too strong and seasoning was ok.
Grilled beef kebab ($1). Beef was ok.
Grilled beef tendon ($2). Tendon was very chewy and needed more seasoning.
Grilled sausage ($1.50). Chinese pink sausage was sweet and had a good bite.
Grilled pork intestine ($1.50). Intestine had a slight smell, were a little chewy and were skewered with green chili slices. Could have used more seasoning.
Grilled pig kidney ($1). Didn't like it as I prefer mine slightly undercook but my friend found it ok.
Grilled chicken heart ($1). Good. Seasoned just nice.
Grilled chicken gizzard ($1). Good with a slight chewiness.
Grilled chicken kebab ($1). Tender chicken with good seasoning.
Grilled stinky tofu ($2). Tofu with a crispy skin and a slight stinky tofu taste.
Grilled chives ($2). Good but a little too salty.
Grilled baked mushroom ($1). Oyster mushrooms that were a little too salty.
Grilled mushroom ($1). Shiitake mushrooms that felt a little too oily.
Grilled needle mushroom ($4). Enoki mushroom that were seasoned just nice.

There's also a $0.30 charge for the dry and wet tissues. So just go ahead and use the tissues provided.

What I like about China food establishment is that they usually have this point system where you can use your points accumulated to redeem "free" stuff from their menu.

Weekday Tea Time (1 main + 1 appetizer + 1 drink) from 3pm-5pm.

I got their Ebiko Prawn Paste with Chili Vinaigrette Ramen + Chilled Crunchy Cucumber + Taiwan Soya Bean Milk.

For your mains you can choose thick vermicelli, Chinese ramen or rice noodle (Kueh teow). Obviously this being a ramen shop I ordered the Chinese ramen. The Ebiko Prawn Paste with Chili Vinaigrette Ramen was really delicious. The Ebiko Prawn Paste had chunks of prawn and had a firm bouncy texture. The chili vinaigrette was really good. Numb-ing, acidic, slightly spicy and just the right savoury-ness. Every bite just gives you this numb-ing sensation which I really like. The ramen was good too, cooked till Al-dente. The shredded cucumber on the ramen also helps a little with the numb-ing heat of the ramen. There's also the addition of fried crunchy minced garlic and a spoonful of chopped spring onion placed on top of the noodles.

Chilled Crunchy Cucumber was on the salty side. But nevertheless is was good. Chilled, tasty and refreshing.

Soya bean milk was quite good. It's less sweeter compared to most brand. Good for those who are conscious about their sugar intake.

My friend also had the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen and Braised Beancurd in Tonkotsu Sauce for his set.

I didn't try the ramen but he said that it was good. The broth of the ramen was good but could be more flavourful.

Braised Beancurd in Tonkotsu Sauce was quite bland. Small cubes of Beancurds soaked in a hot Tonkotsu Sauce. The Tonkotsu sauce was watery and mildly flavoured. The beancurd doesn't really soak up the flavour of the broth so it taste quite bland. You would have to eat the beancurd with a scoop of the broth if you would want it more flavourful.

Overall I really like my ramen as it tasted quite similar to Mala Hotpot which I like but with the addition of vinegar. Also the portion was very filling for me. Do note that if you can't really handle the numb sensation I would advise you not to choose this as the more you eat the more numb-ing it becomes.

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